12 Instagrammable places in Corfu

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12 Instagrammable places in Corfu
travel to Greece? In my opinion, each one who searches a little about this place, see stunning photos of it will start to plan as soon as possible. Indeed after an unforgettable holiday there he\she will never regret it. Why? Because this place is very beautiful and offers a lot of properties such as great hospitality, numerous charming beaches, a remarkable history, perfect weather, unique and very delicious kitchen, and so on. In other words, during your travel to Greece, you will forget almost everything from your daily life. Undoubtedly, most of the destinations in Greece is worthy of visiting. The capital city -Athens, Chania, Rhodes Town, Nafplion and others can refer to them. Today, I would like to speak about one of these magnificent places, which is Corfu. Travel to Corfu should be in each trip lover's plan because of its clean coastline, lush interior, original rock formations, and other great feathers. It has numerous instagrammable places. Also, I will try to obtain interesting information about Corfu beaches, Corfu restaurants, "what to do in Corfu?". Before that, let's find out where is Corfu? It is a Greek island in the Ionian Sea. This island, which is the second-largest of the Ionian Islands is a part of the Corfu regional unit. At the same time, Corfu is administered as a single municipality that contains the island Corfu and the smaller islands Ereikoussa, Mathraki, and Othonoi. After a little observation, "where is Corfu" let's take a glance at the best places in Corfu.

1. Cape Drastis

beautiful view of cape drastis Our first destination, which can be recommended during the travel to Corfu is Cape Drastis. Cape Drastis is located in the northern part of the island at the village of Perulades. This place is embraced by a lot of tiny islands and beaches. You can rent a boat there, and it gives you a great chance to discover the rocks and small beaches of Drastis. Besides, its beautiful beaches are not so crowded with people, helping you be in a calm and peaceful atmosphere. On the other hand, its nature's instagrammable beauty creates the perfect opportunity to take wonderful Instagram photos. For example, the view while the sun hits the cliffs can be great backgrounds for your most liked Instagram photos.

2. Achilleion Palace

aerial view of achilleion palace One of the instagrammable places in Corfu is Achilleion Palace. It is located within Gastouri, 10 kilometers southwest of Corfu Town. Empress of Austria Elizabeth of Bavaria built this palace and it was the summer escape of Sisi. This Neoclassical palace was designed by the Italian architect Raffaele Caritto. Neoclassical Greek statues surround this building. If you think about "what to do in Corfu?", you should consider the tour in the gardens, which are filled with palm trees, balustrades, a colonnade, fountains, and Herter's statues. Besides, you can take most liked photo on Instagram in this garden. So, visit this palace can be a very valuable part of your travel to Corfu.

3. The old Venetian Fortress

panoramic summer view The old Venetian Fortress is among the best places in Corfu. The fortress is situated on the eastern side of the town of Corfu, on a rocky peninsula that enters into the sea. It was built on an artificial islet which is embraced by fortifications. When you visit this fortress, you can find several British structures, like the Church of St. George, which were built in the place of the original Venetian buildings. If you can be during the sunset in this place, you can catch stunning Instagram photos.

4. 7th Heaven

seventh heaven beach bar Most of the Corfu restaurants offer a variety of delicious foods and a wonderful seaside view. One of them is 7th Heaven. If you visit this place, you can enjoy the magnificent atmosphere of the beach, sea, rocks, waves. Also, this example of Corfu restaurants can be one of the most romantic places where you can admire the sunset's marvelous view.

5. Vlacherna Monastery

corfu Another instagrammable site of Corfu is Vlacherna Monastery. This Monastery is on an islet at the end of a narrow jetty off the southern end of the Kanoni Peninsula, and it refers to the 17th century. The bright white architecture of the Vlacherna Monastery stands out against the background of the blue waters surrounding it. And can you imagine this spectacular scenery? I think you should be there to feel this miraculous atmosphere. And, you know, I am afraid that you will forget to take Instagram photos from your trip because of the captivation of this beauty's charm.

