12 Instagrammable places in Abuja

Chima Nnaemeka04 April 20217932 views8 min. read
12 Instagrammable places in Abuja
Nigeria with lots of instagrammable places, then travel to Abuja Nigeria. You should travel to Abuja Nigeria, to see eye-catching architecture. There are also lots of stunning views and beautiful gardens to see and take lots of pictures. Abuja is the capital of Nigeria and, because of that, has multiple interesting places to visit. It's a home for tourists within and outside the country. So, there are many places to visit when you are in Abuja Nigeria. If you want to step up your Instagram game, travel to Nigeria immediately. There are lots of instagrammable places to visit. 

1. Central Park Abuja

central park abuja You will see beautiful landscapes to capture here if you are a photographer. There are also stunning and well-decorated open spaces and lush greens available. You can take pictures of yourself while on the grass beds. Making such instagrammable pictures go online will attract lots of likes and comments. There are different entertaining games or activities you can participate in. If you are a lover of paintballing and karting, you will love coming here. There is an area set aside for kids to play. So, you can come with your children. Accessing this park is not difficult. It is adjacent to the Kebbi hotel at Plot 174, Kur Mohammed Avenue Central Business District. This park is a place to come. You will not only have good Instagram pictures to capture, but you will also have memories.

2. Central Mosque Abuja

central mosque abuja The Central Mosque Abuja is one of the places to visit when you are in Abuja Nigeria. It is a great architectural wonder. You are guaranteed the best Instagram pictures no matter from which angle you are going to capture them. It is great for Instagram. Don't think you can't visit here if you are a Christian because it is a mosque. This is one of the places in Abuja that is open to everyone. However, during public congregational prayers, the mosque is not opened. Don't miss taking Instagram pictures of the Arabic calligraphy on its walls. You can locate the mosque at Independence Avenue, close to the National Christian Centre.

3. Usuma Dam

usuma dam Another place for you to visit to capture instagrammable pictures when you travel to Nigeria is the Usuma dam. It will take you less than one hour to come over from central Abuja. Usuma dam is every photographer's dream. Some of the things you will love are the tall mountains, navy blue-colored lakes, and its foggy atmosphere. Even when the sun is much, you will get good and quality instagrammable pictures. Imagine capturing the tall trees when you position your camera from the root? The imagination alone is breathtaking and arousing. You can also pose to have your pictures on the blue-colored lake while in a boat. This instagrammable place is found in Bwari local government area in Abuja.

4. The Trukadero Place

trukadero place It is not only a place to visit when you travel to Nigeria for bowling activities but a place to capture instagrammable pictures. You can play games like boards and snooker if you don't love bowling as you take your pictures. You will also see a restaurant and an attractive amusement park. It is your choice to choose any to relax when you are done capturing the most liked Instagram photos. This is one of the instagrammable places to visit when you are in Abuja Nigeria. You can find this place at 130 Ademola Adetokunbo Cres, Wuse in Abuja. 

5. Marrakech Restaurant Abuja

marrakech restaurant Morocco's imperial city is often the first thought when the word "Marrakech" is mentioned. This restaurant derives its inspiration from Marrakech city. The stunning Marrakech pictures you see on the gram are available here. You should book your next flight down to Abuja if you want to see the pleasing aesthetic pictures of Marrakech that you will love to capture when you come to include the weird-looking chandelier, the Islamic Calligraphic designs, colorful furniture, and artistic lightings. You should miss out on the food here while you take pictures. There is a combination of Turkish, Moroccan, and Arabian cuisines. It is one of the places in Abuja to capture pictures to post on your Instagram page. Just like Trukadero Place, it is located at Wuse, No. 5 Bangui Street, Abuja. 

6. Cafe De Vie

cafe de vie This beautiful Café is one of the places in Abuja you should come to when you travel to Nigeria. It is scenic, and you will have the feeling of home. It has decorations and furniture that are very beautiful. The foods are delicious and one you should eat after you are done taking pictures. Cafe De Vie is a place to go to if you want amazing instagrammable pictures. You will find it at no.11 Adzope Crescent, Off Kumasi Crescent, Wuse 2, Abuja.

7. Millennium Park

millennium park Millennium Park is one of the beautiful and ancient parks in Abuja. This is a place to come when you travel to Abuja Nigeria if you desire a natural atmosphere. Tourists come here often as some regard it as the most romantic place in Abuja. You should come with your partner as you take pictures together. It will give you lots of memories, and when you post them online, your followers will love to know where you took them. You can enter the park without paying a dime. Come with your blanket, a few belongings, and your camera. It's a picture-worthy environment. It is located at three Arms Zone, Abuja, Nigeria. 

8. Blake Resort

blake resort You will see Blake Resort at Mohammed Bello way, Garki. The environment where it is located is cool and a place for your hangouts. You can also come here for picnics to relax from work stress. However, don't forget to come with your camera as its beauty is not what you want to tell by words. Have someone take Instagram pictures of you as you relax. You will love to post it on your Instagram page. It will surely attract lots of comments.

9. On mountain Top

abuja nature There are many instagrammable places you can go to in Abuja that have mountains. Hiking is a common sport in Abuja. Learning how to hike is easy as there are lots of hiking groups available. You can go up and down a mountain for just 1000 naira, less than five dollars. It is an opportunity to see new people as you enjoy nature and have your muscles exercised. Any picture you take when you are on the vantage points will give you an Instagram post with many engagements. 

10. Arts and Crafts Village

arts and crafts village This village attracts both Nigeria people and foreigners. It is a unique destination due to the artifacts, craft arts, symbols, and represented cultures. The stores available in this village are made with wooden windows and thatched roofs. It displays the culture of the country. You can buy a lot of artwork here. Some of them include jewelry, paintings, leather works, fabrics, and others. You don't need any to tell you that taking most liked Instagram photos with these artworks in the background will be amazing. Take as many pictures as possible and share them online for your Instagram followers to love, comment, and desire to come. 

11. Dunes Center

dunes center Dunes Center is a building where you will see a supermarket, many boutiques, an exceptional and amazing restaurant, a pastry shop, halls for rent, luxury apartments, and an antique gift shop. This is not just one of the best luxurious malls for shopping in Abuja but also in the country. It was built in the year 2005. Since then, it has attracted visitors far and near. During festival periods, the center is busy and populated. If you want a place to take Instagram pictures with different people during their festival, come over to the Dunes Center. You will find it at No 44, Aguyi Ironsi Way, Maitama, Abuja. 

12. BluCabana Restaurant & Cafe

blucabana restaurant Blucabana lounge is a must-visit for any tourist who travels to Abuja. It is a well-known spot to relax in Abuja. It has a restaurant, a swimming pool, a spa, a club, and a gym. Picture yourself in the pool with your friends and family. It's a great imagination and fantasy to turn into reality. You have no security worries as it is located at a secured place far from the common hustle in the town. If you want to take instagrammable pictures with your kids, this is the best place to come. This is because of the availability of a kid's playroom, both outdoor and indoor. Having fun at optimal is guaranteed. Come over to this Café now at No 1322 Shehu Yaradua Blvd, Mabushi, Abuja, Nigeria with your loved one and take many pictures to show your Instagram fans

Final Thoughts

abuja city view Nigeria is not left out when you are looking for a place for most liked Instagram photos. There are lots of states in the country to take amazing pictures for social media, and Abuja is one of them. Abuja, the capital of Nigeria, is endowed with many eye-catching places that can stand out among other countries. Like other tourists and visitors who have got tourist visa for Nigeria and traveled to Abuja Nigeria to take pictures, Nigeria is your next place to travel for instagrammable pictures.

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