12 Instagrammable places in Cologne

Ieva Miltina08 October 20203837 views9 min. read
12 Instagrammable places in Cologne

Cologne is the fourth most populous city in Germany, and it is usually associated with great parties as well as the very laid back and cheerful mentality of the locals. There are a lot of places to visit in Cologne as well as the surroundings (take Bonn, for example!) for anyone to experience. Nevertheless, I will help to figure out particularly the most Instagrammable places you should not miss on your travel to Cologne. After all - rarely does anybody travels nowadays without showing off the nicest moments on their social media?! So why not making sure your images show the absolutely prettiest spots of this city where Eau de Cologne originates from! What is even more important - this blog post will give you some ideas on what to do in Cologne and make the trip unforgettable! Shall we?

1. The one and only cathedral

sunset sky

Let's cross this off the list right away. You can not miss the cathedral with those two sky-high towers visible in almost any of the most popular Cologne images. You surely have seen it, and you surely HAVE to have a photo or a few! Besides the fact that it will be in the background while visiting some of the other most Instagrammable places in this German city, the cathedral itself is one of the most prominent places to see in Cologne too. This gothic masterpiece is even more spectacular up close. The detail in the portal of the entrance as well as the interior will just blow your mind!

2. Hohenzollern Bridge

inscription translates

Leave a key lock at Hohenzollernbrucke and make the most liked Instagram photo in Cologne with the thousands left by the others on this bridge. This is officially the Love Lock Bridge (that is what the name means in German), and most locks are there to signify the eternal love between two people. Nevertheless - the ones without their special person can do it too! As for eternally amazing images - the best time to do this is supposed to be during sunset. It is when the sun underlines the shape of the beautiful towers of the cathedral. To make your pics of this trip even more memorable, use this view as a backdrop while you strike a pose on this bridge. Did you know that this bridge is also the most heavily used railway bridge in Germany? Well, now, you know!

3. Underground

intercity express train

When considering options of where to go in Cologne to take your next most liked Instagram photo, it is important to know that you might actually get it done somewhere on the way. Sometimes using the metro in Cologne makes me think if they are making a special effort to become the most Instagrammable metro capital in the world! Numerous underground stops will provide great urban, geometrical, Instagram photos for your feed. Just to name a few - Altenmarkt, Severinstrasse, and Heumarkt are very photogenic. Check the details online and be ready for unexpected angles!

4. Charming, colourful houses in Fischmarkt

fischmarkt square

This quarter holds an especially great historical value - the fish market is over a thousand years old! But besides that, you will also find a great background for really pretty Instagram photos. Let me paint you a picture - a line of colourful houses built really close to each other and a very contrasting Great St. Martin Church behind them. What makes this spot especially great are the cafes - get a drink and enjoy the view before taking those great images! This also happens to be one of the main places to see in Cologne (no wonder why!), therefore go earlier in the morning. You will get pics with fewer people and with light shining on those bright colours of walls!

5. Best photoshoot spot in 25 hours Hotel The Circle

hours hotel the circle

It is probably the least touristy Instagram spot on this list - you will see it mentioned in very few online guides. Nevertheless, if your aim on travel to Cologne is to get the best Instagram photos, then missing this opportunity is a sin. The lightbulbs and mirrors in this elevator create an endless pattern on the black background simultaneously, also perfectly highlighting all the objects in the eye of the camera! As a result, you will get super futuristic images that no one will be able to tell were taken in a hotel elevator.

6. Best skyline views from Cologne Triangle

passenger ship passing the triangle tower

Located on top of a 103m high building in the district of Deutz, there lies a spectacular viewing platform that will give you access to the panorama of the whole city. An endless view of this buzzing city will be especially great in the dusk light. Just a small tip - better leave your tripod in your hotel room. They are not allowed on the 28th floor, but taking unforgettable photos is still allowed!

7. Markt der Engel

cologne cathedral

If you are a Christmas fan, then this annually held market will be a dream come true. Filled with tiny chalets decorated with beautiful lights, this is also the oldest Christmas market in Cologne. The sky above this area is decorated with 750 bright stars, and the visitors are being taken care of by white designated angels sprinkling glitter all over. Once a week, Santa Claus also makes an appearance, arriving on the back of a horse and greeting all the holiday-lovers. The main point of this place is to offer the chance for people to get the nicest locally produced presents - may it be crafts or delicious treats. But for you, my friend, it is a chance to get the best souvenirs to bring back home! And make some seriously cute Instagram pictures in this winter wonderland. Don't miss a chance to try the local mulled wine or eggnog - locals go there after work to have some fun, and so should you! Just apply for Germany tourist visa and get closer to your dreams!

8. Rheinboulevard


Have a stroll, get a beer on the banks of the river and get perfect images of the cathedral, the bridge, and the river in one. Another scenario you might want to consider is just making loads of Instagrammable pics on the concrete stairs, happily enjoying the day!

9. Colourful street art in Ehrenfeld

ehrenfeld district

Street art is always a very photogenic object, and Cologne is no exception. Walking in the streets of Ehrenfeld will be not only a great way to get to know different sides of this vibrant city but also give plenty of opportunities for witty, colourful, and urban images for your Instagram. Whole houses, walls, objects on streets - all painted with thought-provoking visual poems by local artists. My suggested place to start the exploration of this place is going along the wall that runs under the train tracks from Gerhard Wilczek Platz until Stammstrasse. Stylish, always exciting, and unpretentious!

10. Chocolate fountain in the Chocolate Museum

schokoladen museum

Serious sweet tooth case? Then this is the only place you need to visit! Just listen to this - a whole fountain of chocolate! Besides producing a ridiculously delicious treat for you on a visit, the museum's key feature is being located in a room with glass walls overlooking the river and decorated with a golden cocoa-bean tree to make your Instagram photos even more spectacular. Do you smell the temptation already?

11. Belgian quarter for cafes and cakes

market hall in the belgian quarter

If you are on a quest of finding the most delicious places to visit in Cologne alongside the most Instagrammable places, the Belgian quarter is a must-see. It is a favourite of locals for many reasons. Besides being one of the poshest shopping districts in Cologne, it also houses the hippest bars and cafes, which will serve the cutest little cakes and coffee for your hipsta-insta-licious moments. The trendy interiors of these places will also be something you might want to post for your Instagram followers to see! My favourites were Cafe vevi and Cafe Spatz.

12. Cologne Carnival

people at carnival

I mentioned already that Cologne is one of the most vibrant cities, and one can definitely catch this vibe in their annual Carnival. A week-long celebration right before Lent brings locals and visitors to the streets for restless parties long into the night. Colourful costumes and crowds of cheerful people will be just a few of the things that will take your stories and feed over. Make sure to be there on Rose Monday when decorated floats start parading streets at 10 AM! Participants of the parade may be making fun of various political issues with their funny installations and will blow kisses to viewers (including you!).

Obviously, Cologne has a thing to offer for any flavour - may it be party, food, or history. Besides creating your next most liked Instagram photo, you will have an awfully amazing time over there and, hopefully, want to return in no time for more! Even if you are still not sure where to travel in Cologne, just book the tickets in that direction, and I promise - the ideas on what to do in Cologne won't be hard to find!

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