12 Instagrammable places in Casablanca

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12 Instagrammable places in Casablanca
Morocco and the choice of most visitors when they travel to Morocco. This bustling city is not only Morocco's industrial centre but also a business powerhouse that has been designed with a unique modern swagger, unlike other cities in the country. Even though the city may have several tourist attractions, most visitors prefer to travel to Morocco and spend a few nights and find out about some gems going a bit deeper in the country. The city is photogenic and is home to numerous outstanding Art Deco style facades that architecture lovers will adore. Find out where is Casablanca and get a chance to discover 12 Instagrammable places in Casablanca.

1. Hassan II Mosque

hasan mosque One of the major sites to visit when you travel to Casablanca is Hassan II Mosque. Visiting this building is worth an overnight stay in town. Located on the shoreline just beyond the northern side of the Medina (Old City) lies the Hassan II Mosque that dominates the entire city. Established in 1993, Hassan II Mosque boasts the world's second tallest minaret and also is one of the largest mosques in the world. This large prayer house can hold a capacity of up to 25,000 worshipers, as well as the courtyard that boasts a retractable roof that can accommodate another 80,000 worshipers. The building has been decorated with marvellous intricate that covers the entire surface. Although this a Muslim worshipping centre, non-Muslims are also allowed to visit the place under guided tours that takes place at the western entrance of the Mosque a few times a day.

2. Old Medina

old medina Medina is one of the Instagrammable places when you decide to travel to Casablanca. Although Medina may not possess an exotic atmosphere compared to other Medinas in Marrakesh and Fes, the tumble of alleyways that resemble a maze still hides much to discover. For a chance to travel to Morocco, ensure you also travel to Casablanca and witness authentic tradesmen selling their merchandise to shoppers, with the baker, the candlestick, and the butcher maker all accounted for. The place is ramshackle, as well as a rambling city with an authentic residential feeling. This is one of the best places to capture the puzzle of Casablanca's life.

3. Muhammad V Square

mohammed square Muhammad V Square (Place Mohammed V) can be described as the central place of Casablanca. The place hosts most of the city's major buildings, including the Palace of Justice, French Consulate, Central Post Office, Bank Al-Maghrib (main bank of country), as well as the Prefecture. The building facades here resemble the Neo-Moorish style invented by the Lyautey, a French Resident-General that had arrangements for modernizing Casablanca in the early 20th century. Without a doubt, Place Mohamed V is one of the locals' favourite Casablanca places to have a walk.

4. The Corniche

beach in casablanca Casablanca's Corniche, also referred to as the beachfront district, is located in the Ain Diab Suburb. If you are wondering what to do in Casablanca, visit this place. Currently, much of the shoreline is home to restaurants and luxurious hotels. You can be a part of the roaring trade being carried out at various beach clubs here. Travel to Casablanca during sunny weekends and join local families here heading to the sandy beaches for promenading, as well as picnicking. 

5. Sacred Heart Cathedral

catholic church of the sacred heart of jesus Cathedrale Sacre Coeur is a mighty cathedral that was built in 1930. The architectural design in this building signifies a harmonious blend of Moroccan and European style. The Cathedral, however, needs serious restoration as it has been left out over the past few years. But regardless of this, the Cathedral is a beautiful structure to visit even in its current state. When you plan to travel to Morocco, visit this place, and the guardian here will permit you to enter and experience a sense of this building past glory.

6. The Central Market

market in casablanca For those who would want to indulge themselves amid city life, Casablanca Central Marketplace is the right place for you! Situated at the centre of the city, this is where the majority of the locals come to buy and sell groceries, vegetables, as well as other great deals. This place is a great chance for photographers, as well as anyone who loves to have fun. By visiting this market - one of the Instagrammable Casablanca places you can explore plenty of products ranging from plastic bowls to Morocco's famous slippers. Find out where is Casablanca Central Market for a chance to snag few bargains during the visit.

7. Mohammedia

seaside beach sunset Mohammedia is one of the best Instagrammable places to visit while your travel to Morocco. Mohammedia is a seaside city situated 28 kilometres north of Casablanca. A place that comprises of fine beaches and it offers relaxing alternatives to stay. Despite hosting the city's largest port, Mohammedia and its tranquil charms have not been altered by the industry. Mohammedia is, without doubt, a delight to wander through. Alternatively, you can visit the New Town area that has been laid out attractively, with palm tree-lined boulevards, as well as grants. The restaurants here and cafes bustle with numerous activities, especially during the weekends.

8. Safi

unidentified people at street in safi center Safi, a city situated 237 kilometres south of Casablanca, has been an important port since Roman times. The Almohade rulers had the city surrounded by grand ramparts and made it a spiritual as well as an intellectual centre. Dar-el-Bahar Fortress, built-in 1508 by the Portuguese on the shoreline, is currently one of the most recognizable monuments in town. Travel to Morocco and visit Safi, as a city that's among the most famous ceramic centres. The National Ceramics Museum and the Pottery Souk are what we refer to as old town's star attractions. Enjoy spending time visiting some of these amazing Instagrammable places in Casablanca.

9. Oualidia

oualidia Oualidia is a charming seaside village that is located 182 kilometres south of Casablanca. This place offers a chilled out vibe, especially when you feel worn out after visiting some imperial cities in Morocco. Oualidia is an oasis amidst a barren, rugged coastline located the south of Casablanca. It's a great place sitting beside a lagoon, where fishing boats bob gently in the calm water. Travel to Morocco and explore all manners of watersports abound as well as wildlife in Oualidia.

10. Azemmour

azemmour Azemmour is a city found near the ocean and on the bank of the Oum Er-Rbia. Azemmour comprises fun places for hiking, viewing, as well as, picnics. The city has a rich history that runs way back from 1513 to 1541- the history of the Jewish lifestyle and other events under Portuguese rule. Visit Azemmour and enjoy walking through this quiet city and explore some of the great views. Here you will find the old Kasbah, a castle that was built in the 16th century by the Portuguese. The castle consists of its original canons as well as six towers. You can also visit Haouzia Beach, which is among the best on the Atlantic coastline. The city's charm lies in the fact that people less often visit this place; hence there is a lot to discover here.

11. El Jadida

aerial view of mazagan el jadida If you are wondering what to do in Casablanca? Well, El Jadida has lots of interesting things that you'd love to do. The small city is engulfed by beautiful strands of sand and a perfect place to visit mostly when you have dosed up in history. The Citadel area built by the Portuguese offers you a chance to scramble up the walls for the amazing sea views. If you are more interested in history, La Haute Synagogue is waiting for you.

12. Villa of Arts

villa des arts Villa Des Arts is one of the largest museums in Casablanca. It's located close to the Arab League Park. The Villa Des Arts plays a huge role in promoting contemporary artworks of Moroccan heritage and culture. The Museum features over 800 artworks, along with temporary expositions of contemporary as well as international artists. Visiting the Villa Des Arts allows you to understand a different perspective of the culture here, as well as the building itself, is an architectural design Art Deco architecture designed in 1934. Throughout the year, numerous cultural events are being planned here to attract tourists and locals. The building has been painted all white so that it can be distinguished easily. The Villa of Arts is an open place for art lovers or anyone who would want to visit this place. Explore Instagrammable Casablanca places, and enjoy your travel to Morocco!

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