12 Instagrammable places in Cartagena

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12 Instagrammable places in Cartagena

Cartagena de Indias is on the dream list of many travelers and an ideal place to take the most liked photo on Instagram. Where is Cartagena? Even though Cartagena is very famous among travel lovers due to its Instagrammable places and exciting things to do in Cartagena, you may still ask where is Cartagena. The city is located on the Caribbean coasts of Colombia, in Latin America. What to do in Cartagena? The town demonstrates the beauty of Colombian culture and architecture in the best places to see in Cartagena, you will have too many things to do in Cartagena, such as taking nice and the most liked Instagram photos at one of the best places to go in Cartagena Colombia. What is the best time to travel to Cartagena Colombia? Due to its tropical climate, the best time to travel to Cartagena Colombia, is from December to April. The weather allows you to visit all the best places to go in Cartagena Colombia, and enjoy things to do in Cartagena. In this post article, you will read about the 12 Instagrammable places to see in Cartagena for taking your most liked photo on Instagram. Also, you find answers to your questions about your potential travel to Cartagena Colombia, such as where is Cartagena, what to do in Cartagena, what are the best places to go in Cartagena Colombia, What is the best time to travel to Cartagena Colombia, where to take the most liked Instagram photos, what are the historic places to see in Cartagena, what are the natural places to visit in Cartagena Colombia, what are the best places in Cartagena Colombia, etc.

1. The Walled City

historic city

When it comes to listing what to do in Cartagena, tourists will realize that most of its attractions are located within the walled city, which is the historic center of the town where it initially emerged. Besides the best places in Cartagena Colombia, there are some other attractions outside the walls that are worth visiting within the historic center, such as the impressive Castillo de San Felipe, for example. The walled city is the historical and original part of the town. When you look for Instagrammable places in Cartagena de Indias, your days will be almost entirely within it, which is where the main tourist attractions are. You will enjoy its beautiful and lively streets, walk along the wall, watch the sunset from there and transport yourself through your imagination to the past, something that few places can provide. One of the best things to include on the roadmap when deciding what to do in Cartagena is to walk along the wall. Especially at sunset, and watching the sunset over the Caribbean waters is incredible. The trip is very pleasant and refreshing because there comes the wind from the sea. It is a very romantic place where several couples sit to see the landscape.

2. Clock Tower

clock tower

The entrance to the Walled City is where the yellow Clock Tower is located. It was a wooden bridge that connected the historic city with the current Getsemaní neighborhood. The Clock Tower only came into existence in the 18th century. It is one of the best places in Cartagena Colombia, to take the most liked Instagram photos. 

3. Customs Square

customs square

The largest square in the city was also the most important due to the administrative buildings surrounding it when it was a colony. The city founder, Pedro de Heredia, lived there, where his house still exists. It is a beautiful and large square, full of colorful houses and a statue of Christopher Columbus in the center. It is a great place to take your most liked photo on Instagram

4. San Pedro Claver Sanctuary

san pedro claver sanctuary

Among the essential places to visit in Cartagena Colombia, is a Catholic church named after San Pedro Claver, a Spanish priest. He was canonized to help slaves brought from Africa to Cartagena. His remains are in the church and can be seen under the largest altar. Directly in front is the Plaza San Pedro Claver, a square with some works made of metal that represent the locals' lives.

5. Plaza de Bolivar

statue of simon bolivar

The Plaza de Bolívar, one of the most important places to visit in Cartagena Colombia, has historically undergone great changes, serving as the stage for military organizations in the 16th century and where so-called heretics were executed during the Inquisition. Today it is one of the most wooded places in the city, where you can see the cultural shows every day, mainly Caribbean dances.

6. Palace of the Inquisition

palace of inquisition

The Palace of the Inquisition, today the Historical Museum of Cartagena, was the main headquarters of the Spanish Inquisition of the Americas, which began in the 18th century. Today it tells the story of the introduction of the Inquisition in Cartagena, its development through the centuries, as well as the convictions and executions. The museum is filled with the torture equipment to which the accused were subjected, as well as descriptions of the practices carried out by the inquisitors. You can see explanatory videos and stories of some citizens who perished at the hands of the Catholic Church. The museum has large beautiful, but still sad gardens with replicas of gallows and guillotines that existed on the site—a heavy but necessary attraction.

7. Cathedral of Saint Catherine of Alexandria

cathedral saint catherine alexandria

It is of the essential places to visit in Cartagena Colombia. Although the Cathedral of Saint Catherine of Alexandria is not the most important church in the city, it is the most beautiful and iconic. In the classic photos of Cartagena, the Cathedral of Saint Catherine of Alexandria always appears in the background. It was completed in 1612 and was built in the Herrera style, famous in the reign of Felipe II, a Spanish king.

8. Santo Domingo Square

santo domingo square

It is named after the Santo Domingo Convent, which is located right in front of the square. It is known for having a statue of the Colombian artist Fernando Botero in its vicinity. It is surrounded by charming restaurants filled with small tables outside. A lovely place to eat and take photos with the palenques, black women dressed in typical clothes and carrying fruit baskets. They are sitting in front of the convent waiting for tourists who want to take photos in exchange for money.

9. Plaza de Las Bovedas

plaza de las bovedas

Las Bovedas are famous for their various souvenir shops. In the past, it was built for military purposes. At the time of independence, it served as a prison, weapons depot, and barracks for the Spanish military. Here the prices of souvenirs are usually higher since it is a place that attracts many tourists. Besides, it stands as one of the most Instagrammable places in the city. 

10. Cerro de la Popa

cerro de la popa

The highest place in Cartagena is Cerro de la Popa, which is 150 meters above sea level. You can have the best view of the city of Cartagena de Indias and the Caribbean Sea from above. At the top of the hill is also the Convento de la Popa, one of the most beautiful in Colombia. 

11. Rosario Islands

rosario islands

Once I have explained all the picturesque places you can visit in Cartagena, it is time to tell you about the activities you can do both in the city and outside of it. The best beaches are a bit far from the city, but worth a visit. One of the best places in Cartagena Colombia, that you cannot miss on your visit is the Rosario Islands. The Rosario Islands is a small archipelago off the coast of Colombia, in the Caribbean Sea, with 28 private islands, many of them with luxury hotels, resorts, and cabins. One of the islands is the Aquarium, where many tourists take pictures with the dolphins. It is an excellent opportunity. As the islands are private, and if you are not staying on any of them, the tour may consist of snorkeling in the Caribbean waters around the islands. To guarantee a better experience, I recommend going on an expedition to Islas del Rosario. Being more exclusive, the tours are less crowded, including lunch and drinks, allowing you to enjoy the Rosario Islands trip with more peace of mind.

12. Baru Peninsula

resort in baru

The Baru Peninsula is a coastal area, and right next to it are the Rosario Islands. Together they are the perfect complement to beaches. From Cartagena to Baru, there is only one hour of travel. There are some options for hostels and hotels on the island, but you can also take a day tour to Baru to take nice pictures. The main beach on the island is Playa Blanca, and it is very beautiful, although it can be crowded. That is why I recommend not going on a weekend, but on the best time to travel to Cartagena Colombia, on weekends, to be calmer. 

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