12 Instagrammable places in Aarhus

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12 Instagrammable places in Aarhus
travel to Denmark might think that there is nothing more to see in Denmark but let me tell you that it is absolutely not right. And today with the goal of proving my point to you, we will travel to Aarhus Denmark. But where is Aarhus? It is Denmark’s second-largest city and the seat of the municipality of Aarhus. The city is situated 187 kilometres northwest of Copenhagen and 289 kilometres north of Hamburg, Germany, on the east coast of the Jutland peninsula, in the geographical centre of Denmark. The inner metropolitan district has a population of 280,534. Bustling Aarhus, situated right by the sea, has so much to offer, whether you are looking for stunning nature adventures or a city escape, like shopping, fantastic food, music, historical sights, and tons of entertainment. Now that we have answered your question of “Where is Aarhus?”. But what about your accommodation when you are there? Well, hotels in Aarhus Denmark are, being, honest, breathtaking! In Aarhus, you have an opportunity to choose whether you want to live in the heart of the busy city, by the coastline, in the mountains, or perhaps in the picturesque countryside. There are huge spaces, tiny rooms, special and basic rooms, everything that your heart might wish for. You just want to do something a little bit new sometimes like falling asleep in the forest. And yes, they have some very unusual hotels in Aarhus Denmark for lodging only made for you! But how can you travel from Copenhagen to Aarhus? Depending on how quickly you want to travel from Copenhagen to Aarhus, and how high your budget is, there are many ways to get from Copenhagen to Aarhus. But no one can deny that the best option is via bus. The buses depart from Ingerslevsgade near Copenhagen Central Station and arrive in downtown Aarhus at Aarhus Rutebilstation travel time of about four hours. Depending on the day, the timing of the first and final departure varies, although it is worth remembering that the buses do not run very late in the evening. And now that we know the basics about our next destination, it is a perfect time to proceed with our trip. However, we will not be only talking about the places to visit in Aarhus Denmark or about what to do in Aarhus. Instead, our main focus will be finding out the most Instagrammable places in Aarhus as it is no surprise that most liked photo on Instagram by a lot of people were taken on their trip. So, welcome our 12 Instagrammable places in Aarhus:

1. Moesgaard Museum

moesgaard ethnographic What to do in Aarhus for history lovers? Not only because of the museum’s architectural architecture and displays but also because of its location in the spectacular scenery overlooking the forest and the sea, the Moesgaard Museum is an amazing attraction. There are exhibits from around the world at this attraction, but the exhibits exploring the history of Denmark boast objects that you cannot find everywhere else. Its elegant, low-impact architecture, with a roof that almost blends with the nearby hillside, is also part of the museum’s appeal. Visitors here get a greater sense of our past and how we have come to the present. So, make sure to visit this museum when you travel to Aarhus Denmark.

2. Botanical Garden

aarhus city botanical garden Be honest, who just does not love flowers on their Instagram feed? Plant species from the various ecosystems found in Denmark are included in the garden centre, put in groups so that you can see where they grow. A separate section featuring the best-known medicinal plants is also available. Plants from many mountain areas around the world are shown in a rockery located in the middle of the Botanical Garden.

3. Den Gamle By

den gamle by Den Gamle By which is also known as The Old Town of Aarhus, has been an open-air national museum of urban history and culture for three centuries in Denmark. The museum is made up of over 75 historic houses that have been moved from all over Denmark. The attraction produces colourful 18th, 19th and 20th-century snapshots and encourages you to engage as much as possible with the time. There are more than 34 workshops and shops, in addition to the historic houses and the apartments in the 1974 section.

4. Aarhus Cathedral

aarhus cathedral No one can deny that this cathedral is one of the places to see in Aarhus. In the 12th century, the construction of the Cathedral of Aarhus began, and it is the main building of the Diocese of Aarhus for the Church of Denmark, dedicated to St. Clemens, the patron saint of sailors. The cathedral is located in the centre square of Store Torv on the port side. The Cathedral of Aarhus is the longest church in Denmark, with a total of 93 meters. 1200 persons. It was devoted from the very beginning to St Clement, the patron saint of sailors.

