How to get tourist visa for Panama?

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Panama is a tropical country with beautiful beaches located in Central America. Many people come here to enjoy its amazing culture, cuisine, and landscape, so if you want to know about the Panama tourist visa requirements, I suggest you keep reading.

Which countries need a tourist visa for Panama?

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The need for a visa depends on the person's country of origin, including the Latin American and Caribbean Economic System member states.

The countries that do not require a tourist visa for Panama for staying up to 90 days are listed below:

• Colombia

• Nicaragua

• Peru

Also, most countries' nationals do not require a tourist visa to enter and stay in Panama for up to 180 days.

Now, let's see the countries that need a stamped tourist visa to stay 30 days in Panama:

• Cameroon

• Central African Republic

• Congo

• Cuba

• China

• Dominican Republic

• Eswatini

• Ghana

• India

• Maldives

• Mauritius

• Micronesia

• Venezuela

• Malawi

• Togo

• Zimbabwe

If you are still confused about whether you need a visa or not, please check the "visa policy" section on our website.

Panama Tourist Visa Details

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If you travel to Panama and are eligible, you must buy the Tourist Card (TT-3) when arriving at the Panama airport. How much is a tourist visa in Panama? This card costs the US $5 and, if we do not acquire it through the airline with which we fly, we can buy it from the immigration authorities when we arrive in Panama.

Note that even if you do not need a visa, you must present your valid passport (with at least three months until its expiration date) and the return ticket, as well as demonstrate financial proof (not less than $ 500) to obtain permission to cross the border by the National Service of Borders.

Panama Tourist Visa Requirements

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First, I would like to differentiate what is an authorized visa from a stamped visa and then proceed on the Panama tourist visa details:

Authorized Visa (VA-1)

This visa is for those countries that have to follow an immigration policy and need prior authorization from the Migration Office before visiting the country. To get the authorized visa, you have to contact the Panama embassy or consulate in your own country, as the Migrations Office will decide your situation.

Stamped Visa (VE-2)

You will get this visa going to the Panama consulate or embassy located in your own country and do not need prior authorization from the Migration Office. It applies both for countries that want to stay in Panama for 30 days and 90 days.

Panama Tourist Visa Requirements for Stamped Visa

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Do you want to travel to Panama and need a stamped visa? Then check the following requirements:

• Fill the Panama tourist visa application form and print it.

• An original and copy of passport with a minimum of three (3) months of validity.

• Copy of your ID or residence card of the applicant's country of domicile.

• 3 passport size photographs with white background (2" x 2").

• Air reservation verified with trip continuation itinerary or electronic ticket. This must have a minimum of 20 days of term before processing the visa.

• Present financial solvency of not less than $500 from the applicant, as a minimum.

• Present confirmed hotel reservation or address where you will stay.

• Proof of payment for a visa.

How Much is a Tourist Visa in Panama?

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The Panama tourist visa fees for a stamped visa is the US $60, and the payment can be made in two ways:

Option 1: Deposit in the current account of the National Bank of Panama, the corresponding amount; broken down into $50 for immigration services and $10 for consular services.

Option 2: If the interested party has a relative in Panama, the payment can be made at the Treasury Department, located at the headquarters of the National Migration Service in Panama. For the payment of consular services, the money must be deposited in the account of the National Bank.

Where Do I Make The Appointment Request for a Tourist or Stamped Visa?

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Now that you have all the documents on hand, including the Panama tourist visa application form, you must request an appointment. You should go to the official website and then search appointment for a stamped visa at the consulate.

What Happen After Formalizing The Visa Appointment?

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1. You will be interviewed at the Panamanian Embassy in your country of residence after you paid the Panama tourist visa fees.

2. The tourist visa application form that appears after the appointment voucher must be printed and filled out by the applicant. It is mandatory to present it along with all the documentation.

3. The document that appears after the appointment receipt, the checklist must be printed, and it is mandatory to present it along with all the documentation. This document should not be filled out as the consulate staff will use it.

Tourist Visa for Panama: Health Requirements

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The Minister of Health of Panama, Luis Sucre, announced new provisions for travelers who wish to enter the country.

The new provisions are part of the roadmap to continue reactivating the tourism sector and supporting economic reactivation processes.

He detailed that the entry requirements to the Republic of Panama for passengers with complete Covid-19 vaccination are the following:

1. You must present your vaccination card or certificate indicating the last dose of the vaccine for Covid-19. The last dose must be received at least 14 days before entering the country. This certificate must be accepted together with the affidavit before your trip, but when you arrive at the airport, you must also have it at hand.

2.In addition to the certificate of this vaccine, you must also admit, along with your affidavit, a negative PCR test, which must have 72 hours before your trip to the country. This PCR must also show at the airport.

3.If you come from a country that is not at high risk of contagion and have both the vaccine certificate and the negative PCR test, you will not be asked for another test upon arrival at the airport or quarantine.

4.If you come from a country with a high risk of contagion, even if you have the vaccine certificate and have a negative PCR, when you arrive at the airport, you will be asked to perform another PCR. If it is negative, you can enjoy your vacation without quarantining. The cost is the responsibility of the traveler.

5.If you only have the Covid-19 certificate, but you do not have the RPC test, the test will be mandatory when you arrive in the country regardless of where you come from. It should be noted that if this test is positive, you must comply with quarantine, and you must pay for it.

On the other hand, if you have not yet been vaccinated with Covid-19 or have not completed the doses, the Panama tourist visa details are as follows:

1.72 hours before entering the country, you must have a negative PCR in hand.

2. If you come from a country that is not at high risk of contagion and do not have a PCR test, you must do it when you arrive at the airport. If the test is negative, you will save yourself from quarantining.

3. If you come from a country with a high risk of contagion and you have the PCR in hand, you will have to take a new test when you arrive in the country, and even if it is negative, you will have to quarantine for three days.

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