12 Instagrammable places in Taipei

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12 Instagrammable places in Taipei
Where is Taipei, and what Instagrammable places can he offer his tourists both for cultural enrichment and for taking Instagrammable photos? Taipei is the capital of Taiwan, located in the northern part of the state, which absorbed all the ancient eastern city's splendor. Its architecture ranges from ancient temples and memorials to incredibly high skyscrapers. The capital of Taiwan is different in each of its corners, and you won't find repetitive landscapes here. Visiting such a beautiful city, staying in it at least for a couple of days, everyone must take at least a couple of photos for memory. So what to do in Taipei? Are you looking for things to do in Taipei? Where to make beautiful Instagram photos of the capital? Where to find the best Instagrammable places to visit in Taipei?

1. Longshan Temple

lonshan temple Longshan Temple is one of the most interesting things to do in Taipei. First of all, the city is famous for its temples. Each of them is incredibly beautiful and charming, and the views are diverse, so visiting at least one temple, your Instagram will be torn from the number of the most liked Instagram photos. The first in the list of popularity is the Lunshan temple. This Buddhist temple was built in 1738, many times restored and rebuilt. "Lunshan" literally translated as "dragon mountain," so dragons here are the temple's architecture's main theme. You can get here only in the evening. And although the temple is well lit with lanterns that give a special atmosphere to this place, it makes no sense without a good camera to come here for the exotic and most liked Instagram photos.

2. Tianhou Temple

temple in taipei It is one of the most important temples of the Qing Dynasty. Unfortunately, many tourists pass by it, as it is not the most prominent place in the busy shopping area. And although the entrance to it looks completely unremarkable, you will find yourself in the inner courtyard of the most beautiful Tianhou after entering the gate, walking through a small tunnel. The main deity of the temple is the patroness of sailors: the heavenly Empress Matsu. Here, the exposition dedicated to her is recreated in incredible beauty. Although the temple itself is small, it is very charming. These red shades, gold, and Chinese dragons make you literally fall in love with this place. Candles, incense, lanterns - all this seems to hypnotize and make its visitors come back again and again. Walking next to this temple, do not forget to look inside. You will be fascinated by its beauty and will surely want to capture a few moments.

3. Dalongdong Baoan Temple

temple in taiwan Traveling for incredible scenes this time leads us to the temple of Paoan, a typical Chinese temple in a good sense, with its color, pomp, and a huge number of dragons on the roof, columns, and other architectural solutions. Different statues, frescoes, and stone carvings here recreate a truly magical atmosphere. All this gold and luxury is the true authenticity of Taiwan. The temple is beautiful both in the daylight and in the light of the endless lanterns. Here you will find many different subjects for your most liked Instagram photos.

4. Qingshui Temple

memorial hall The Tsushi temple is dedicated to the Chan Buddhist monk Chen Zhaoying, also known as "ancestor with a protruding nose" or "ancestor with a blackened nose." The Tsushi Temple is included in the "Three Great Temples" list in Taipei, which shows its importance. Its architecture is simple and simple, and the structure consists of a front and main hall and two corridors on the sides. In the open-air ceremonial hall, you will have the opportunity to experience the temple's special beauty closer: incredible columns decorated with golden dragons, various frescoes of the Qing Dynasty, and an authentic sanctuary dedicated to Master Chen Zhaoying (or otherwise, Master Qingshui). It is difficult to describe in words the charm of this temple, and even no photo can convey its splendor. When visiting the capital of Taiwan, be sure to find time for the Tsushi Temple. Here you will be enriched spiritually and, moreover, update your Instagram. But if you're not a fan of temples or other attractions and want to capture the incredible scenery and unique nature of Taiwan in your Instagram photos, then consider a couple of places for photoshoots "in the open air."

5. Taipei Botanical Garden

taiwan botanical garden Taipei Botanical Garden covers a huge area of 15 hectares and, in its "collection," has more than a thousand species of plants. Entrance to the garden is completely free, so you can escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and people and admire plants never seen before, and you will be accompanied by cute red squirrels and flying butterflies everywhere. Each corner of this place is filled with its virginity and innocence—all kinds of ponds, arbors, and bridges. Just walking here, you can find an infinite number of scenes for your pictures, and each will be in its own special and unique. This garden is ideal for those who appreciate silence, calmness, and measured walks. If you are one of them get your Taiwan visa now experience the perfect vacation!

6. Wuling farm

wuling farm Despite the picturesqueness of the island and a lot of charming landscapes, the Taiwanese themselves highlight the special beauty of "U-Lin Farm," but to get to it, you will have to overcome 150 kilometers from Taipei. It is truly a unique place that captivates with its views at any time of year. U-Lin Farm is a real palette of colors, which absorbed all possible shades. It is the embodiment of poetry and prose, which has inspired and will continue to inspire its creators. This Instagrammable place is notable for its unique mountain scenes, sweet aroma of fruit trees blossoming, and incredible colors. This is a true paradise on earth.

