12 Instagrammable places in Brescia

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12 Instagrammable places in Brescia
Italy visa, travel to Brescia is probably not the first thing that pops into your mind, right? A more common reaction would be: where is Brescia? But that is why I am here - to give you some insights and tell a story of Brescia through a list of very picturesque, very Instagrammable places that you should definitely visit and experience on your own skin. And who knows - maybe you go there, absolutely love it and create your most liked Instagram photo too! Likely, you don’t know much about this small city in Northern Italy, and it makes sense. It is not Rome or Venice, but it does have a lot to offer. Generally, Brescia can be considered a great destination for any nature lover and people who would want to get to know a more authentic flavour of Italy. That is also probably the main reason most people travel to Brescia - to visit one of the beautiful but different lakes (Garda, Idro, Iseo) or three breathtaking valleys (Camonica, Sabbia, Trompia). Endless hiking or cycling trails, the historic charm of the city itself, and the mouthwatering local Italian dishes to treat your senses. Sounds great for some very needed downtime, doesn’t it? To help you get an impression - here are some more and less busy tourist places in Brescia Italy as well as the area.

1. Feel royal in Teatro Grande di Brescia

opera house Teatro Grande di Brescia is a place where you will be able to fulfil all your royal Insta-wishes. This breathtaking landmark is the main event venue in Brescia and continuously hosts both classical and modern productions of arts. You can also just go there for an excursion or get a drink in the bar (open on weekends) for a chance to get a very precious photo. If you are also a classical music fan, you might plan a visit to the International Piano Festival of Brescia and Bergamo, which takes place each spring in this beautiful theatre. After all, this is one of the world’s main piano events!

2. A photo worth a million stars in Museo di Santa Giulia

monastery of santa giulia And I meant it literally! This museum is the main one in Brescia and houses a collection of impressive archaeological finds as well as an array of artefacts telling the story of this city throughout the centuries. But even more importantly - there is a church in the museum that will catch the eye of your camera and of your followers too. It is the fresco on the inside of the dome of the Church of Santa Maria in Solario painted as the whole universe with the sun in the centre. If you want to catch a great snap, get a photo with the beautiful hall and the stars on the blue background as a statement!

3. A historic chance of fancy car snaps at Mille Miglia

historic mille miglia Even though it is not a particular place, but an event, it is so worth visiting Brescia for! Historically it was a car race and was held from 1927 until 1957, but then it was reborn as a race for especially historic cars in 1977. Each year from then, it gathers around 400 cars carefully selected by a commission of connoisseurs. No vehicles built after 1957 are allowed! If you fancy an image of you with a historic Alpha Romeo (or maybe a lucky chance inside one of those?) - visit the event on your Insta-spree in Northern Italy!

4. Pristine calmness in the nature reserve of Torbiere del Sebino

torbiere del sebino Wooden paths floating over mirror-like waters of Lake Iseo is your best chance at getting likes from all those nature-savvy travellers on Instagram. These are actually wetlands, and the paths will bring you on a relaxing walk of about 9km. Great chance to air your head from all that city buzz, right? And while at it - don’t miss the epic views from Santuario Della Madonna Della Ceriola on the top of Monte Isola. This island in Iseo lake will literally blow your mind with the view of the lake on the foot of mountains reaching as far as the eye can reach.

5. Mountain gem of Limone Sul Garda

limone sul garda Okay, Lake Garda is so beautiful that it had to be on this list somewhere. Limone Sul Garda is a small town on the shore of this lake, enclosed by cliffs and the aura of the most charming corners of this world. It might be one of the most popular places to visit in Brescia Italy and the area, but the good thing is - still not too crowded! A moment of mountain stillness, a ride on a boat or angles with vivid flowers growing on the balconies of houses - your camera will love it!

6. Get active on the cycle-pedestrian track

bicycle path If you like more active holidays or want to catch the eye of those more active audiences on your Instagram, you should not miss the very photogenic track along Iseo Lake from Vello to Toline. Mountains, roads reaching into tunnels, and far-reaching views over the lake are just a few things you will be lucky to see there. My personal favourite is also one of the Instagram worthy photo spots: the Bogn di Castro Cliff.

7. A luxury treat in Centro Pastorale Paolo VI

If you are looking for a convenient hotel to be the star of your Insta-stories, look no further. This beautiful 17th-century building with original features and frescoes is located right in the centre of Brescia (great for exploring the city!) and will be an amazing location to relax, enjoy the beauty of life, and maybe even to get the most liked Instagram photo of yours!

8. Panoramic view from the Castle of Brescia

brescia castle This castle is one of the most central and most visited tourist places in Brescia Italy. And it totally makes sense - it is historic, it is central and has the best view over the rooftops as far as the eye can see. Get there and get some amazing shots in the sunset!

9. Bohemian snaps in Bohem La Stazione

Repurposing public spaces into something functional and not-so-usual is not a new trend anymore. And here you get a great example! This gem in the surroundings of Brescia is a train station converted into a florist/candy shop and a cafe. Expect loads of beauty, avant-garde, and eye candy. Yes, the pun was intended - get some candies on your camera and your belly too! The fancy furniture, the interior design as well as heaps of fresh flowers will be great objects to underline in your photography endeavours.

10. Fairytale on a lake in the Rocca Scaligera Castle

Lake Garda is really a well of photographic opportunities that never runs dry. One of the prettiest places, in my opinion, is exactly this 13th-century fortress that you can access on foot from the town of Sirmione. What’s special about this place is the fact that you can only walk on the walls of this fortress as the centre of the building is basically submerged under the water. There are several spots you will be able to catch really impressive moments. First, the view from the small harbour facing the entrance of the fortress then views from the walls over the lake. And if you are taking this literally, the next level, then the most spectacular drone shots could be done in this place. Just imagine - a lake of blue water surrounded by dramatic mountains and in the centre of that a peninsula with fortress surrounding its own small harbour! Epic? I say - definitely!

11. Get a real Italian coffee in Piazza del Duomo

espresso Italy is famous for its coffee, and you better have at least one Instagram post about this! This square overlooking the beautiful Cathedral or Duomo of Brescia is home to many cosy cafes and also one of the very popular places to visit in Brescia Italy. While exploring the city on foot, plan a stop in this square, get a delicious espresso or cappuccino, and make some #instatravel pictures with the background of the surrounding historic buildings. Another treat typical of Northern Italy you might want to try is Hugo - a refreshing cocktail featuring elderflower cordial, lime and peppermints!

12. The streets of Brescia!

streets of brescia As simple as it gets. The most typical but also the most photogenic instagrammable buildings in the historic centre of this North Italian gem is what will get your like count going. Maybe the charm of Italy, maybe the colours that attract some instant attention... the point here is - go there, slow down and enjoy heaps of la dolce vita! Well, I hope now it is not only fully clear where is Brescia, but also that it is full of beautiful and, more importantly - Instagrammable places for you to discover and fall in love with. Travel to Italy should be about discovering all the various sides of it; therefore, just grab your phone or camera, put on some comfy hiking shoes and join for an unforgettable treat in Brescia!

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