12 Instagrammable places in Cyprus

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12 Instagrammable places in Cyprus
Cyprus or are considering a trip to this wonderful island. In addition to swimsuits, sun creams, you need to clean the phone's memory and the flash drive in your camera, there is something to shoot. In the meantime, in the meantime, turn to the geographical map and see where is Cyprus. It will be clear at once that this is an island in the Mediterranean Sea, and this is the last island of the many islands of this sea, located in the eastern part of the Mediterranean. Which in itself is interesting because it has its own climate. According to an ancient legend, the goddess of eternal youth and beauty, Aphrodite, came to the shore of this island from the sea foam, choosing the best island of all the islands in the area. They're not all close, though. Cyprus is a rich island with its nature. On its relatively small area, you can visit various climatic zones, and if you are caught in the summer heat, escape to the shady forests of the mountains. In winter, everything is buried in greenery, and at the beginning of spring and its continuation – in the multicoloured colors of flowering plants. Cyprus. What to see in Cyprus. Let's go from top to bottom, from the mountains to the coast. Take a ride in a car here is a pleasure, taking it for rent.

1. The Troodos Mountains

troodos mountains The large mountain range and National Park of Cyprus. Located in the western part of the island, which is dominated by Mount Olymbos at an altitude of 1952 meters above sea level. Here you can stay not for one or two days, but much more, and here's why. First, it is a combination of sea air with forest air. Take a walk along the mountain paths, of course, with a camera and a camera in your mobile device. A variety of hiking trails is combined with a variety of scenery. Walk along the Venetian bridges that span over small streams, they are also called "ancient crossings". The bridges were built during the Venetian rule, so they bear this name, being part of the trail along which camel caravans delivered mined copper in the Troodos Mountains. In addition to the natural beauty of the Troodos Mountains, what to see in Cyprus in its foothills? Visit authentic villages and monasteries.

2. Mountain villages

village They can be called museums, although people live here in their very measured and calm rhythm. Sometimes, it seems that time just froze here. Cobbled streets of the village, houses made of white stone, an abundance of greenery. And very clean air. One of the most famous villages in the world – Lefkara-is located near the city of Larnaca, it is the foothills of the Troodos massif. It gained its fame thanks to folk crafts: lace products, which are called "lefkaritika", and filigree silver products. And the monasteries of Cyprus, inscribed in the mountain landscape with their comfort and tranquility! There are quite a lot of them here. But the most famous places in Cyprus is Kykos-the Holy Imperial Stavropegic Monastery of the Most Holy Theotokos of Kykkos. One of the miraculous icons of the Mother of God, created during the earthly life of the Virgin, is kept within the walls of the monastery.

3. Akamas

akamas Akamas is one of the places in Cyprus. This is a peninsula preserved in its original form. Ideally, exploring the Akamas Peninsula will take more than a day. You can start from the fishing village of Lachi. An interesting and beautiful village on the shore with a small port, where there are beautiful yachts and fishing boats. There are good fish restaurants here. It is worth dividing your journey into two parts: overland on the peninsula and by boat along the beautiful shores, you can make a lot of beautiful Instagram photos. The land route will be more interesting, taking a quad bike for rent, driving the peninsula from the land, and stopping, so to speak, in remote Instagrammable places where it is very beautiful, it will take one day for sure. Visit the opposite part of the peninsula, there are a lot of unique bays and lagoons, drive to Lara beach, it is also called "turtle beach", in this place turtles lay eggs. You may be lucky enough to see Caretta turtles and green turtles. Visit the Akamas Gorge, walk among the high walls of the foothills, as you move along the walls of the gorge narrow, at the end of the route a high stone hangs over your head. For lovers of antiquity, and just to expand your horizons.

4. Curio

curio It is an ancient city that existed from ancient times to the Middle Ages. The Archaeological Park is an open-air museum located on a cliff. It offers a beautiful view of the sea. The city has preserved the ancient theater, the ruins of the house of gladiators with a mosaic image of the early Christian basilica (an elongated, rectangular building divided inside by longitudinal rows of columns.) The ruins of the ancient city are located on a coastal hill near the city of Limassol. They are not particularly preserved. Here it is quite quiet, calm, it is more like a park than a museum, it is interesting to wander among the columns, to estimate the past. Since Cyprus is an island state, all its past and modern life echoes the sea. Cyprus. What to see marine and interesting things related to this case.

5. Lighthouses of Cyprus

lighthouse There are five lighthouses in Cyprus that cover the entire island around its perimeter. They are located on Cape Kiti in Larnaca, in Paphos, Cape Greco in Ayia Napa, Cape Gata in Limassol and Cape Akamas.

6. Port of Larnaca

cyprus The largest port in Cyprus. And the city itself is a port city. The port is divided into two parts, one of which is a yacht parking lot and the second part is a commercial port. And it is all located on the central embankment. A pleasant walk along the pier.

