10 most extraordinary hotels in Fiji

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Many of you probably remember the Truman Show, where the main character, played by the inimitable Jim Kerry, dreams of taking a vacation and going to Fiji. Back in 1998, for many viewers, the word "Fiji" was associated with something very distant, unknown and shrouded in mysterious haze. But many years have passed since then, and now Fiji is a famous tourist island, which attracts travellers from around the world. Naturally, because of its location far from Europe and America, Fiji cannot compete with the resorts of Spain, Turkey, Egypt or Greece in terms of the number of tourists. Still, the quality is not inferior to them. And, unlike many popular islands among travellers, "a little corner of heaven on Earth" really has something to surprise visitors. In this blog, we will introduce you to the Top 10 unusual hotels in Fiji, where anyone can not only spend a vacation on the other side of the Earth but also get an impression for life:

1. Poseidon Undersea Resorts

Are you wondering where is the underwater hotel in Fiji? Well, this hotel is rightly considered one of the most unusual hotels in Fiji but also in the whole world. It is notable for the fact that some rooms are located under the water! Underwater rooms are transparent capsules, situated at a depth of about 15 meters. Due to the rich fauna, hotel guests can enjoy the open view of the incredible underwater world. For the safety of tourists, all rooms are made of high-strength glass and are also equipped with special lighting, which preserves privacy. The hotel guests can also feed the fish without leaving their rooms by remote control. There are also above-water rooms on the hotel's territory. Also, hotel guests are served at the highest level: each room has a unique swimming pool, and there are restaurants, bars, and even a cinema on the territory of the hotel. The hotel also doesn't forget about romanticism: its owners built a church, where couples can have a memorable exotic wedding.

2. Laucala Island Resort

Laucala Island Resort Hotel is one of the best hotels in Fiji. This hotel represents 25 luxurious villas on the private island of Laucala. All villas are located in different parts of the island, and guests can choose where they want to stay: in a tropical garden, on a rock or by the ocean. The hotel focuses on organic food, so there is a unique farm on the island, providing guests with only fresh food. For active recreation lovers, there is a tennis court and a golf course on the territory. The hotel also offers its guests horseback riding or water skiing races, swimming with fish, etc. One of the remarkable things about the hotel is a submarine (yes, a real submarine!), where guests can feel like heroes of a futuristic novel and get acquainted with the fauna of the Pacific Ocean. Each guest is accompanied by a private concierge guide, which will help you plan your day so that you can get the most out of your vacation on the best island in the world.

3. Serenity Island Resort

This hotel is located on Bounty Island (one name only adds an overseas flavour). This place is ideal for those who want to spend their vacations in a secluded place, with beautiful sunrises and sunsets, where time flows very slowly. The hotel is located on an island surrounded by coral reefs, making it an ideal diving destination. The hotel management takes excellent care of the sea turtles, which are at risk of extinction due to an ecological disaster. For this reason, the island is a place to protect these amazing animals. Tourists visiting the hotel can also take part in the care of sea turtles and make donations.

Navutu Stars Fiji Hotel & Resort is located in the north of the Yanggeta Island, right next to the ocean shore. There you will not see your standard rooms or villas in the European style. The hotel concept is based on the national form, so if you want to live like a real Fijian, you should choose this hotel. There are ten spacious bungalows for guests, and upon arrival, you will be met by locals with songs and welcoming national cocktails. Like in many hotels in Fiji, Navutu Stars Fiji Hotel & Resort cares about your comfort and desire to relax from the city bustle, so all bungalows are located in different places, thus increasing your personal space and desire for privacy with nature. The hotel is also suitable for canoe lovers. On the territory of Navutu Stars Fiji Hotel & Resort, there is a canoe park, where each visitor can stay for a few hours face to face with the boundless ocean (of course, in the presence of an instructor).

5. Grand Pacific Hotel

Located in Suva, the capital of Fiji, the Grand Pacific Hotel is notable for its history. This hotel is one of the best hotels in Suva Fiji. Built in 1914, it is one of the oldest buildings on the island! Six years ago, the hotel was renovated and put into operation. Once upon a time when Queen Elizabeth II herself stayed at this hotel in Fiji, and now this suite bears Her Majesty's name - "Queen Elizabeth Suite". For history lovers, this hotel is truly a find: if you are not interested in the noise of the ocean and privacy with nature, here you can plunge into the bustle of the city of Suva, visit museums and learn more about the history of this beautiful island.

