17 reasons why you should travel to Maldives right now

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17 reasons why you should travel to Maldives right now
The Maldives is a paradise island for wealthy tourists. This island has always been associated with quality holidays, stunning Maldives beaches, and a delightful ocean. Also, the Maldives is a very expensive resort that only very wealthy people can afford. All this luxury against the background of more than a modest life of the island's inhabitants themselves. All of us have repeatedly seen in the advertising of chocolate bars the sifted sand of beaches, lagoons drowning in the predawn turquoise. This Maldives resort remains the most desirable and visited in the most terrible crises and cataclysms. The most paradoxical thing is that the Maldives is an Islamic country. Recreation options are striking in their diversity. You can be a diver or a surfer, or lie on a stunningly clean Maldives beach and watch the sun sink into the ocean. The Maldives is also a year-round resort with an air temperature of 20 to 30 degrees. The only thing that changes with the season is the direction of the wind. The rains are not tropical and do not last long but pass quickly, leaving a sun-drenched subequatorial nature. In addition to the friendly climate, the Maldives has an extremely friendly natural world. As in any Islamic state, the Maldives has several restrictions, the violation of which will lead to serious problems. It is forbidden to sunbathe Topless, walk around human settlements in skimpy clothes, breaking memory corals, fish from the coast, or using spearfishing (this type of fishing is considered illegal), also punishable by heavy fines littering and drinking alcohol outside the hotel. Let's move on to the most significant Maldives tourist attractions of this island state, although it is difficult to distinguish the sights in a place that is a tourist attraction itself. Do you know what is the capital of Maldives? Male is the best and capital city of Maldives.

1. The Island of Kurumba

kurumba island This island in the Maldives is located a ten-minute boat ride from the capital of the Maldives, Male. On this island, the best and most expensive Maldives hotels, it is in them that celebrities and politicians worldwide stay. Hotels are very careful to keep the privacy of those who stay in them. Therefore, celebrities and other famous people can safely spend their holidays without worrying about annoying reporters. Nature impresses with an abundance of vegetation. A colorful coral reef will be an amazing find for experienced and novice divers. In addition to the standard rest, the hotel can offer excursions to neighboring villages, where you can get acquainted with residents' lives.

2. Museum of Male

museum This museum, located in the capital of the Maldives, will most fully acquaint you with all the natural and historical features of this small island state. As exhibits, you can see shelled motorcycles as a reminder of the attempted coup of 1988. The entire first floor of the museum is dedicated to Islam's spread on the island, where you can see weapons, clothing, and other household items from those times. Thanks to the climate, all the exhibits are in excellent condition. The third floor of the museum is dedicated to the Maldives' rulers; here are the monarchs' personal belongings, their power attributes, costumes, and much more.

3. Male International Airport

maldivian airways Yes, the airport can rarely be called a tourist attraction, but the Male Airport is a completely different matter. It is the only airport in the Maldives; it is located on an artificially filled island. The runway has its island, and the terminal is located on another island, and you can leave the airport by both land and water transport. There are restrictions on the import of many items. Thus, tourists can bring alcohol, pornographic materials, pork (in any form), dogs, and explosives to the Maldives. Of course, the runway on a separate island amazes tourists as soon as they take their first steps out of the plane.

4. North Male

north male This stunning coral island is located in the heart of the Maldives range. It is on them that the Republic of Male is located. This area consists of fifty islands, which are considered the most budget-friendly to visit. It is difficult to call Male's city, although there are mosques, markets, and several cozy cafes. But there are no high-rise buildings, which makes the town more like a cozy village under the subtropics' heavenly sky. There is a hotel for each traveler according to his preferences; there is always a boat station for moving between the islands near the hotel. You can rent not only a small boat or speedboat, but you can also rent a yacht and go on a short trip around the Maldives. A more romantic setting is impossible to imagine.

5. Sultan's Park

meadow It is a garden left at the court of the former sultan. Although you can imagine the scale of the structures from the miniature presented in the museum, the buildings themselves are almost destroyed. The garden has an incredible variety of plants and animals. The national museum is located on the territory of Sultan's Park. This park enjoys well-deserved popularity not only among visitors but also among residents. The abundance of flowers and greenery combined with the singing of birds make this place truly heavenly. While in the Maldives, Sultan's Park is one of the best places to visit in Maldives. The park has become a protected area, and the state allocates huge funds annually for the care of the plants and the park's entire infrastructure.

6. Presidential Palace

maldives The presidential palace is another of the Maldives tourist attractions of the capital of the Maldives. This residence began to be built in 1906 for the sultan's heir, but after 30 years, there was a coup, the sultan's family was expelled, and the palace became the state's property. This stunning building, designed in the colonial style, serves as a meeting place for official delegations, receptions, and other national events. People also can rent the presidential palace for private events for a big amount of money, which is spent on maintaining this architectural monument.

