12 Instagrammable places in Bodrum

Polina Katorzhina06 March 20213879 views10 min. read
12 Instagrammable places in Bodrum
Instagram users, places in Bodrum. Are you wondering where is Bodrum? This city's location on the Aegean Sea coast makes it the best place for travellers who want to leave the most exotic photos in their ribbon. You have no idea how difficult it is to choose the most unique and memorable places in the city or on the whole Peninsula, because you want to see, take pictures everywhere and at once? How to stand out among thousands of beach photos with the sun on your palm, which are placed every day? Where to take Instagrammable pictures in Bodrum? How to choose Bodrum tours what to see, so you don't miss anything?  To take great photos, you need to know the most Instagrammable places in Bodrum and visit them. Some of them are aimed exclusively at nature, while others reflect the spirit of Aegean culture. There is the right choice of beaches, both public and secret, worth thinking about because there are a unique atmosphere and flora. I will be happy to reveal some secrets of a great and memorable vacation in Bodrum.

1. Bitez Bay

Make great photos of the coast. Bitez Bay, located about 15 minutes from where is Bodrum located. This southwestern neighbourhood is more peaceful as if another Turkey. That is why it is a great place to recover your strength and emotional foundation. It has white sand, shallow beaches, and much fewer people than usual at the marinas of Bodrum. Conclusion: we take more most liked Instagram photos! The main attractive detail is an incredibly picturesque road, which stretches along the coastline. Your walk along the Bitez bay will be full of diverse flora and spectacular views. You will have a lot of fun choosing the bumps, filters and inscriptions for your stories. A particular pleasure is to put the geoposition "Turkey". Tip for a wonderful (and private) shooting - think about coming here at dawn.

2. Akvaryum Koyu Beach

bodrum aquarium To this place is a picturesque road on the bay of Bitez. I do not know another area that is more like paradise. At first, you'll think it's a mirage - it's a beautiful turquoise colour, from which you will run out of words and take your breath away. Tip - bring your beach accessories, such as blankets and umbrellas, because there is almost nothing here, only untouched nature. I assure you, you will stay here very much because pure crystal water and beckons you to stay here longer. In this place, the photocards are incredibly beautiful and fascinating, so even the filters on Instagram will not be needed to get thousands of likes and comments.

3. A red beacon in Turgutreis

sunset at lighthouse For a truly magical sunset, I recommend Turgutreis Wharf, which is ideal for quiet evening photoshoots and great night shots worthy of Instagram. It only takes a few minutes to get to the end of the Peninsula, but the charming atmosphere is worth a dip in its head. There are cute street cafes and small Bodrum restaurants, so fans of food content will like it here. Like a cherry on a cake, and the zest of this place is a striking red lighthouse standing right on the horizon. At sunset, it is impossible to describe this spectacle in words. This small yacht club is a great place to visit and stay at weekends, but even if you came just for a photoshoot, I'm sure you won't be disappointed. Turkey is in this place, will reveal itself to you from a completely different side.

4. Central Bodrum Beach

central city beach Come to Bodrum beach to enjoy Turkish life's lively atmosphere and capture the hustle and bustle of city residents on the beach. The sun loungers along the coast are perfect for posing, and all the services of the local bars are available for tourists. Of course, there will be more visitors on this beach than on other sandy places, as there are more locals than tourists, but if you need to take some amateur Instagram photos, this location is ideal. What could be better than a large cocktail on the close-up and you at sunset? With the ever-changing light and long sandy beach, which you want to walk endlessly, you can spend the whole day just shooting everything that happens on video. Not the wrong way to spend a day in Bodrum.

5. Gumusluk Harbor

gumusluk bay Turkey presents us with a unique picturesque harbour with thin strips of sand, beach tables, and sunbeds. At first glance, nothing unusual; the beach is the same as the ones I listed before. However, it is not that simple... Be sure to stay here until late at night, because that is when the lights come on. Everywhere, glowing lights, garlands, candles, creating an inexpressible atmosphere and transferring this small island to another universe. Spectators of your forums, subscribers, and even Instagram bloggers will want to enjoy this spectacle.

6. St. Peter's Castle

castle St. Peter's Castle is one of the best places to visit in Bodrum. Slowly moving away from the picturesque species of nature, I want to show you another popular, among users Instagram, location, made by the hands of ancient people. It is so famous, St. Peter's Castle, or Bodrum Castle, that dozens of buses come to see it at once, so get there in the morning. Undoubtedly, any visitor to Bodrum should visit - the most outstanding sight of this city. The history of this place is as follows - the castle was built by the Rhodes Knights in the 16th century and partially restored from the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus remains. You can walk through the ruins and imagine what this place was like initially, and even pose for an excellent Insta-historical shot (Use hashtags!). Also, within the walls of St. Peter's Castle, there is the Museum of Underwater Archaeology, which presents works of art, found artefacts, and shipwrecks. They allow visitors to go back in time to the worlds of those ancient sailors who set out to meet their destiny at the bottom of the Aegean Sea. Tip - when travel agents offer you tours to Bodrum, immediately ask if they can add a visit to the castle because most often, they do it much cheaper than near the court. And please never forget to check Turkey visa requirements for your nationality.

