12 Instagrammable places in Bamako

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12 Instagrammable places in Bamako
More than 90% of the population is followers of Islam. It is a landlocked country bordering Mauritania and Senegal to the west, Algeria to the north, Niger to the east, Burkina Faso and Cote d'Ivoire to the south, and Guinea to the south-east part of the country. The largest and fastest-growing city and the capital of Mali are Bamako. Where is Bamako? It is located in the south-west part of Mali. Unlike the northern regions of the country, Bamako is getting relatively more rainfall in summer. According to reports, Bamako was the fastest-growing city in Africa and the sixth fastest-growing city in the world in 2006. In this blog, I will write about Instagrammable and fascinating places to see in Bamako. If you like travelling to places that are off the beaten path, then make sure that Bamako is among your list of African cities to explore. Time in Bamako is GMT, meaning that the city is on the Greenwich Meantime. Time in Bamako is at the centre of world time, having only a one-hour difference from London. In this blog, I will write about 12 Instagrammable places, and the most liked Instagram photo place that you should explore when you travel to Bamako.

1. National Zoo of Mali

national mali zoo The National Zoo of Mali is one of the main Instagrammable sites located in Bamako. After its renovation, it is more friendly for tourists. The zoo is home to more than 100 animal species. You can see elephants, various turtles, primates, and carnivores. There are also many bird species, reptiles, and fish species in the National Zoo of Mali. In addition to serving the public and as an attraction for tourists, the zoo also has purposes of knowledge creation. It is an indispensable tool for education for school kids, research, and conservation of animals.

2. The largest market: Marche de Medina

local market Marche de Medina is a large market in Bamako. Visiting Mali without buying local products and souvenirs is a must-regret act. This market is mostly for local Mali people, so you won't see other tourists. There are a lot of stores selling second-hand clothes. If you have some time, make sure to get your hands decorated with henna.

3. The anthropological museum: Musee National

globe The Musee National is one of the places to see in Bamako. Despite its small size, it contains a lot of ethnographic pieces from ancient times and ethnic groups that lived in Mali. There are English and French-speaking knowledgeable guides who lead a group of tourists and showing the collections. You will see many old carvings, wooden masks, and ancient textiles.

4. The most bizarre place: Fetish Stalls

fetish stalls This is probably the most bizarre place in Bamako. Located near the Maison des Artisans, it is full of creepy things. You will see a lot of bones, skins, dried chameleons, and rotten monkey skulls on the table, all of which are for sale. If you a fainthearted person, I don't recommend you go there. But if you are looking for adventure, don't hesitate to visit the Fetish Stalls and take some Instagram pictures.

5. The most charming restaurant: San Toro

mali cuisine San Toro is an excellent place to taste some Malian food. The poulet au coco is a must-try Malian meal for visitors. The interior decoration of the restaurant is very charming, featuring typical African cultural elements. They don't serve alcohol there, but you can choose from a variety of juice options. They play live kora music at around 8:00 PM every day.

6. The excellent Malian hotel: Le Compagnard

pizza Le Compagnard is an excellent Malian hotel with a French twist. It is renowned for its two main things. First, they serve excellent dishes from French cuisine. Secondly, they serve delicious French wine. The restaurant inside has a nice ambient atmosphere: the wood-fired pizzas and the salad bar of the restaurant the best in Bamako.

7. Famous nightclub Le Byblos

nightclub in mali Bamako has something to offer for nightlife lovers as well. Le Byblos is a famous nightclub in the city. Especially at weekends, there are parties throughout the night. The DJs play both foreign songs and remixes of foreign and local songs. It offers a unique experience that you did not have in any other country. The price of drinks inside the bar varies from two to six dollars.

8. Monument of independence

the flag of mali This is the place with the most liked Instagram photo in the city. It is the symbol of Bamako. As the name suggests, it was erected to celebrate the independence of Mali. It is the most significant landmark in the city, according to travellers.

