12 Instagrammable places in Bratislava

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12 Instagrammable places in Bratislava
capital of Slovakia is clearly inferior in scale to its famous neighbors-Vienna, Prague and Budapest. But you can also find many interesting sights in Bratislava. They are located almost all in the historical center of the city. Like the whole of Slovakia, it is quite compact, but, nevertheless, very Instagrammable. Three to four hours of walking will be enough to get around all the instagrammable places in Bratislava. Let's walk together through the ancient streets of the city and find out where you can take pictures and what to see in Bratislava.

Where is Bratislava located?

aerial view of bratislava Slovakia is a small country located in the center of Europe. Its capital, the city of Bratislava, is located on the Danube River, near the western border of the state. It is probably the only capital in the world that directly borders two other countries-Austria and Hungary. Vienna, the capital of Austria, is just an hour away by train from Bratislava. Many travelers try to visit both cities in the same trip. This is convenient. Prices in Slovakia are lower than in Austria. And it's easier and cheaper to fly here. You can come first to Bratislava, see it in one day, take pictures in all insta-locations, and then go to Vienna for a few days. After all, there is clearly no way to manage it in 1 day.

What to see in Bratislava?

bratislava castle Knowing where is Bratislava located, you can be sure that this city, located at the intersection of the borders of several states, has a long and stormy history. In different years, the Roman Empire, Moravia, Hungary, Austria, Czechoslovakia and, finally, Slovakia ruled here. Bratislava has changed its name many times – the city was called Presporok, Pressburg, Pozhon, Istropolis. At one time, Bratislava was even the capital of the Kingdom of Hungary and the place of the coronation of Hungarian kings. It was only in 1919 that Bratislava received its present name, and in 1993 it became the capital of Slovakia. What to see in Bratislava first? It has a cozy and compact old town with its fortress towers and Slovakia churches, a brand new restored castle located on a high mountain, a dilapidated fortress Devin, the Danube River embankment, a Slovak theater, a zoo and the remains of socialist architecture.

Best Instagrammable places in Bratislava

In search of a place to take most liked Instagram photos in Bratislava, let's start with the historical center of the city, walk through the local architectural attractions, visit colorful restaurants and cafes, find original sculptures, go to the Danube River and the castle on a high mountain, explore the surrounding area.

1. Michalska Street and the city gate

michalska street Michalska (Michalska) is the main street of the city, the first information about it dates back to the 14th century. It was named after the nearby Mikhailovsky Gate of the same name. In turn, the gate was named after the church of St. Michael, which is located right in front of the entrance to the city. We will not photograph the street itself, but the building of the Mikhailovsky Gate (Michalska brana). This is the only one of the four city fortress entrance structures that have survived to this day. Near them you can also see a fragment of the former fortress moat with a bridge thrown over it. The Mikhailovsky Gate is massive, medieval. They are the hallmark of the city.

2. View from the Mikhailovskaya Tower to the city

mikhailovskaya fortress Above the Mikhailovsky Gate is the fortress tower of the same name. It once housed the main entrance checkpoint of the city. The tower is almost the only well-preserved fragment of the fortifications of Bratislava. Now there is a museum of medieval weapons, the entrance to which is paid. After buying a ticket, you can climb to the sixth floor of the tower, which offers a beautiful and Instagrammable view of the medieval center of Bratislava and the nearby castle. A picture from here for Instagram is just a must!

3. Bastova Street

michaels gate tower Bashtova Street is located near the Mikhailovsky Gate. It was built next to the defensive structures of the city, where there were many towers, hence it got its name. Bashtova is the narrowest street in Bratislava. Its width is just a couple of meters. This street has preserved the medieval spirit of the city, its pavement is lined with large paving stones, and the facades of the buildings are almost never restored. A special charm of the street is given by a number of arches of unusual shape. This is one of the most authentic streets in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia.

4. Kapitulskaya streets

kapitulskaya street These are two small streets located in the area of the church and the monastery of Clarisok. There are a lot of old medieval abandoned buildings, and the Klarisok Church itself is a real Gothic, of which there are not so many left in Bratislava. Previously, there was a convent and lived Clarisca - nuns of the Franciscan Order. If you wander around the monastery, you can take some interesting Instagram pictures that convey the gloomy medieval spirit of the city.

5. The Old Town Hall and the Main Square of the city

main square In the area of the Main Square of Bratislava, you can take several most liked Instagram photos at once. Here is the Old Town Hall of the city, which has two equivalent facades facing two city squares at the same time. One facade of the building looks at the Main Square, the second – on the Primacial. The old Town Hall is not a single structure, it is a whole complex of completely different buildings. This is explained by the fact that the Town Hall was built gradually, buying out neighboring plots and houses and combining them into one complex. As a result, the modern town Hall building is a mixture of different styles. Its tower dates from the 13th century and was built in the Gothic style. The additions to the tower were added in the 15th-18th century and have Renaissance and Baroque elements. The more modern wing of the building, which appeared in the early 20th century, combines Neo-Gothic and Neo-Renaissance styles. The whole complex looks quite unusual. It is best to photograph the town hall from the side of Primacial Square – it is from there that you will see the elegant roof of the building, laid out with colorful mosaics. From the side of the Main Square, you can take a good photo of the general plan, where in addition to the town hall, you can see the Roland Fountain and the rich facades of palaces and buildings facing the central square of the city.

