12 Instagrammable places in Cairo

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12 Instagrammable places in Cairo
Egypt visa and travel to where it all began? Where is Cairo located? Cairo is Egypt. Egypt is Africa, one of its many countries located in the north of the continent. Part of Egypt is located in Asia, more precisely on the Sinai Peninsula. It is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea to the north and the Red Sea to the east. Next door are Libya, Israel, Sudan, and the Gaza Strip. Cairo is the capital of Egypt. A state within a state, built-in time. Located in place of Africa, where the Nile River, passing through a vast continent and 5 countries, ends its path, expanding, passes into the river delta, aiming at the Mediterranean Sea. Cairo closes the path of the river, being a kind of gate. Cairo is the largest city in Africa, with a population of more than 19 million people on the continent. This city combines both a modern metropolis and an ancient civilization, the largest economy in Africa with Asia and Europe. Cairo has a second name for the Diamond Button. Why is Cairo called the diamond button? Because of the location of Egypt, or rather Cairo. Imagine a shirt with the top button undone and the second button holding the open collar, and this button should be strong, see, it has a lot of stress. The city is located in the Nile River Delta, where the main industrial and agricultural capacities of Egypt are concentrated. And the city has a favorable economic and geographical position, so it is called the diamond button. And for another reason, Cairo has such a name: an overpopulated place, through which numerous trade routes pass, and in this case, "diamond" does not mean beautiful, but strong, durable.

With a camera in Cairo

camera Many and many of their trips are celebrated on Instagram. Indeed, this is a kind of diary, where the traveler leaves his notes in the form of a quick second, and sometimes measured photos, which, as a rule, turn out to be very lively and interesting both for himself and for other people on the eve of new trips in the footsteps of the photos taken on Instagram. It's hard to narrow it down to 12 Instagrammable places in Cairo, as there are many places in this amazing city. From the narrow streets to the great mosques, there is so much beauty in the city's scenery in the morning, afternoon, evening, and night that can be captured and preserved in the beautiful Instagram photos of Cairo. You are completely locked in here, in ancient and mysterious Egypt. So, where to take the most liked Instagram photos in Cairo.

1. The Citadel of Cairo

citadel of cairo The Citadel of Cairo is one of the best places to visit in Cairo. The citadel is located at the highest point of the city. It offers an Instagrammable panorama of the city from the powerful fortress walls. It is the main attraction of Cairo with museums, three mosques, including the mosque of Muhammad Ali. The citadel was built on the orders of Sultan Saladin, the ruler of Egypt, to protect the city of Cairo from the invasion of the Crusaders. The fortress can be divided into two parts: north and south. The northern part of the citadel, surrounded by massive walls and towers, had a military function, but the southern part was the residence of the rulers. The citadel includes many passages, staircases - a kind of quest.

3. Al-Azhar Park

al-azhar park Located in the heart of old Cairo. It occupies an area of 30 hectares of land with views of the city's Instagrammable landscape and the silhouette of the Muhammad Ali Mosque and the citadel in the background. Life here slows down, car horns and the hum of the city somewhere out there in the distance. This place can be called "the lungs of Cairo." Green in the middle of the desert, where more than seven hundred plants and trees, including fruit trees, are planted. Walk along the regular geometric alleys-elements of Islamic gardens-among small lakes and small hills. Here you can come to sit in a cafe, drink tea, there is no shortage of opportunities for photos. Another place where you can drink coffee and stare at people is Midan Hussein Square, considered the main square of Cairo. From the square stretch the main streets of the city, which is worth a walk and find something interesting for Instagram photos.

4. Manial Palace Museum

manial palace museum  Manial Palace Museum is one of the best Instagrammable places in Cairo. This palace is mixed with several styles of architecture: Ottoman, Moorish, Persian, and even European Rococo. It was built for Prince Mohammad Alli. This is a museum with a rich history, which houses five thematic exhibitions about the life of the prince and the luxury of those times. Elegant furniture, the prince's clothes, the rarest expensive carpets, no less exquisite porcelain, crystal, silverware, royal hunting trophies. And the Palace itself is surrounded by a spacious park surrounded by a high wall, which is now partially occupied as a hotel. It is planted with rare tropical plants brought by the prince from his many trips, his rich royal history. There are many former palaces and now museums to explore all over Egypt, especially in Cairo, the capital of Egypt. Thanks to the perfect interweaving of European and Islamic design, so much decadence to soak up!

5. The Fort of Babylon and the Hanging Church

hanging church This area is well preserved, despite the fact that some buildings are more than a thousand and a half years old. The walls of the tower, the residential buildings, the place itself is very atmospheric with centuries-old narrow streets of old stone worn by time, with the bizarre design of buildings in ancient Byzantine traditions, to which the local flavor is added, all this makes this place unlike anything else. By the way, among the few Coptic-Christian churches, the most famous is the Hanging Church, or the Church of the Virgin Mary, and is so named for its location above the gate of the once-existing, but partially preserved to this day, Babylonian Fortress. There are 29 steps leading to the church, which creates the appearance of its elevation above the ground.