7. The Port of Limassol

limasol The old small port of the city. Part of the historical center of the city. In the port area, there is a small marina where fishing and small pleasure boats are moored, where you can cruise along the coast.

8. Port of Paphos

port The oldest port not only in Cyprus, but also in Europe. The best time to visit is, of course, in the evening, the lighting makes this place mysterious and romantic.

9. The fishing village

village For centuries, the inhabitants of coastal villages have been engaged in and continue to engage in marine fishing. Both in winter and summer, they go to sea on their beautiful authentic boats. In the past, such villages were exclusively a fishing place, and today the best fish taverns in Cyprus have been added to the fishing component, where fishermen supply only fresh fish and sea delicacies.

10. Wineries

wineries A separate article of tourism in Cyprus. There are 4 wine regions on the island with the concept of "Controlled Appellation of Origin". This means wines from certified vineyards with special geographical, climatic, soil and other natural characteristics. Produced according to certain technologies. Wine tasting and sales are available in all wine villages. But not only it, but also national sweets like churchkhela, various types of halva, carob products. Always very polite and welcoming staff and a completely peaceful environment.

11. City of Kyrenia

kyrenia Perhaps the only city on the island that can be considered a separate attraction, comfortably located on a narrow strip of coast between the Pentadaktylos Mountains and the Mediterranean Sea. The Venetian embankment of the city retains its historical face in a single architectural ensemble, the basis of which is a large medieval fortress. And inside the fortress there is a shipwreck museum, which houses one of the most important artifacts of world archaeology – an ancient ship. From the towers of the fortress offers a stunning panorama of the harbor and the city, numerous restaurants offer their services, delicious coffee and delicious food. It is very difficult to stay hungry in Cyprus.

12. National Park "Kavo Greco"

national park This national park is famous for its stunning views of the landscape reserve. Located in the East of the island near Ayia NAPA and Protaras. There are many natural tourist attractions here: sea caves, a stone bridge of natural formation, a blue lagoon and several beautiful beaches. A hiking trail leads to the cape, the ascent is gentle, not difficult, on the top of the hill there are gazebos and a monument of Peace-a bird monument. It offers a magnificent view of the sea. Cyprus taverns can safely be called a separate topic of travel. When traveling, there is always a good appetite, and even more so when you are always in the fresh sea and forest air and always on the move. The most suitable place is family taverns. You can't go hungry from there. The portions are large, an excellent selection of meat dishes, an abundance of vegetables, halloumi cheese, a decanter of homemade wine in a very cozy and friendly atmosphere. Where to make beautiful Instagram photos in Cyprus. Wherever you are in Cyprus, there is a place for a photo in your Instagram anywhere on the island. So! 12 instagrammable places in Cyprus. To sum up! Where to make most liked Instagram photos in Cyprus from all of the above. It all depends on what place you choose to stay on the island. Of course, you can drive it in one day and enjoy its beauty, without staying for a long time in Cyprus. And yet, we will walk with reference to the resort cities of Cyprus, where tourists usually stay and spend more than one day traveling. cyprus First, places that are connected to the nature and landscape of the island, the Troodos Mountains and its foothills. The mountains can be accessed from any city in Cyprus. Secondly, the Rock of Aphrodite. In the picturesque bay of Petra tou Romiou on the south-eastern coast of the island. According to legend, it was here that the birth of the goddess Aphrodite took place from the sea foam. Third, of course, is the Akamas Peninsula. But it is big the question arises where to make most liked Instagram photos in Cyprus? Or rather in Akamas, this is, of course, the Avakas Gorge, the Aphrodite bath and the Aphrodite Trail. Fourth. If you are staying in Paphos or are going to go to this city, you definitely need to visit the seaport and definitely the Paphos lighthouse. And if you are in another city of the island, then there are its own lighthouses – it is interesting and very romantic. The fifth place on the list to take a selfie is in the tasting room of wine villages with a glass of wine. Take pictures of the cozy streets of villages. The sixth is fishing villages, take a photo of beautiful traditional fishing boats of Cyprus, gently rocking on the water. cyprus The seventh, which is definitely worth getting to, is the blue lagoon on the Akamas peninsula and Cavo Greco, to swim in the purest sea water. Eighth. Take an Instagram photo on the fortress walls with sea views, both in Paphos and in the medieval castle of Kolossi, located near the city of Limassol. The ninth. Seaports of the island, photo on the background of snow-white yachts in the sun. Tenth. Take a photo in the ancient cities of Cyprus. The eleventh. Beautiful photos of Cyprus, of course, in the Mediterranean Sea. Going on a boat tour. The twelfth place to take most liked Instagram photos in Cyprus, of course, is the beaches on the island, from rocky to sandy. Travel around the island, plunging into its relaxation, and take sunny photos for your Instagram pages.

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