6. Cafe Mayer

This old Viennese-style cafe is located near the Town Hall, on the Main Square of the city. It was opened back in 1913, but even today the interior interiors of the institution continue to retain their former chic and elegant decoration. The building where the cafe is located in a former palace built in the Baroque style in the 18th century. And the cafe got its name from the name of its chief pastry chef – Julia Mayer, who supplied her products to the Emperor of Austria-Hungary. The modern interior halls of the cafe remind us of the luxury of the bohemian places of the 19th century, the waiters are dressed in national costumes. If you want beautiful most liked Instagram photos in luxurious interiors – then you should definitely look here.

7. Monument to Chumil

chumil monument This is probably the most famous monument in Bratislava. It was created in 1997. Chumila is translated from Slovak as onlooker, observer. This is a smiling, good-natured man who looks out from under the sewer manhole and looks at passers-by. The monument is quite small, it is easy to pass by it and not see it. Motorists also do not notice it, because of which Chumil was knocked off his head several times. Now near the monument, there is a warning road sign with the text "man at work". It is difficult to say what this monument symbolizes. According to one version, this is a tribute to the events of the Second World War, when many people were hiding from the bombing in the sewers. According to another more banal version, it is a monument to the plumber's profession. Now, this is quite a popular tourist location, which for good luck intensively rub Chumil's nose.

8. The Pink Garden Bratislava

pink garden The Rose Garden is an unusual creative pastry shop and cafe. The restaurant is located in the Old Town near Main Square, on Laurinska Street, next to the monument to Chumil. The cafe is decorated in soft pink tones. Decors, flowers, and teddy bears are everywhere. Artificial flowers and trees adorn even the facade of the building. Everything looks stylish and looks amazing in the Instagram photos. But you shouldn't order food and desserts here. The place is always crowded, and the food and drinks are pretty mediocre. The main advantage of this location is the original design.

9. Postal monument

monument Another unusual monument in Bratislava is located on Pochtovaya Street. Previously, this place was the outskirts of the Old City and the poor lived here. And the street got its name from the post office located here. Today, Postal Street is a wide pedestrian promenade, decorated with numerous monuments on the postal theme. We advise you to take a photo against the background of the modern original work of the sculptor Ladislav Szabo. This is a composition of two girls resting near the mailbox, after riding on a skateboard. One of the girls is sitting on top of the mailbox, and her friend is perched next to her. The mailbox itself is a real worker - here you can take a good photo by throwing a postcard or letter into the mailbox.

10. St. Elizabeth's Church (Kostol svatej Alzbety)

blue church This romantic church of light blue color clearly does not fit into the architectural style of Bratislava. It rather resembles the work of the famous Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi, whose buildings delight tourists visiting Barcelona. The Church of St. Elizabeth was built in the style of the Viennese Secession in the early twentieth century near the Old Bridge over the Danube. According to one version, this church is a tribute to the memory of Empress Sisi, the wife of the Emperor of Austria – Hungary Franz Joseph, who died at the hands of a terrorist in 1898. The building has an unusual facade, decorated with many small details. The romantic church is very popular among Slovak newlyweds who celebrate their weddings there. By the way, it is this church that represents Bratislava in the famous Brussels Miniature Park.

11. The Church of the Trinitarians (Kostol Trinitarov)

church of the trinity This church differs from other Slovakia churches in that it has an original concave facade. It was built in the Baroque style in the 18th century as part of the construction of a large monastery complex belonging to the monks of the Order of Trinitarians. The full name of the church is the Cathedral of Saints John de Mat and Felix of Valois. It is believed that the architects of the building were inspired by the Church of St. Peter in Vienna, although the two buildings only vaguely resemble each other. As a church, this building did not last long, and soon after the construction was completed, the Austro-Hungarian authorities closed the monastery, and its buildings were transferred for administrative purposes. In the twentieth century, the church was the seat of the Slovak National Council, which twice declared the independence of Slovakia in this building.

12. Bratislava Castle (Bratislava hrad)

bratislava castle The majestic white castle towering over the city center – Bratislava Castle – completes our list of Instagrammable places in Bratislava. The castle itself is not particularly valuable, as it is a new model of the twentieth century, because the original building completely burned down in 1811. But we will not photograph the castle, but the Danube River and the panorama of the city from the observation deck located on the top of the hill at the main entrance to the city. From here you can clearly see the city, the Danube River embankment, and the New Bridge – the most Instagrammable of the modern buildings of the city. In search of a good shot in Bratislava, you can quite spend the whole day.This is a very contrasting city, which is not as touristy and well-groomed as Prague or Vienna, but has its own special charm. And if fate brings you here-take the opportunity to capture its beauty. And where to make beautiful Instagram photos of Bratislava, you already know.

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