6. Fiji Marriott Resort Momi Bay

Is it possible to skip world-famous brands? Of course, the giants of the world hotel business could not pass by the fascinating corner on the edge of the planet. We are talking about the hotel Fiji Marriott Resort, which is located near the bay of Momi. Probably, many of you have seen on the Internet the photos with beautiful bungalows on the water. Those are the ones on the territory of the hotel Fiji Marriott Resort! Also, there are villas, houses, and regular rooms where guests can spend a great vacation.

7. Tadrai Island Resort

You can get impressions from this hotel even before your arrival, or rather at your arrival. To get here, you will have to take a helicopter ride, during which you can enjoy crystal clear waters, lagoons and countless green islands from a bird's eye view. The hotel also has its boat with a real captain, who will not only take you for a ride but also tell you interesting stories about the history of these islands (although you can not always believe them). The staff of the hotel, responsible for a variety of entertainment for an extra fee, will arrange for you an excursion called "Staying Alive" based on the cult series.

8. Emaho Sekawa Fiji

Guests of this hotel say no photo taken at this resort convey the beauty that can be seen only with your own eyes! Indeed, Savusavu is one of the most picturesque places in the Fiji archipelago, where tourists can have a rest from all the problems of everyday life. Bungalows and rooms in this hotel are tiny, so if the absence of noise is essential for you, you should choose Emaho Sekawa Fiji. Sandy beaches, where you alone or with a loved one will make you feel like a real king of a small island, and the staff and abundance of dishes, including a variety of seafood, will help you to relax and recover fully. The word "Emaho" is translated from the local Fiji language as "surprise", and the hotel assures you that the beauty of these places will be a real surprise!

9. Tokoriki Island Resort

What could be better than romance in Fiji? Tokoriki Island Resort only welcomes guests over the age of 18. This is where you can celebrate your wedding, honeymoon, anniversary or another significant event in your life.

10. Namale Resort & Spa

The last hotel on our extraordinary hotels in Fiji list is Namale Resort & Spa, which is also located on Savusavu. The hotel is a small village, where in addition to rooms and luxurious villas, there is a tennis court, billiard room, cinema, basketball and volleyball courts, bowling and spa. Individual workers grow fruit and vegetables here, confirming the status of an ecologically clean hotel. Also nearby is a waterfall, where guests can order breakfast right next to the wonder of nature. After the rest, you can leave your signature on the tiles. Thus, coming back here, you can find your record and plunge into nostalgia.

Ten facts for tourists planning to spend their vacations in Fiji

1. Fiji is located on 332 islands, so almost any hotel you have to get to by helicopter or boat. 2. Fiji is located in the Southern Hemisphere, so the summer season here comes in December. The most popular months for recreation are January and February. The weather on Fiji's territory is relatively stable, but between June and August it may rain here, and it may spoil the vacation for those who come hoping to swim in the ocean. 3. Due to the volcanic origin on the island, there are problems with freshwater. Tourists are advised to bring a few bottles of water, as in hotels the cost of a half-litre bottle can reach as much as 10 dollars. 4. The flight distance makes Fiji a relatively expensive tourist destination. For fans of direct air travel, the bad news is: to get to Fiji you need to make several transfers. The nearest cities from which you can fly directly to the island are Melbourne, Hong Kong, Singapore, Seoul and Los Angeles. Depending on the season, tour operators can organize charter flights. 5. Fijians highly appreciate their flora and fauna, so it is strictly forbidden to export bird feathers, shells and coral. There will also be problems at customs if you want to take local exotic animals with you. 6. Be sure to print all documents in paper format. Fiji is a distant country, and life here is quite slow. That's why Fijians are not very inclined to use modern technology and prefer all kinds of paper to electronic documents. 7. Change money at the first opportunity. The approximate rate of the Fijian dollar to the American dollar is 2:1. However, if you do not have your local currency with you, be prepared to pay with the U.S. dollar, and not at the most constant rate. 8. There are problems with Wi-Fi in almost all hotels. No, it is not that because the remoteness of the Internet connection is junk here. Hotels in Fiji provide passwords from Wi-Fi for an additional fee. The price for them varies from 2.5 to 25 dollars per day. Therefore, experienced tourists recommend taking at the airport or in town a local SIM card, which costs about $7. 9. Here everything is done slowly. If you are used to fast service, then Fiji can disappoint you. The locals are in no hurry anywhere, and any of your orders may be as late as the Fijians deem necessary. 10. Do not enter the water without special shoes. As we said before, Fiji is an exotic country, and bizarre creatures live in the seas. The most dangerous of them are sea urchins. It is excruciating and risky to step on sea urchins, so hotels in Fiji may forbid you to plunge into the crystal clear ocean without shoes.

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