7. Bodrum Windmills

windmills of bodrum  A refreshing trip to the windmills of Bodrum will allow you to stretch your legs and find one of the magnificent Instagrammable places on the Turkish Peninsula. This location is far from other Bodrum's attractions and surroundings, and the mills stand in blissful silence above the harbour. Runaway from the city noise and linger among the ghosts of long-gone time. Abandoned buildings envelop you in a massive, nostalgic atmosphere, allowing you to get away from city life for a few moments. You can, of course, spend more time on the beach or in a bar, but then it will be nice to remember moments of peace in the windmills of Bodrum. Not far from here, there are also beaches and harbours, so if you get hungry, you can easily find a cafe or mini-restaurant nearby.

8. Bardakci Cove

bardakci Bardakci Cove is a stunning part of the Turkish coast, where you can not only laze in the sand but also see many sea creatures, ride the waves, and even take a photo or cool action video underwater. It is an ideal place for snorkelling enthusiasts or those who want to immerse themselves in the world of colourful fish living in the area. Do not forget the waterproof case for your phone or the action camera. Bardakci Cove is a small bay with a sandy beach closest to the city centre. It has perfectly clean water and an Instagrammable view of Bodrum Castle. It is a tranquil and not crowded place for those who want to relax and see how the world goes. 

9. Yalikavak Marina

yalikavak marina Initially, Yalikavak was Bodrum's central fishing port, but now it is considered one of the most elite settlements on the Peninsula. It has berths for 450 luxurious yachts and many luxury Bodrum restaurants, stores, cafes and bars. There is something to distract from your life, riding a craft and entertain those who travel on foot. This area also has a large amphitheatre for 2500 seats, where music and art events are held and lunar cinema evenings on Wednesdays. Some Bodrum tours include a visit to this village. The VIP Village and Fishermen's Village are a combination of open spaces and narrow streets that help create a great synergy of the luxury of the new world and the charm of the old world.

10. Bodrum Bazaar

souvenirs shop You can buy many local trinkets and delicacies at Bodrum Bazaar, and they are all waiting for you to come and buy them. We spent a lot of time in one of the seemingly endless kiosks with Rahat Lokum. Although the bazaar lighting conditions are very harsh and changeable, I think that photographers have something to shoot here (full of old buildings and small streets). However, do not forget about the food! Food bloggers will be delighted with so many different dishes. It is simply impossible not to get hungry between shootings, so I recommend the restaurant "Blanca" with an Instagrammable view of the water.

11. Theatre of ancient times

theatre of ancient times Tip - before you arrive, make sure that this place is open (you can check everything on the site and the phone), be in time before 5.30 pm because I did not get in a couple of times for this reason. The theatre itself is another teleportation in ancient times when there were gladiators and kings ruled.

12. Snow-white terraces of Pamukkale

pamukkale Technically, Pamukkale is not in the city itself but is one of Turkey's most visited Instagrammable places, it costs 4 hours drive from where Bodrum is. My advice is to leave at 5 am or earlier (if you plan to return on the same day) or better yet, plan and spend the night near travertine terraces so you can arrive early and avoid crowds. However, suppose you are limited in time (like me, during my trip). In that case, the plan for this place is to get there, take off the terraces, swim in the Antique Pool, and do not forget to take Turkish ice cream at the exit (if you are interested in trying this local delicacy of goat milk) and by evening we will get back. Do not be afraid of the crowd or loss of time because this place is worth it. And also, be prepared to walk barefoot. The game is clearly worth the candle! bodrum Bodrum is one of the most attractive places I have ever visited. I enjoyed walking through all the streets and famous sites, trying the food, and taking pictures. And this is just a small part of what the city has to offer. I had high hopes for Bodrum, and in the end, I loved it even more than I expected! I hope you, like me, have discovered many places to take the most liked Instagram photos in Bodrum. I hope you liked this post and you will visit the most Instagrammable places to visit in Bodrum, and you can take some pretty epic photos when you visit Turkey! Do not be afraid to travel, let alone take a picture and exhibit it on Instagram. You will be surprised at how much the audience response can be, and in a couple of years, you will be happy to remember those divine moments in the journey.

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