12 Instagrammable places in Brazzaville

12 Instagrammable places in Brazzaville

Jamila Farman03 December 20201206 views8 min. read
12 Instagrammable places in Brazzaville
Where is Brazzaville? We already know from Geography lessons that the longest river in Africa is the Nile, and the second-longest river is the Congo river. Another interesting fact is that the Congo River is the deepest river in the world. It is no coincidence that on a continent with a dry climate like Africa, most people prefer to live by the rivers. One of these cities is Brazzaville, the capital and largest city of the Republic of the Congo, which has the same name as the Congo River. Today we will talk about Brazzaville - is it safe to travel to Brazzaville, sightseeing places to visit in Brazzaville Congo for most-liked Instagram posts and so on. republic of congo flag Before switching most-liked Instagram posts of Brazzaville, let's learn more about this city and Congo. So, where is Brazzaville, Congo? The Republic of Congo is located in West Africa, on the coast of the South Atlantic Ocean. It borders Gabon in the west, Cameroon and the Central African Republic in the north, Democratic Republic of Congo in the west and south-west, and Angola in the south. Economy of the Congo Republic economy is not one-sided. Agriculture, handicraft industry, forestry and oil industry are important sources of income. The population of the country is more than 5 million with 2018 figures. The most important cities are Brazzaville and Pointe-Noire. The official language is French. But there are 62 spoken languages.  Since the country is located at the equator, the humidity and temperature are constant throughout the year. Temperature and precipitation are high. The whole year is rainy. The average temperature throughout the year is between 21-27 degrees. For those who will visit the country, it is recommended to go in January-February and June-September, in the months when it is less rainy.

Is it safe to travel to Brazzaville Congo?

brazzaville security Although Brazzaville, one of the most important centres of Africa, is considered safer than other African cities, it is useful to be very careful while travelling. During your trip, it is recommended that you do not go out after a certain hour at night, do not engage in an activity that will endanger your safety, and do not use credit cards for security purposes but use cash instead. So, let’s move to the 12 Instagrammable places in Brazzaville.

1. Basilica of Saint Anna of the Congo

basilica of saint anna of the congo One of the most interesting places to visit in Congo Brazzaville is Basilique Sainte Anne which is one of the oldest temples in the region. Basilique Sainte Anne is a typical French architecture. The construction of Basilique began in 1943 by french architect Roger Erell, was damaged during the civil war time in Brazzaville, in the 1990s, and restoration works began in 2000s, but it was finished in 2011 for various reasons. The Basilique, which is one of the most famous and visited places in the city, witnesses very crowded views every year.

2. Nabemba Tower

brazzaville building The other name of Tour Nabemba is the Elf tower. And it is one of the most touristic places in the city. Unlike the Basilica Sainte Anne, it took 3 years to build and finished earlier than planned. Nabemba Tower is named after Mount Nabemba, the highest mountain in the Republic of Congo. The height of the mountain is 1020 meters. It is no coincidence that the tower is the tallest building in the city. Its height is 106 meters and has 30 floors of interior architecture. One of the interesting facts is that the tower is among the ugliest skyscrapers in the world. What do you think about it?

3. Congo River Rapids

congo river Les Rapids is one of the Instagrammable places in Brazzaville. It is about 2 kilometres away from Brazzaville city centre and is one of the wonders of the world. Located in the northeast of the city, Congo River Rapids is the centre of many water sports today. You can try rafting, which is the most famous water sports here. The Congo river rapids, where you can walk, do sports, and have a picnic, will take you to other places with the sound of the water.

4. Mami Wata Beach

mami wata beach Brazzaville beach is distinguished by its uniqueness. As Brazzaville is not a coastal city, therefore, the beaches here are not by the sea, but by the river. The most famous of them is Mami Wata Beach, Brazzaville. Here you can also eat delicious food from local and international kitchens, join activities organized by the river. In addition, I would like to note that the evening scene here is completely different. You can see the magnificent view of the bridge connecting Brazzaville to Kinshasa, decorated with lights.

5. Brazzaville - Kinshasa Bridge

kinshasa bridge Speaking of the bridge, I would like to say that the bridge connecting Brazzaville to Kinshasa is one of the most important symbols of the city. Kinshasa is the capital of the Congo Democratic Republic, and these two cities are the closest capital cities in the world. Therefore, the importance of the bridge is not limited to the touristic landscape but also plays an important role in economic relations between the two countries. The bridge was opened to the public in 2016. The Republic of the Congo gained independence on August 15, 1960. In honour of this day, another name of the bridge is August 15th Bridge or Independence Bridge.

6. Loufoulakari Waterfalls

loufoulakari waterfalls After beaches in Brazzaville, the second must-see place in the Congo Republic is Loufoulakari Waterfalls. Although the waterfalls are located 80 kilometres from the centre of Brazzaville, it is impossible to finish the journey without seeing them. This region, one of the most famous places in Congo, opens its doors to visitors from many parts of the world every year. The Loufoulakari waterfalls, located at the confluence of the Loufoulakari and the Congo rivers with the forested areas around, no doubt is one of the instagrammable places to visit in Brazzaville Congo. You can see the wildlife of Congo closely here. Especially if you are coming from a crowded city, this place will make you highly motivated to start your job after spending time in Brazzaville.

7. Marche Plateau Ville

brazzaville market Marche Plateau Ville is one of the best shopping places in the city, which must be visited by shopping enthusiasts. Especially if you want to buy yourself or your friends different kinds of jewellery, handcrafted bags, and souvenirs from Brazzaville, Congo, you should definitely stop by here. 

8. Poto Poto Painting School

painting school It is not a coincidence that photos taken in Poto Poto Painting School are among the most liked Instagram posts in Brazzaville. Here is one of the most beautiful places in the city. The school was founded in 1951 and has become the most important and modern art school in Africa today. It hosts students from many different parts of the world. You can buy many different works of students. The income provided from the sales helps the development of the school.

9. The Sacred Heart Cathedral

cathedral The Sacred Heart Cathedral was built in 1892. It is among the most fascinating and magnificent buildings in the city. This building, which is of great religious importance, has a very authentic structure. The nostalgic looking cathedral was built using tiles, stones, and wood. You can also visit this awesome building in Brazzaville. You do not need to pay a fee for entrance.

10. Palais da Peuple

palais da peuple Palais de Peuple, one of the most important political centres of the city, is known as the presidency in the city. Palais de Peuple, "the palace of the people", was built in 1901. The palace, which is very aesthetic for its time, is one of the most important architectural works of the French colonial period.

11. Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza 

pierre savorgnan de brazza Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza monument is one of the most famous symbols in the city. Brazza, the French explorer and colonial governor, played an important role in the development of the city. I suggest you see this historical monument while you are in Brazzaville.

12. Marien Ngouabi Museum

marien ngouabi museum Another typical structure of the French colonial system is the museum named Marien Ngouabi. Ngouabi has been one of the city's most important soldiers and presidents between 1969 and 1977 years. Especially if you are interested in Congo history, it is recommended to visit this museum. The entrance is free of charge.


africa continent Africa is a continent of stereotypes. First, many people see the continent as a country. However, there are 54 independent countries in Africa. And when we get acquainted with them, we see that each of these countries has its own history, language and culture. One of the stereotypes is that all countries in Africa are poor. When you spend time in Brazzaville, you see that this is not the case. Brazzaville hosts tourists from many parts of the world every year. You will gain a lot if you stay away from stereotypes and try to get to know where is Brazzaville. I recommend you to make your holiday plan for Africa as soon as possible and visit Brazzaville. Brazzaville will amaze you with its colourful atmosphere and wild nature.

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