12 Instagrammable places in Bermuda

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12 Instagrammable places in Bermuda

The Caribbean has been a beehive of tourist activity for times immemorial. It is well connected by air and sea, and being so close to the American Mainland makes it an ideal getaway for US citizens. They also do make the largest number of tourists. But there are also tourists streaming from all over the world. Having a warm and moderate climate makes the Caribbean an ideal getaway for those who have lived most of their lives in frosty weather. The turquoise-colored sea around completes the puzzle that most visitors stare. The pristine natural beauty, the friendly locals, and the relishing cuisine make the Caribbean an ideal place that should find a place on your bucket list.

Bermuda is often referred to be a part of the island group even though it is a British Overseas Territory. Bermuda's geographical positioning and its cultural ties make the Island a part of the West Indies group of Isles.

For first-time travelers, the first question that comes to mind is where is Bermuda.

Where is Bermuda?

fiery sunset over hamilton harbor

It lies 643 miles east-southeast of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. It is also 768 miles south of Cape Sable Island, Nova Scotia. Bermuda is approximately 1093 miles northeast of Cuba and 956 miles due north of the British Virgin Islands.

Bermuda is a set of 181 islands, with the largest one being Main Island.

Now that we know where is Bermuda let us travel further.

Travel to Bermuda

elbow beach

Travel to Bermuda will always be a memorable one. There are quite enough airlines that assist the trip to Bermuda. There are plenty of flights from the mainland United States of America since Bermuda is a preferred holiday destination. There are plenty of flights from Europe, Asia, and Africa too.  However, travel to Bermuda is a costly affair and one needs to investigate a bit before embarking on the journey.

Places to visit in Bermuda

bermuda lighthouse

The entire Island is a hyperbole of beauty. Surrounded by the ocean, Bermuda is a beach paradise that has enticed travelers for years. Right from the imperial navy to present-day tourists, Bermuda has been a haven for weary souls seeking temporary refuge amidst the lap of nature. Places to visit in Bermuda are many.

Let us look at 12 Instagrammable places in Bermuda:

1. The town of St. George

town of st george

St. George is its largest town. It is one of the best places to visit in Bermuda. It is indeed a photographer's heaven. Quaint British architecture lined up across the streets, where the old-world charm is oozing from each corner. All the important buildings in Bermuda are located at St. George. The city is an eclectic mix of color and history, each with a distinct flavor that nourishes the eyes and the soul. Quite a few of the Bermuda hotels are located in this vintage town. The historic commune was the first English settlement in the region, and the influence still lingers on magnificently. St. George is also one of the best places to stay in Bermuda. Also, if you are the one creating wonders on Instagram, this town is perfectly Instagrammable.

2. The Royal Naval Dockyard

royal naval dockyard

It is another Instagrammable place to visit in Bermuda that shouldn't be missed on any coast. Old stone buildings, the clock tower that evokes a sense of architectural pride, maritime gear that has withstood the ravage of time make the Naval Dockyard one of the best places to visit in Bermuda.

3. Coopers Island

coopers island

Coopers Island is an Island reserve and is now functioning as a nature reserve. Over the years, the Island has become one of the most wanted places to visit in Bermuda. It is secluded and does cover quite a large area. Coopers Island is a peninsula of sorts and can only be reached on foot. Because of its geographical situation, this is the ideal Instagrammable place to view both the sunrise and the sunset. There are plenty of beaches to choose from, and it never is full. For the ones who love isolation and silence, just lie down on the beach and watch the Universe conspire to provide you with unadulterated happiness.

4. Jobson's Cove

jobsons cove

One of the best places to visit in Bermuda, this is a slice of nature that has been left untouched for centuries. It is a combination of pink sand and crystal clear water that permeates even the wildest of imagination. It would be best if you spent some time in solitude before making it the most liked Instagram photo and breaking the internet.

5. Warwick long bay

warwick bay

The bay is the Island's longest beach and easily one of the most Instagrammable places. It is one of those places which can effortlessly become the most liked Instagram photo in no time. However, Warwick Long Bay is not just another run of the mill bay. It is surrounded by beaches and is also one of the approaches for Jacob's Cove. It is almost half a mile long and is known for its pink sand. So if you are stuck amidst the hubbub of Horse Shoe Bay, this is the place to be. Also, there are enough tourist attractions to turn your routine social media Instagrammable.

6. Flatt's Village

flatts village

That is another top of the list of the most Instagrammable places in Bermuda. This sleepy Village has enough nooks and corners to provide you with that most liked Instagram photo. Flatt's Village is an Instagrammable paradise. Quaint and halfway between Hamilton and St. George, it is not just easy to travel to but also has enough attractions of its own. This small locality is also one of the safest places to stay in Bermuda, even though I can vouch for the entire Island.

7. Front Street

front street

The capital of Bermuda is as glitzy as they come. And taking it a notch higher is the effervescent Front Street. If you have been to Hamilton, then missing Front Street is nigh impossible. It is the centerpiece of the city, its heart, with all the international business being conducted. The area is overrun with pubs, cafes, and restaurants, all of which will provide you with a memorable moment and some hearty food. There are plenty of souvenir shops too, and if you are looking for something to take back home, this is the place to be. Is the Front Street Instagrammable? It is nothing if it is not. The backdrop of the ocean and the night sky will light up the internet and become the most liked Instagram photo. Front Street is also of the best places to stay in Bermuda. There are plenty of activities that keep tourists busy throughout their stay. Also, do not forget to attend the Harbour nights, a Summer event occurring every Wednesday where Gombey Dancers perform amidst mouth-watering street food.

8. Chancery Lane

chancery lane

Copyright: @kuba275

Street lights, ancient steps, and an aura of romanticism are what Chancery Lane is all about. And it's got to be visited at night to soak in the atmosphere. The Chancery Lane also has some of the best Bermuda hotels. Chancery Lane is as Instagrammable as they come.

9. Village Pantry

village pantry

Copyright: @village_pantry_bda

The best corner of all of Bermuda, this eating hole, is what legends are made up. The Village Pantry has been around for ages and still serves the best brunches on the entire Island. You can simply tuck yourself in a corner and watch the world slowly waltz pass. The interiors of the pantry also make it one of the most liked Instagram photo.

10. The Manor House Bridge

This pedestrian bridge lies on Verdmont Road and is built in the classic British style. It lies quite close to Flatts Village and is an oft frequented landmark. Its medieval architecture makes it Instagrammable.

11. Abbott's Cliff

abbott's cliff

Copyright: @islandbuoys

This Cliff sits high on Harrington Sound. Visit the Cliff when the weather is good since strong winds are evil at those heights. The ocean view from the peak is breathtaking, and do not forget to carry your camera with you. This spot is one of the most Instagrammable in the whole of Bermuda. Abbott's Cliff is also an idyllic picnic spot, so do remember to carry a bottle of wine along. Who would want to miss the setting Sun whilst sipping your favorite sherry?

12. Horseshoe Bay

horsehoe bay

The bay is the highpoint of the visit. The bay provides the best setting for a romantic evening and changes its textures dramatically in 24 hours. If you wish to shoot some great and memorable Instagram photos, visit Horseshoe Bay during the Winters because it is mostly empty.

Bermuda is on the cusp of modernity and yet does not want to leave its glorious past behind. And why would it? It is majestic and adds an attraction for the world traveler. There are plenty of Instagrammable places to visit in Bermuda, as we have just witnessed. Bermuda Hotels are known for their services as much as for their culinary skills too. Also, the island chain is safe, so all the places to stay in Bermuda are safe for that matter.

Now that we know many things about the British Overseas Territory, pack your bags and get on to the next flight.

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