6. Pontikonisi

pontikonisi island Pontikonisi (Mouse Island) can be among the suggestions about the best places in Corfu. This island is an Islet near the island of Corfu. There is a 12th-century Byzantine monastery that is crowded by pine and cypress trees. Although the island is protected, visitors can descend and climb the stairway to visit the Monastery, a café and souvenir shop where everyone can buy distinctive little memorable gifts for their friends and family.

7. Paleokstritsa Beach

aerial view of paleokastritsa beach  If you want to take a breathtaking holiday after a long work year, Corfu beaches would be an appropriate choice for you. You can find numerous beaches during your travel to Corfu. One of them is Paleokstritsa Beach. Paleokstritsa is situated in northwest of Corfu Island. This instagrammable place maintains in itself several historical monasteries and churches. One of these monasteries is a 13th –century monastery with a country-garden, church, and small museum. Also, there is the largest attraction – the main beach. Walking alongside the sand and enjoying wonderful views of the water can be the perfect answer for the "What to do in Corfu?" Besides, this beach offers various Corfu restaurants where you can try tasty Corfu's culinary specialties.

8. Agni Bay

agni bay Agni Bay, the historic fishing village, is one of the best places in Corfu for visiting. It is situated on the north-east coast of the island. The warm waters, sunny coastline, delicious Corfu kitchen will admire you. Especially if you love seafood, this cozy little bay will be your favourite destination. On the other hand, just natural beauty is enough to take the most liked photo on Instagram.

9. Mount Pantokrator

mountain If you want to see all of Corfu and take great most liked Instagram photos of the city's panoramic view, you should visit Mount Pantokrator. It is the highest peak in all Corfu, which rises 906 meters. Mount Pantokrator is situated in the north of Corfu. Although you can reach the top by driving, some visitors prefer to hike from the village of Perithia (it takes approximately two hours.) Also, there is a 17th-century church near the summit, and it reminds the visitors about the strong connection between mountains and Gods in Greek culture. From the top of this mountain, you can see the Lonian Islands, the Greek Mainland, Albania, even Puglia at the heel of Italy's boot 130 kilometers to the west.

10. Sidari Corfu

aerial view Places to visit in Sidari Corfu can be the perfect choice for looking for instagrammable places in their travel. Sidari is one of Corfu Island's busiest areas and is famous for its natural landmark known as the Canal de I'Amour. The other name of this place is the Chanel of Love. Canal de I'Amor, one of the wonderful places to visit in Sidari Corfu is located on the northern side of the island. The place is popular because of its beautiful rock formations and the canal that goes under the cliff. Visitors can swim there like other Corfu beaches. According to the local custom, any couples who swim there together will soon get married. Besides, there are numerous restaurants and hotels among the places to visit in Sidari Corfu. So, you can take the most liked Instagram photos in this charming place.

11. Kassiopi

boats in kassiopi bay Kassiopi, a scenic coastal resort, is very popular among tourists from around the world. Kassiopi, situated in the northeast of the island, is a traditional fishing village that has transformed into a low-key resort. This resort is 36 kilometers far from Corfu Town. This area is at the base of a small peninsula. Kassiopi Castle, which has Byzantine origins, is rising at the center of the peninsula. Kassiopi offers various seafood tavernas and cafes, which are popular with its rich Brits, and Italians. If you want to explore this area, you should hire a small boat. You can catch the most liked photo on Instagram of incredible views in this area.

12. Old Perithia

abandoned village If you are interested in history and eager to gain new information about the history and traditional culture during your travel, you should visit Old Perithia among Corfu's best places. It is the oldest village that remains in Corfu. This village is located at the base of Mount Pantokrator. Old Perithia still maintains eight churches and more than 100 traditional Corfiot homes. When you visit this village, you can see some of the locals that still call the village home. So, you can catch the most liked Instagram photos, which will relate to the history of Corfu. Thus, if you want to try a new, unique seaside place and you have the chance to travel to Greece, learn about "where is Corfu?", and go for a trip!

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