How to apply for visa extension in Malaysia?

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How to apply for visa extension in Malaysia?

How to extend visa in Malaysia using the internet? Malaysia's government launched the e-Visa program in March 2016, making it easier for visitors to enter the country and get the Malaysia tourist visa extension. Travelers simply fill out an online application to apply for an electronic visa to enter Malaysia, which is available to certain foreign nationals. After filling out the application form with all required information and making the online credit card payment, applicants will receive their visas via email. Online visa extension Malaysia process will be much easier as you see. You do not need to go somewhere to apply.

Nationals of China, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Serbia, Pakistan, and Montenegro can apply for a Malaysian e-Visa. The Malaysian government examines all visa applications.

Required documents for Malaysia tourist visa include:

- Valid passport for at least six months

- Payment via credit/debit card or PayPal account

- A passport-sized photo taken recently

- A copy of the main page of the passport

- Travel schedule

- E-ticket number on return flight ticket (Indian nationals who want to apply online)

- Reservation for Hotel

- For minors, a birth certificate (if applicable)

- If you're living abroad, you'll need a work permit or a residence permit (Not required to apply, but may be asked for when entering Malaysia).

- If you're staying with a friend or relative, you'll need to provide a cover letter with the following information addressed to an immigration officer: your name and passport number, your friend's name and address, the friend's scanned ID, and your travel dates.

- Citizens of Bangladesh may be required to demonstrate a supporting document such as a passport or residence permit from the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, or a Schengen country at immigration.

Important notes:

• The e-Visa is valid for 90 days from the date of issue. Its holder is allowed to stay in Malaysia for up to 30 days per entry.

• Chinese citizens residing in China are not eligible to apply.

• It is recommended that travelers apply for an e-Visa at least two weeks before their trip to Malaysia.

• Each traveler's passport must be valid for at least six months beyond their intended entry date.

• Applicants must be Chinese, Indian, Sri Lankan, Nepalese, Myanmarese, Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Bhutanese, Serbian, or Montenegrin citizens.

• To obtain a travel document, you must show proof of lodging. This document's dates must correspond to the travel dates selected in the application. It is a requirement set forth by the government for the travel document to be issued.

• From your e-Visa account, print your approved visa on letter-sized paper (color or black and white). This important e-Visa document must be presented at entry and exit checkpoints in Malaysia. The use of a digital visa is not permitted.

• If you are currently residing in Malaysia or Singapore, you cannot apply for an e-Visa.

According to the most recent travel updates, there is no way for travelers to extend Malaysia tourist visa extension. It includes all foreign nationals with regular visas.

Extension of student visa Malaysia


Before multiple entry visa Malaysia extension, let's discuss student one firstly. If you want to study in Malaysia, you'll need to apply for a student visa, also known as a student pass, before you go.

It is simple and quick to apply for a Malaysian student visa. Your university will handle most of the work for you, and the entire process will only take a few weeks.

Your student pass is only good for a year and must be renewed at least one and a half months before it expires. Malaysia visa extension fees are about RM 60 ($14), which is very reasonable compared to other countries' fees.

The procedure for obtaining a Malaysian student visa is as follows:

1. Accept a spot at a Malaysian university: Get a formal acceptance letter from your chosen university and pay any enrollment fees.

2. Your university initiates the student pass application process: Your university contacts Malaysian immigration authorities on your behalf to file an application. After they've filled out the official application form, they'll ask you to read it and digitally sign it.

3. Collect the required documents: You'll need to send several documents to your university in order for them to finish the application. A complete list can be found in the section below.

4. Pay the visa processing fee: Some universities charge a processing fee in addition to the government application fee. The amount will be determined by the institution.

5. Wait for a decision: Normally, the immigration authorities will inform the institution of the outcome of your application within a week.

6. Get a letter of approval: The visa approval letter (VAL) will be sent to you by your university. It is a student pass that allows you to enter the country temporarily. When you arrive, you'll need to show this to immigration officials.

7. Notify the university of your travel plans: Include your delivery dates, airport location, and flight numbers in your email to the university. At the airport, you will usually be greeted by a university representative.

8. Gather your student pass: Within two weeks of your arrival, your university will send your passport to the immigration department. Your student pass sticker will be included when it is returned.

Required documents include:

As part of the application process, Malaysian authorities will require the following documents. To avoid any delays, send these to your host institution as soon as possible after accepting your position.

- Your university's formal admissions letter

- A completed and signed application for a student visa

- A copy of your passport with an expiration date of more than 12 months

- Two passport-style pictures

- Academic certificates and diplomas

- Evidence of adequate financial resources

- A medical certificate stating that you are healthy

- A personal bond document (a letter from your university stating that you will abide by immigration laws)

- Certificates of English language proficiency

Is it possible to work in Malaysia while on a student visa?

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Malaysia has stricter international student employment regulations than many other countries. You are permitted to work for 20 hours per week during the university holidays only. During the school year, you are not permitted to work. The types of roles you can play are also limited. You may be able to find work in a restaurant, gas station, mini market, or hotel, but you will not be permitted to work as a cashier, musician, or in any other position deemed immoral.

What happens if your visa application is turned down?

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Malaysia accepts roughly 90% of student visa applications, making it one of the most popular destinations on the planet. Only a small percentage of applications are turned down, but the most common reasons for rejection are a lack of information or financial capacity. Students can contact immigration authorities after receiving a negative decision and request a letter outlining the reasons for rejection. You have 30 days to write to the Home Minister to appeal the decision, but there's no guarantee you'll be likely to succeed. Extension of student visa Malaysia can be extended at the State Immigration Office.

Multiple entry visa Malaysia extension

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In this section, you will be informed about the possibility of Malaysia immigration visa extension. Foreign nationals can apply for one of three types of visas issued by Malaysia's government:

1. Visa with a single entry - This is given to foreign nationals who need a visa to visit Malaysia for social reasons. It is usually good for only one entry and three (3) months from the date of issue. It is an easy one for Malaysia visa extension.

2. Visa with multiple entries - This is given to foreign nationals who need a visa to visit Malaysia for business or government-to-government purposes. It usually has a validity period of three (3) to twelve (12) months from the date of issue. The Multiple Entry Visa is available to citizens of India and the People's Republic of China who wish to visit Malaysia for a social visit. The Multiple Entry Visa has a one-year validity period. Each entry is only valid for 30 days, and no extensions are permitted.

The following are the requirements for obtaining a Multiple Entry Visa:

- The applicant must demonstrate that they have sufficient funds to stay in Malaysia.

- The applicant must have a confirmed and valid return ticket.

- For Indian citizens, the Multiple Entry Visa costs RM100.00, and for citizens of the People's Republic of China, it costs RM30.00.

3. Visa for transit - This is given to foreign nationals who need a visa to transit through Malaysia on their way to another country. A transit visa is not required for foreign nationals who transit without leaving the airport and continue their journey to their next destination on the same flight.

The Malaysian immigration office does not permit Malaysia immigration visa extension.

Malaysia visa extension fee

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After learning how to extend visa in Malaysia, we need information about its cost. How much does it set you back? Non-refundable visa processing fee of MYR 148.40 (approximately USD 35), though certain institutions are eligible for rebates. For documents such as student passes and i-Kad, there will be an additional charge of MYR 300 (approximately USD 70). It would cost approximately USD 105 in total for the Malaysia visa extension.

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