7. Yangmingshan National Park

yangmingshan national park It is a wonderful place for rest and walks, and you can walk here quite a lot. So if you have enough time, be sure to visit Yangmishan National Park. The original name of the National Park was "Green Mountains," but we wanted to create it before the Second World War. Built-in 1937, Yanmishan has always fascinated and attracted both tourists and local residents of the island. The park is located about 20 volcanoes, some of which are still active. In the craters of several extinct volcanoes are lakes. In addition to dense forests, the park has fields and cherry groves. This is an incredible place for recreation and walks. In Yangmishan, you will find mossy paths, trampled paths to different parts of the park, and true unity with nature and photos can be taken at least at every step: it is clean, diverse in its landscapes, a place that lives by itself, without human intervention. Walking here in search of unique Instagrammable places, you can find really amazing scenes. There is nothing but a suspension bridge, impregnated with a certain primordiality. Every small stream, every river or lake, every path, tree, or flower is a true artwork. Therefore, when visiting Taipei, find a free day or at least a couple of hours for the National Park, stock up on food, water to the maximum charge your cameras and phones, and go ahead in search of beautiful Instagram pictures!

8. Shifen Waterfall

shifen waterfall The Shifen waterfall is a twenty meters long and forty meters wide state reserve. Residents nicknamed it "Little Niagara" because of its certain resemblance to the famous waterfall. Its cascading structure embodies the water element's true beauty, which does not just flow down, but as if dancing his simple ballet. This place loves both Taipei people and any tourist who has ever seen this incredible treasure of nature. The waterfall is easy to reach; there is no need to look sideways or drive to it with many transfers. However, like any other waterfall, Shifen literally stuns with its roar of crashing water flows against the rock. The main feature of this Instagrammable place is the waterfall itself and the incredible nature around it. So stock up on earplugs, protect your phone or camera from splashes and go ahead for Instagrammable shots.

9. Shuangxi Park

taipei city It is a two-hectare park built-in 1974 in the Shilin district of Zhishan Street, one of the main attractions of which is the classic marble lions protecting the park's entrance gate. However, tourists most often visit Shuangxi to see the giant water lilies. The park has beautiful arched and zigzag bridges, well-groomed patios, and beautiful pergolas in Chinese style. Here everything is done according to the concept of Feng Shui. And despite its attractiveness, it is not particularly popular among tourists. Mostly Taipei people come here to relax from the hustle and bustle and walk along the beautiful, neat paths of the charming small park. However, as soon as the water lily blossoming season starts, the park will immediately fill up with tourists, photographers, bloggers, or just fans of beautiful photographs. And if you have the same opportunity, do not waste time and go to Shuangxi! If you want truly incredible and unusual Instagram photos for your profile on Instagram, the Taipei landscape, which creates water lilies at the peak of its flowering, will certainly surprise your subscribers.

10. Qianshan Park

amazing scenery It is a very quiet and peaceful park, located near the Yanminshan mountain road. Qianshan is very different from any other city park, but its special charm is pristine and clean. And although the park was once badly damaged by outdated structures and structures that had a strong impact on the environment, the park is ready to welcome visitors with pleasure after the restoration and work done. In addition to the magnificent nature and winding paths, there are foot hot springs, a couple of ponds, an unusual Taipei landscape, streams, arbors where you can relax, and just very beautiful scenery. If you are lucky enough to pass by Qianshan, don't forget to look here, take a little walk or just relax and capture a couple of highlights against the background of an incredibly beautiful park.

11. World Park 2/28

taipei night view The Memorial Park of Peace is a small but charming place. It has a long history, being founded in 1908 as the first European-style park in the center of the capital. Despite its simplicity and irresistibility, a park is still a memorial place with a history of terrible events. In any case, it is an obligatory place for all tourists to visit. But although the history of this place is very sad, it still remains one of Taipei's fascinating assets. This park is beautiful both day and night due to its consecration, which recreates a magical, even mystical atmosphere. Here you will find beautiful landscapes against the background of the river and delightful buildings in the classic oriental style. Beautiful Instagram photos can be taken here, taking a variety of angles. If your guide will include a stop in Peace Park, be sure to take some time to do some photoshoots.

12. Night Taipei

taipei night Separately, I would like to highlight the splendor and beauty of the capital city in the evening and at night. Many fluorescent signs, lights, burning buildings, and illuminated billboards, car headlights, and scooters turn an ordinary Taiwanese city into a real fascinating fairy tale. Just walking through an endless number of lighted streets, you can recreate interesting photos for your profile on Instagram. Not everyone who hears the name of the capital of Taiwan can imagine where is Taipei and what Instagrammable places it hides in itself. However, having got acquainted with it a little, having seen at least a part of its beauty, one wants to come back again and again and discover more and more charming and incredible Instagrammable places. He is rich in history; every corner is filled with some magic or even mysticism. Walking through this city's streets, you will discover many new things because this is a very special city with original architecture, incredible nature, and its own captivating authenticity. Taipei has absorbed most of the Chinese traditions. After spending only a couple of days here, you will soon forget the atmosphere of this city and will likely come back, again and again, either for new beautiful views or to get to know the island Taiwan culture.

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