9. Maison des Artisans

mali It is a very famous jewellery store in Bamako. It is exactly the right place to buy souvenirs and gifts for beloved ones. There is excellent gold-plated brass. The craftsmen also make leather goods and jewellery for sale within the store.

10. Mali National Park

flower One of the most Instagrammable places in Bamako is Mali National Park. This national park was built by the government and the Aga Khan Trust for Culture (AKTC) with a special partnership. Located next to the National Museum Complex, with its large area, Mali National Park serves the general public, school children in terms of knowledge generation, and tourists.

11. Grande Mosquee de Bamako

mosque Thanks to the Saudi Arabian government funding, Bamako Grand Mosque was built on the site of a pre-colonial mosque. Located in the city center, the mosque is one of the tallest structures in the city. It is visible from most parts of Bamako and opens to tourists.

12. Sacred Heart Cathedral

cathedral Serving as the cathedral of the Archdiocese of the city, Sacred Heart Cathedral is one of the best Instagrammable places in Bamako. However, the country's majority population is Muslims. The existence of the cathedral is a sign of multiculturalism and tolerance to other cultures and religions.

How to travel to Bamako?

luggage Considering that Mali is a landlocked country, the best way to travel to Bamako is via plane. Since 1974, there have been Modibo Keita International Airport (BKO) operating about 15 kilometres south of the city. BKO is the only international airport in the country, operated by Aeroports du Mali. Some airway companies, especially Air France, undertake flights from different locations around the world to Bamako. Mali requires a visa for the citizens of most countries around the world. Some countries' citizens are exempt from visa requirements, including UAE, Algeria, Andorra, Tunisia, Senegal, Nigeria, Mauritania, etc.

What is the best time to visit Bamako?

children In general, the average temperature in Mali is quite high across the country, which is totally understandable for its geographic location. The northern parts of the country are comprised of arid plains and deserts. Where is Bamako? It is located in the south-western part of the country, so it receives more rainfall compared to the north of Mali. The best time to travel to Bamako to enjoy the Instagrammable places is from November to February. It is the time when there is not much rainfall, and the weather is not very dry as through February-April. It is noteworthy to know that the temperature can sometimes get as low as 13°C in January.

Is it safe to travel to Bamako?

court Recently, there has been a military coup in Mali, forcing the incumbent president out of office. The situation now seems peaceful, but still, travel advisories warn visitors to be very careful and follow the local media news for updates. There are threats of terrorism in Bamako, especially, the government departments and the UN peacekeepers (MINUSMA) can be the targets of deadly attacks. Currently, the state of emergency is still present throughout the country. Kidnapping, armed robberies, and violent crimes still happen in the city. So, make sure that you are living in a safe neighbourhood with constant police surveillance. Avoid driving alone and going out at night in Bamako. Although most Mali people follow the practices of Islam in Mali, the rules and regulations of the country do not prohibit same-sex acts. But still, LGBTQ travellers should be very cautious when visiting Bamako. The local extremist Muslims can verbally and physically abuse homosexual tourists. Female tourists should avoid wearing provocative dresses, as it can lead to verbal abuse and sexual assaults. Medical facilities and services are limited throughout the country, even in the capital city Bamako. Make sure that you have comprehensive travel insurance, covering even medical evacuations.

A quick recap

bamako Located in the southwest part of Mali, Bamako is the main touristic city and a safe place to visit in the country. With a population of about two million, Bamako features some Instagrammable sites. In 2006, it was the fastest-growing city in the country and on the African continent. Where is Bamako? How to travel to Bamako? What is the best time to visit Bamako? Is it safe to travel to Bamako? – these are questions that I tried to answer in this blog. I also touched upon things like time in Bamako, great places to see in Bamako, and the most liked Instagram photo place in Bamako. The 12 Instagrammable places in Bamako are as follows: National Zoo of Mali, Marché de Medina, Musee National, Fetish Stalls, San Toro, Le Compagnard, Le Byblos, Monument of independence, Maison des Artisans, Mali National Park, Grande Mosquee de Bamako, and Sacred Heart Cathedral, Bamako.

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