9 cities to travel alongside the Danube

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9 cities to travel alongside the Danube
Europe, you will most certainly cross the Danube river. While planning your trip, the first thing to google is "where is the Danube river" search. Yes, Blue Danube is the second largest river in Europe, and certainly, the Viking river cruise Danube is the preferable tourist activity. Danube delta starts in Germany and connects 10 countries. Budapest, Vienna, and Munich are just a few well-known cities along the Danube river. The Danube symbolises cultural empowerment, and this river ties the Roman empire to today's countries with many historical bonds. In cities along the Danube river, astonishing scenery emerges. It's no wonder that strolling along the Danube valley is a favourite outdoor activity for citizens and tourists. This river is a powerful water transportation method and place for tourist attractions.

1. Munich - The Heart of Bavaria

danube river Munich is the capital of Bavaria state and one of the historically wealthiest cities. Munich carries the cultural heritage of Dutch people. Being amazed by the museum-rich city, Danube Cruise serves people from time to time. Although the city is far from the Danube Delta, the river scenery is just amazing. If you ask a Municher when is the best time to travel the Danube river, they would undoubtedly say mid-summer. You can enjoy seeing the city and Danube Cruise with affordable prices.

2. Vienna - Rich Culture and History

vienna This city is the capital of Austria and also the cultural centre of Europe. It is one of the main cities on the Danube. A culturally rich city welcomes visitors with opera halls and museums. The Danube river separates the city into two unequal parts. There are gardens and parks alongside the river, which makes this place more soulful. If you are a tourist in Vienna, you will probably benefit from the Danube cruise in the city. Travelling along with the city, seeing city attractions, and enjoying the trip cannot be avoided. Vienna is also the most preferred capital to live in all of Europe. Are you travelling to Vienna without having a river tour to Budapest? A bad idea. You have to try Vienna to Budapest travel Danube river trip. 

3. Colourful City Passau

passau Passau is a German city and mostly covered with forests and gardens. Inn, Ilz rivers join the Danube river and flow across this city. The cross-section of these rivers with the Danube river is the "spot from heaven." This city has a history of war. Even today, some factories produce war weapons. Why visit Passau? The most preferred experience in Passau is the trip from Cesky Krumlov to Passau. This way is moving alongside the Czech Republic and Germany. The river flows all around the city. Visitors choose Viking river cruise Danube to Passau. 

4. Budapest - the most populous city of Hungary

szechenyi chain bridge Sites of Budapest located around the Danube valley are on the UNESCO heritage list. People of Budapest, the Hungarian capital, call the river the Blue Danube. The Chain Bridge is the main attraction that is on the river. At night, a shining bridge attracts people from far away. Another breathtaking activity in Vienna to Budapest travel Danube river cruise, which attracts many visitors. Budapest earns most of its income from tourism. The city architecture is like a composition of neo-Gothic, Baroque, and Romantic styles, every street seems like a piece of art. The magical question that brings most of Budapest income is "where is the Danube river." Almost every tourist wants to enjoy Vienna to Budapest travel Danube river, which is cheaper and more adventurous.  Annually, 12 million tourists come to Budapest. Around August, the best time to travel the Danube river, the city is full of tourists. The city owns several universities, which makes it a more vibrating place. 

5. Bratislava - historic city of Slovakia

bratislava The capital of Slovakia is located on the shore of the river. Like its counterparts, the river brings many people and plays an essential role in the country's tourism. It is a relatively small city, almost at the heart of Europe. The city hosts the National History Museum and Museum of Jewish Culture and many more by representing a colourful historical and cultural background.  The city is covered with forests, so it is a marvellous spot for hiking and cycling. The city has strategic importance. It is almost on the way from Vienna to Budapest travel Danube river. Danube Cruise is at the top of the "to do" list of Bratislava guests. The city combines old and modern architectural heritage. Most of them settled around the Danube river.  

6. White City Belgrade

belgrade The blue Danube crosses from Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. Whenever you search for cities on the Danube, Belgrade comes to mind. In the past, when Yugoslavia was existing, the town was mostly populated and preferred to live. The climate of Belgrade is humid subtropical with mild winters. Many would argue that there is not the best time to travel the Danube river in Belgrade because, in every season, there are magnificent sightseeings to see. If you are going to visit Belgrade this fall, take a to-go list with you. Don't forget to visit Knez Mihailova Street. The street has magnificent buildings on both sides. Most of the Danube river visitors pay a visit to the Belgrade fortress. It is an ancient construction covered by large greenery area. Belgrade is located at the confluence of the Danube and Sava rivers, and you can observe this magnificent view from the fortress.

7. Vylkove - city on the water

vylkove city It is a Ukrainian city on the shore of Danube river. Before mentioning the town, it is good to note that Ukraine is full of natural wonders. The country's climate is milder than the deeper parts of Europe. Vast beaches along rivers and the Black Sea make Ukraine the most favourite tourist destination in Europe. Vylkove is one of the hidden cities on the Danube. The town has many islands on the Danube valley, and most of them are human-made. Many call Vylkove Venice of Ukraine because of the canals. Zero Kilometre is another place around Vylkove. Danube Delta is a place where it flows to the Black Sea, and that place is Zero Kilometer. The delta of Danube is muddy, so the sea changes its colour to brownish green in that area. The transfer from the Danube River to the Black sea is high in biodiversity. Vylkove has more bird species than the whole of Ukraine. Here we need to mention that this place is a little bit hard to reach. The road is bumpy, and going there from Odessa requires a lot of effort and patience. We wish you patience and a great experience Vylkove - one of the most beautiful cities along the Danube river

8. Vukovar, the second-largest city of Croatia

danube The second-largest city of Croatia is Vukovar. The river Vuka flows to the Danube in this city. The city was a part of several countries throughout history, including the Slavic countries under the Ottoman Empire's rule. The city population is mostly Serbo-Croatian. Both ethnicities have roughly the same number of members in the city. Most of the community went to war in the Balkans and settled places they moved. Relative to other onshore counterparts, Vukovar's architectural elegance is not well-known. Franciscan Monastery, Nicholas Cathedral, and Vucedol favourite parts of the city. This place has archaeological significance and attracts many historians every year. Celtic culture still withstands in the region. Probably that is the reason Vuko river cruise Danube is famous in the city. 

9. Ruse, Bulgaria's most aristocratic city

white swan on water Last but not least, the Bulgarian city Ruse is situated alongside the Danube. One of the famous tourist destinations, Ruse, is also one of the Danube river cities. On the right-wing of the Danube, the town is neighbour with Romanian Giurgiu city on the left. The Friendship bridge connects two cities. Picturesque view of the city is supported by terraces and islands, which later connected to the mainland. The Danube valley expands 11 km along the river and has a border with Srabcheto hill on the west city. The city's cultural heritage is vast and combines evangelical churches, mosques, museums, opera halls, and libraries. Zahari Stoyanov museum is a place of collection of the writer. He was a revolutionary writer who lived in the city, and his works became a driving role for connecting Bulgaria. trees across water The infrastructure of the city makes the city a railway hub in northern Bulgaria. The very first railway in Bulgaria was opened to Varna.  Whenever a traveller asks, "where is the Danube river" you can say everywhere in Europe.

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