How to get tourist visa for Liberia?

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How to get tourist visa for Liberia?
tourist destinations, teeming with a rich history. Blessed with beautiful beaches, friendly places, wildlife reserves, Liberia is so much that you can not imagine. That is why it is better to enjoy them by traveling to Liberia itself. However, you can't just simply travel to Liberia without knowing the basics first.

Do you need a visa to go to Liberia?

monrovia liberia pinned on geographical map You do - you need a visa to go to Liberia. However, if you are a native of Liberia visa-free countries, you don't need a visa. Except for 14 nations, citizens of all countries have to get a visa to enter Liberia. However, apart from the 14 Liberia visa-free countries, there are 5 countries whose citizens don't need a visa to enter Liberia but must hold diplomatic or service passport holders.

What are the types of Liberian visas that one can apply for?

visa application form approved passport The Liberian government offers many Liberian visas that foreign nationals can opt for if they travel to Liberia. However, the following ones are the most commonly issued. Liberia Tourist Visa - This is issued to foreign citizens who want to travel to Liberia for tourism or other non-business-related purposes. Liberia Business Visa - For any foreign citizens who want to conduct business in Liberia, this visa is for them. Liberia Diplomatic/Official Visa - Foreign citizens who travel to Liberia for diplomatic, government, or official purposes, this visa is for them. Take note, Liberian visas can also be issued based on the number of entries. Liberian single-entry visa - This visa can be issued for up to 3 months. Liberian multiple-entry visa - This visa can be issued for 1, 2, or 3 years.

What are the Liberia visa requirements?

unrecognizable woman holding documents The following Liberia visa requirements are a must if you want to apply for one: • You will need your passport. It must be valid for the next 6 months and must have at least 1 blank page. • 2 passport-sized photos are a must. The photos must be recent, say, taken within the last 6 months. The dimensions of the photo must be 2 inch x 2 inch. The background of the photo must be white. As for the photo's content, you must be staring ahead, with all your features be fully visible. Headgear is allowed for religious purposes, but it shouldn't cover the face. • Before getting a Liberia visa, you will get a Liberia visa application form. The Liberia visa application form must be completed and duly signed. • You must show evidence of sufficient funds in the bank through bank statements to show that you can cover your stay. If that's not possible, then, Proof of sponsorship or a letter of Invitation is okay. • You must show medical insurance during the duration of the stay. • Proof of travel arrangements is to be shown, such as travel itinerary and flight ticket. • Proof of accommodation in Liberia, such as a hotel reservation. • Certificate of Yellow Fever Vaccination. If you plan to travel to Liberia for business, you must have a letter explaining your reason for your visit. The letter must have information about your business contact and have to be signed by the inviting company. If you have a diplomatic or an official passport, simply, a diplomatic note will do. For minors, a notarized letter of authorization from their guardian or parent is a must. However, remember that the above requirements may change based on which foreign citizen you are native to, as different diplomatic missions have different requirements.

How to get a visa for Liberia?

liberia flag hanging in front of the building Currently, to get a visa for Liberia, you have to contact one of the consulate or embassy of Liberia in your country or a neighboring country and follow the listed steps: • Contact a Liberian embassy or consulate and take note of their working days and any other requirements that you may need regarding the submission of Liberia visa application. • After completing the Liberia visa application form, collect the necessary documents. Some Liberian embassy or consulate have uploaded the Liberia visa application form on their website - you can download, print, and complete it. • Pay the Liberia visa fees. • You have to submit the Liberia visa application after paying the Liberia visa fees and the necessary supporting documents at the Liberian consulate or embassy. You may either have to appear in person or submit the Liberia visa application by email. • You may have to appear for a Liberia visa interview. • Following this, you will have to wait for your Liberia visa to get processed. • Remember to pick up your passport with the visa affixed.

How long does it take to get a Liberia visa processed?

businessman checking time The time to process a Liberia visa will depend on the Liberian consulate or embassy. At most, it takes about 5 to 10 days to process a Liberia visa from the time the Liberian consulate or embassy receives your Liberia visa application. In some cases, it can take more than 10 days to process a Liberia visa. Factors such as correction of errors or missing documents can affect the processing time of the Liberian visa. That's why it's recommended that you apply for a Liberia visa a few weeks (no more than 3 months) before you plan to travel to Liberia. The Liberian embassy or consulate also offers 'Express Processing,' and they will process your visa in just 1 to 3 days; but of course, the service fee will be higher.

Is it possible for a foreign citizen to opt for a Liberia visa on arrival?

tourists getting visa on arrival To get a Liberia visa on arrival, you must meet the following conditions: - You can't apply for a Liberia visa at a Liberian consulate or embassy, as there is none in your country. - You have to travel to Liberia for emergency reasons, and you fall under one of the following categories: • You frequently travel to Liberia must be for business purposes. • You should be a holder of United Nations Laissez-Passer, an African Union Laissez-Passer, an ECOWAS Laissez-Passer, or any other official travel document that an international organization issues. • You are a member of a government delegation or the executive of an MNC. Take note, and you can't travel to Liberia and get a visa there. You have to get an approval letter by email first.

How can one apply for a Liberia visa on arrival?

tourists getting visa on arrival Send a letter to The Commissioner General of the Liberia Immigration Service by email requesting a Liberia visa on arrival. The letter must have the following information: your name and nationality, your passport number, the reason and date of your visit to Liberia, your flight itinerary, accommodation proof in Liberia (hotel reservation), and the port of entry through which you will enter Liberia. A scanned copy of your passport's personal information and your return flight ticket must also be included. Note that if someone else requests the Liberia visa on arrival on your behalf, they have to include their email address and the Acceptance of Immigration Responsibility on the request, in addition to including the above information. To process the request for a Liberia visa on arrival takes at most 2 working days.

How to get tourist visa for Liberia?

stamping passport after checking As mentioned above, Liberia offers three types of visas, and out of which, Liberia tourist visa is one. To get a Liberia tourist visa, there are certain requirements to be met (mentioned above), and following which, you have to head to your nearest Liberian embassy or consulate to get a Liberia tourist visa.

What is the cost of a tourist visa for Liberia?

dollars money cash Just like how there are multiple Liberia visa types based on activities and duration of stay, the cost for tourist visa to Liberia is also different. As mentioned, all the Liberia visas consist of both single-entry and multiple-entry visa; their visa fees structure too are different as listed: • Liberia single-entry visa - It will costs around $70 to $125. • Liberia multiple-entry visa - The duration of stay for Liberia multiple-entry visa can be for 1, 2, or 3 years. For 3 years, the cost is $300 to $350. For 2 years, it can be around $200 to $250, and for 1 year, it can range from $100 to $150.

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