6. The Mosque Of Muhammad Ali

mosque It is the most famous and Instagrammable mosque in Egypt. The mosque rises very effectively above the citadel, making the citadel more majestic. The thin needles of the minarets are visible from almost anywhere in Cairo. It is also known as the alabaster mosque. Inside, the mosque is composed of richly decorated details of alabaster slabs and mosaics. There is also a tower with a huge clock made of openwork copper, presented to Egypt by the French monarch in the middle of the XVIII century. Currently, the watch does not work, although it has been tried for many years.

7. Khan el-Khalili

khan el-khalili market Khan Al-Khalili Market is a real oriental bazaar with a maze of trade and craft shops in narrow streets on an area of 5000 square meters with its noise of lively trade, aromas of spices, a variety of colors, and, of course, the fascinating beauty of the east. Until now, it looks like a classic example of a real oriental bazaar. The market is located in the old Cairo district, near the Al-Hussein Mosque. There is something to buy as a souvenir, and, of course, there is something to photograph.

8. Cairo Tower

cairo tower The Cairo Tower is another place to take a photo for your Instagram. Here's a full 360-degree view. This is the tallest tower in Cairo, and in the world ranking, it ranks fourth. Located in a prestigious area of the city. And if you're lucky, on a clear and windless day, you can see the pyramids on the horizon. But on any other day, enjoy the bird's-eye view. The Cairo Tower is located in the famous Zamalek district - this is the respectable island of Gezira on the eastern bank of the Nile. A walk through the Zamalek district will delight you with modern, attractive buildings in various architectural styles. In this place, you can take the most liked Instagram photos of Cairo. Here are the most expensive hotels, the best restaurants, and bars, there are also casinos, various sports clubs of the European level. Interesting Cairo sights: The Cairo TV Tower is a real opportunity to look at Egypt and Cairo from a great height, there are palaces of the princes of Egypt. Visit the Museum of Modern Egyptian Art – it's a different Egypt, a different Cairo. Take a boat ride along the Nile, see the city from the river.

9. Egyptian Museum

egyptian museum Located in the center of Cairo on Tahrir Square, here is the largest repository of historical artifacts, to view the exhibits of the museum, it will take several years. It has everything from an ancient needle to mummies and celestial statues and the golden mask of Tutankhamun. But, perhaps, an unforgettable experience-this is still the hall of mummies, take your photos on mobile phones. And another pearl-a collection of objects from the tomb of Tutankhamun. In total, more than 3,500 items were discovered, half of which are on display in the museum's halls. At the end of an hour or two, a trip through the time of the Cairo Museum will leave a strong impression of Egypt and the history of this country. There's a lot to shoot here. But! Carefully.

10. Ibn Tulun Mosque

ibn tulun mosque Ibn Tulun Mosque is one of the best places to visit in Cairo. The interest of this place is that the mosque was built when Cairo itself was not yet there. About the end of the IX century. The present capital of Egypt then consisted of only a few buildings. The most interesting thing about the mosque is its architecture. The ladder for climbing up is not inside, as is customary, but outside. If you climb the tower, you can see all of Cairo from its height. Tourists do not visit this place often. This is a functioning temple, and strict rules must be observed here. Take off your shoes at the entrance, do not make noise, and do not interfere with people's prayers. It is quite quiet and peaceful here, which will certainly affect the understanding of the atmosphere of Egypt. And again, you need to take the most liked Instagram photos very carefully.

11. Gayer-Anderson Museum

gayer-anderson museum Gayer-Anderson Museum is interesting because it presents a collection of the lives of rich people during the Ottoman rule. The museum is well decorated with furniture of the time, carpets, and various curiosities belonging to the owner. For fans of weapons, there is something to see and take pictures of. Here are collections of pistols and swords from the Ottoman era. In addition, there is an interesting gallery of photos and drawings. The museum is located on the east bank of the old town river. This is a complex of two residential buildings built in 1540 and 1631, owned by a British officer, after whom the museum was named.

12. The Great Pyramids and the Sphinx

pyramids What is a visit to Egypt without the Pyramids and the Sphinx at the end of the trip? And while you are in Cairo, you need to get there and, so to speak, take a picture and say hello to the Sphinx. Here you can take pictures everywhere. You can really get creative with your most liked Instagram photos.


photographer We must not forget that if you are shooting with photographic equipment, then in Egypt, it is forbidden to shoot military facilities, bridges, airports, and exhibitions in some museums. If you suddenly want to take pictures of local residents, it is better to ask their permission. In some monuments, shooting is completely prohibited, where they hand over photographic equipment for storage. Although, for the most part, camera flashes are visible in all museums, and the curators can make a remark to you, taking your word that you will no longer take Instagram photos. You just need to know about it!

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