5. Tivoli Friheden

tivoli vesterbrogade The comfortable garden provides more than enough beauty, entertainment, theatre and much more adventures. Tivoli Friheden is the best option for all sorts of journeys, with its wide variety of opportunities and entertainment. You will find four roller coasters, 40 rides, shops, games and playgrounds at Tivoli Friheden. On Sunday picnics, the people of Aarhus went to the woods in 1903, where the forester served beer, coffee, and cakes. The forester was so busy with the restaurant that he was more of a restaurateur than a forester, which troubled the city council. As a result, one of the city’s restaurants was approved by the Council to serve guests in the woods. In short, I can say it is highly likely that one of the most liked Instagram photos of yours might be taken here!

6. The Latin Quarter

people enjoying sunny day To me, historic small quarters are just made for Instagram photos, if you agree with me, then make sure to visit The Latin Square during your travel to Aarhus Denmark. The oldest and one of the most beautiful neighbourhoods in Aarhus is the Latin Quarter. It grew up in the late 14th century after permission to demolish the old Viking fortifications had been granted to the city. You will find a lively environment in the Latin Quarter. The cafés are full of people, the streets are narrow and lined, all of which provide the ideal atmosphere for the small, trendy shops in the area selling one-off pieces. Undoubtedly, it is one of the important and Instagrammable places to see in Aarhus!

7. ARoS Aarhus Art Museum

aarhus art museum Founded in 1859, the museum is Denmark’s oldest public art museum outside Copenhagen. The ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum opened on 7 April 2004 with exhibits in a brand-new, futuristic 10-storey building designed by Danish architect Schmidt Hammer Lassen. Today, ARoS is one of Northern Europe’s main art museums, with a record of 980,909 visitors in a year. So, if you were wondering what to do in Aarhus, now you know the exact answer!

8. Marselisborg Mindepark

house in mindeparken If the queen is in residence depends on how much you can see from the magnificent park surrounding Marselisborg Palace. In the English style, the park is landscaped, so it has the loose, flowing look of a pastoral country landscape. Paths walk their way through cherry groves and copses and up the gentle rises between both the palace and the harbour.

9. Aarhus City Hall

aarhus city hall Aarhus City Hall, although over 75 years old, is still a new, functional structure that still houses the town of Aarhus and hosts large events during the year. It portrays Danish design and architecture at its finest, designed by Arne Jacobsen and clad with Norwegian marble. It is known by many as a significant icon of Aarhus and Danish architectural design. With its undeniable role to the city’s daily life, it is one of the most important Instagrammable places to visit in Aarhus Denmark.

10. Musikhuset Aarhus

musikhuset The Musikhuset Aarhus Concert Hall has unique rooms for events of up to 1,800 people. As a coordinator in arts and culture, the primary role of the house creates a cosy atmosphere in an exciting setting that people recall for happier memories and pleasant experiences. It is surely one of the must-visit spots in your travel to Denmark.

11. Museum Ovartaci

museum ovartaci Copyright: @museum_ovartaci The museum is remarkable in that it offers a glimpse into how the human mind can be influenced by art. In the exhibition, the past experience of the individual artists and their works encourages an entirely new insight and discussion. Art is mixed with the history of psychiatry which helps art to be viewed in a whole new manner. In meeting with persons with a psychological disorder, gives an insight into mental disorders in new ways and counters current biases.

12. Ebeltoft

fields and forest One of the tourism hubs of Denmark is Ebeltoft and the surrounding countryside, with many summer houses and rentals and many beaches that are child-friendly. Ebeltoft is very lively, especially in the summer season, considering its relatively small scale. Ebeltoft is famous for its stone blocks-stoned streets and centuries-old half-timbered buildings in the old town centre. Plans were introduced in the 1960s to maintain this unusual climate.

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