12 Instagrammable places in Beijing

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12 Instagrammable places in Beijing
places to visit in Beijing, what to do in Beijing, find out about places to capture the most liked Instagram photos and Instagrammable places in the heart of the People's Republic of China. So, where is Beijing?  The city, located in Northern China, is mostly surrounded by Hebei Province, except neighboring Tianjin to the southeast; together, the three divisions form the Jingjinji megalopolis and the national capital region of China. Now that you can answer the question of "Where is Beijing?" let us get right into it. There are many things to do in Beijing, and your Instagram photos will be more colorful after you visit this amazing place full of breathtaking views. While searching for the most liked photos on Instagram, we came across these 12 Instagrammable places in Beijing.

1. Forbidden City

forbidden city Forbidden City is generally number one in the places to visit in Beijing list of most people. Even though there are a bunch of Instagrammable places to go in Beijing, walking around in Forbidden City is a victory for sure. Because it is full of ancient imperial artifacts, your Instagram shots will definitely be the most liked photos on Instagram. If you want your Instagram photos to be without any tourists in them, we would advise you to go there early in the morning to get the perfect pictures for your followers.

2. Galaxy Soho

galaxy soho There are lots of places to go in Beijing, and you might not have enough time to visit them all, but you should not miss the Galaxy Soho. Although Beijing is full of historic buildings dating back hundreds of years, it is also a futuristic city, and some of the most amazing landmarks in China are located here. Galaxy SOHO is a great example of the futuristic mindset of the city. It is like being in a sci-fi movie while exploring the shops and Beijing restaurants at Galaxy SOHO.

3. 798 Art Zone

art zone 798 Art Zone in the northeast of Beijing must include one of the most underrated places to go in Beijing. It is not easy to get to the zone as you'll have to get off the Jiangtai station and then take a taxi; however, it's definitely worth the journey. The 798 Art Zone is very Instagrammable because it is full of lovely cafes, wonderful art galleries, museums, and millions of exciting street art. Whilst walking down the streets, you will encounter murals, statues, and walls full of graffiti. Believe me, you have never thought that Beijing has this side.

4. Temple of Heaven

temple of heaven This temple is one of the best places to visit in Beijing, and without being said, it should be on your travel to Beijing itinerary. Besides being an incredible cultural site to visit, it also is an astonishing place for one of your most liked photos on Instagram. We would advise you to visit the Temple of Heaven in the late afternoon if you want to get the perfect reflection from the shiny details on the temple.

5. Great Wall of China

great wall of china Even though you do not know what to do in Beijing, you must have heard of the Great Wall of China, and that is why your travel to Beijing will not be complete if you do not take a trip north to see the Great Wall of China, which stretches far beyond what a human eye can see. Badaling is the first choice of tourists when visiting The Great Wall of China, but if you want to avoid the crowds, head to the Mutianyu section, which is a little further from Badaling. Badaling has great infrastructure, and Mutianyu is beautifully restored. Cable cars are available as well so that you can see one of the Seven Wonders of the World in as easy a manner as possible.

6. CCTV Headquarters

cctv headquarters The CCTV Headquarters is located in Beijing's Central Business District and is 234 meters tall, and is one of the best places to visit in Beijing. China Central Television Headquarters Building (New CCTV Tower) is different from China Central Television Tower (CCTV), so do not mix them.  You will be able to see the changing skyline and Beijing's amazing cityscape. If you want to view this magnificent building while you dine and sip your wine on an open terrace, you can go to a Beijing restaurant called Blue Frog.

7. Beihai Park

beihai park There are many things to do in Beijing, and one of them is to visit Beihai Park. This beautiful park was an imperial garden, but now it's free for everyone to enjoy. Beihai Park is one of the most favorable choices for tourists. You can stroll or cycle along with one of the shaded pathways in the park. The lake is a great entertainment spot, no matter the season. If you visit Beihai Park in the summer, be sure to take a duck boat out onto the lake. Get your skates on and glide over the ice if you are visiting in winter.

8. The Hutongs

hutongs Most liked Instagram photos suggest that hutongs are must-see. Wandering around Beijing's many old alleyways will be one of your absolute favorite things to do in this city. Beijing's oldest neighborhoods are mostly located around the Forbidden City in the center of Beijing. If you want to get a glimpse into the locals' lives, you have to get away from all the tourists and wander along less crowded side streets. These tiny narrow alleyways are where you will take the best Instagram photos for your followers.

9. Summer Palace

summer palace One of the best places to see in Beijing is this Palace because it offers a fantastic example of Chinese architecture and ancient art as well as stunning views of the lake. You will need a whole day to visit the Summer Palace Beijing. If you can walk fast, you can see everything there is in half a day, but you will be exhausted afterward. You can either take a tour or explore the Summer Palace Beijing on your own. There are three main areas to check out: the Court Area, the front area of Longevity Hill, and Kunming Lake. The most impressive is The Longevity Area, and the most peaceful is Kunming Lake. You can take a dragon boat tour on the lake to be fascinated by the palace from afar!

10. Shichahai

shichahai lake Shichahai must be on your list of places to visit in Beijing. Shichahai is a peaceful scenic spot to escape Beijing's hustle. There are three lakes in Shichahai - Qianhai (front lake), Houhai (back lake), and Xihai (west lake). We would suggest you sit in the shade of a willow tree and get rid of all that tension. You can also take a pedicab around the hutongs in the area. You can have some beers at Houhai Bar Street and try the unusual dishes the street food stalls sell.

11. Red Bowl at Rosewood Beijing

red bowl So you have been to a couple of places to go in Beijing and tried some things to do in Beijing, and now it is time to eat. Well, Chinese cuisine is full of incredible dishes and unimaginable foods to try. If you want to sit down in a comfortable atmosphere, head to Red Bowl. The Beijing restaurant is photogenic, and the food is iconic and delicious. It has dim lighting inside, and that is why Red Bowl is one of the Instagrammable places.

12. Jingshan Park

jingshan park One of the best places to visit in Beijing is Jingshan Park because it is so Instagrammable. If you have just 15 minutes to spare, you have to walk up the stairs to the highest point of Beijing City, and you will be able to see everything from Beihai Park to the Drum and Bell Tower and, of course, the entire Forbidden City. If you visit Jingshan Park during sunset, you will have the best Instagram photos.


beijing To sum up, the next time someone asks, where is Beijing? Show them all the Instagram photos you took in Beijing and tell them about all the great things you can do in this city and not forget to tell them about all the delicious food you had. By visiting Beijing, you will not only see beautiful sights, but you will experience the ancient culture all around the capital of the People's Republic of China. Well, maybe you will not have enough time to visit all these places but make sure to visit as much as you can until your next trip to Beijing, because you will not be able to get enough of this place.

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