7. Male Friday Mosque

white mosque Of course, in the Maldives, as in any Islamic state, special attention is paid to mosques. The Good Friday Mosque is the main Islamic shrine in the Maldives. It is located opposite the Presidential Palace. The main feature of this architectural attraction is that the walls are built of coral blocks, and the entire dome of the mosque is covered with gold leaf. The mosque is located on the site of an ancient pagan temple belonging to the sun god. Also, a distinctive feature is that the mosque is not facing Mecca, and according to Muslim laws, this is a big violation. We solved this problem very simply by drawing arrows indicating the direction of Mecca. Anyone can enter the mosque if certain conditions are met in clothing, women in floor-length dresses, men in trousers.

8. Raa Atoll

raa atoll It is an ensemble of small islands formed by coral reefs. On the islands of Alifushi and Kandolhudu, there are business centers where you can hold official meetings, meetings, thereby combining leisure with work. Also, on Alifushi there are stunning beaches, and the sunset that can be observed on these beaches will not leave indifferent any lover of romance. On the island of Midupparu, you can rent a boat or boat with fishing gear and a guide who will show you the fishing spots, and you can have a great time fishing in the ocean, and in the coastal cafes you haul will be prepared for a very low price. The market, located on the Atoll Kandolhudhoo, meets all Souvenirs requirements and other gifts from the Maldives.

9. Rasdhoo Atoll

rasdhoo atoll Rasdhoo Atoll consists of more than 70 islands and is divided into northern and southern parts. This atoll is considered a center for diving enthusiasts. The abundance of marine life will not leave anyone indifferent. At dawn, you can swim in the company of stingrays and whale sharks and meet the sunset with jellyfish and incredibly beautiful fish. Also, the tourist will be able to enjoy such an extreme sport as windsurfing. For those who like a more relaxed holiday, there are sailing boats, including boats with a transparent bottom, so that you can observe the beauty around you and the beauty below you during the walk. On some islands, you can rent bungalows with transparent floors and all modern communications.

10. Ithaa Underwater Restaurant

seafood This is one of the first restaurants under the water opened in 2005. The incredible beauty of the underwater world surrounds you while visiting this place. The restaurant is located at a depth of five meters. Because of the glass walls, the feeling of complete immersion under water is created. The surrounding flora and fauna have long been accustomed to such a restaurant and behaves naturally, which increases the sense of presence. Ithaa Underwater Restaurant is small and can accommodate only 14 people, and you need to book a place for a month or more. The prices are very high, but the restaurant pleases with the view and the cuisine and the quality of the dishes served.

11. Fotteyo Reef

scuba diver It is a paradise for divers; every fan of this extreme entertainment knows about it. Fotteyo Reef is riddled with many caves and tunnels. Stunningly clear water allows you to see more than a few tens of meters. Colorful fish, stunning corals, and other inhabitants of the ocean, that's what awaits an experienced and novice diver. Experienced instructors will help you make every dive safe.

12. Meemu Atoll

maldives It consists of 35 islands, but only eleven of them are inhabited, nine are occupied by residents, two by Maldives hotels and restaurants. The huge coastal line will make swimming the safest, as the shallow water is quite long. Here you can swim with pleasure in a mask and with a tube, and you can start learning to swim, which will help the instructor. The beauty of this atoll is fantastic; it is one of the Maldives' most picturesque areas.

13. Ari Atoll

maldives More than 70 islands are part of this atoll. This atoll is one of the largest atoll in the Maldives. Twenty-six islands of this atoll are occupied with accommodation, attraction, and entertainment of various purchasing power tourists. Here you can buy memory items made of coral and even put them on the engraving. In local restaurants, you can try shark meat dishes and the famous turtle soup. Nalaguraida Island is the Maldives' sports island, where there are gyms, tennis courts, basketball courts, and even a football field. You can also play golf and billiards.

14. Jumhooree Maidan Park

black and brown wooden bench Jumhooree Maidan Park is one of the best places to visit in Maldives. One of the names is also Independence Square. Here the locals celebrate all the important family and national holidays. You can have a picnic in the park. On dates that are significant for the Maldives, you can see national performances here. Sitting by the water, you can feed the birds or fish that swim very close. The calm and comfortable atmosphere that reigns in the park gives peace and helps you forget about your problems.

15. The tomb of Sultan Ibrahim III

ancient tomb An ancient tomb is located in Male. The tomb itself has wooden doors that have been preserved since its construction. It is decorated with national ornaments and patterns. On the example of this structure, we can highlight the features of the national Maldivian architecture. The decorative slab at the entrance is even older than the tomb, as it serves as a foundation stone; that is, it was placed much earlier than the tomb itself was built.

16. The fish market of Maldives

fish market of maldives It is impossible to imagine any oceanic state without a fish market. So in the Maldives in Male, there is such a market. All fishermen bring their catch here every day. This market can be called a kind of fish museum. The variety of fish and sea delicacies sold will not leave anyone indifferent.

17. Beach, Vaadhoo

vaadhoo beach It is a place of photography, which has been flown around the world many times. It is this Maldives beach that is called fabulous, magical, many say that it is photoshop. The beach is like all the others during the day, but the main magic begins to happen after dark when the ocean begins to sparkle with a million blue lights. And now the coastal strip is more like a starry sky. This phenomenon is called bioluminescence. Such magic is possible because of the special type of plankton; it is safe so that you can swim both day and night.

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