10 things I wish I knew before going to Cyprus

10 things I wish I knew before going to Cyprus

Murad Asgerzade14 January 20215218 views10 min. read
10 things I wish I knew before going to Cyprus
Cyprus in your plans! Trendy tourist destination. What do you need to know to simplify your trip without losing precious vacation time, and avoid unnecessary financial costs, to get 100% pleasure from staying in Cyprus?

A few words about Cyprus

city view Are you wondering where is Cyprus? Well, Cyprus is located in the eastern Mediterranean Sea between Africa and Asia. Cyprus can be called a mountainous country and a sunny island with a clear blue sea.  Cyprus is the largest island in the entire Mediterranean basin. Cyprus is divided into two states. Northern Cyprus is Turkish territory and the Republic of Cyprus. You need to know this for your planned trip. The capital of Cyprus is Nicosia. Currently, the only capital in the world which is divided into two parts. The green line separates the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, and Cyprus is guarded by the UN troops and runs right through the historical centre of the city. Travel to Cyprus, you should understand the purpose of your trip. After all, the island is very diverse, and you may settle here near the sea coast, in the foothills of the mountains – you have a choice. If you like bustling companies, nightlife, shopping, you have to choose a resort city.  If your preference is a quiet vacation, in a quiet, cosy place, you can easily find small hotels near the coast or in the foothills and mountains of Cyprus. However, all this can be combined if you rent a car in Cyprus, visiting different places on the island, which will not disappoint with its beauty. cyprus So! If you are gathered and have already chosen your trip, say, to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Then you need to know. - Northern Cyprus occupies one-third of the island of Cyprus. The indigenous populations are ethnic Turks and Turkish Cypriots. Faith is Islam. The local Cyprus currency is the Turkish lira, also the Euro. - You can get to the territory of Northern Cyprus through two international airports, located in the Republic of Cyprus. The airport of Paphos and the airport in Larnaca. Then a cab ride (which must be agreed in advance) across the island from south to north, which will take 2-3 hours. And once again pass the customs, or rather the green zone.  But believe me, this is not the best solution. It is long and tiresome.

Another option is to get to Northern Cyprus

paphos On the territory of Northern Cyprus, there is Ercan Airport, located about 35 kilometres from the capital of Cyprus Nicosia, about 35 kilometres from the popular resort of Kurenia. And any aircraft heading to Northern Cyprus is land at one of the airports of Turkey. Quite an exciting option! And the exciting thing is that you can get to Northern Cyprus in your car if you are an auto traveller. Ferries depart from different cities in Turkey, what's more! Some ferries perform only passenger transportation.

The Republic of Cyprus

cafe So if you are gathered in Cyprus, which is called the Republic of Cyprus; it has been in the European Union since 2004 but is not a part of it, the situation here is as follows. Accordingly, it is the southern part or side of the island. Let me remind you once again! It is a trendy tourist place. It is known for its sea beaches, as well as the Troodos Mountains (where you can go skiing in winter), but also for its high-level European tourist service. Tourist commissions from the European Union often visit here. A large number of beaches, more than 50 have received the international award "Blue Flag" - an award given to beaches whose waters meet high standards of quality, excellent service, the surrounding nature, suitability for safe bathing.

Let's talk about important issues

map with colorful pins For what you need to know the map of Cyprus? Although Cyprus is an island country, it is quite large. And it is desirable to get acquainted with the map in advance, and that's why: - Define the place of the island where you are going to, to understand which Cyprus airport you need to fly. (This is necessary in case if you travel on your own and have not bought a tour, where the transfer is included). In this way, you will save both time and money for a cab, which is 100-140 euros. And so, to the hotel or if you rent a place near the place where there is an airport, a taxi will cost from 20 to 50 euros. The cost of a cab around the city is within 20 euros. - Again, it is desirable to learn the map in advance, namely the beaches of Cyprus. The fact that in Cyprus, there are both rocky and sandy beaches. Stony beaches are not very comfortable for bathing, but sandy or pebbly is the thing.  - For sure, on the tourist map of Cyprus, of course, marked attractions. And here there is something to see. - Also, the tourist maps have all the information needed to travel.

1. Cyprus Visa

red passport What can I say here: - If you have a multiple entry Schengen visas, and you have visited at least once in the Schengen countries, the problem disappears by itself.  - By the way, if you have a multiple entry Bulgarian or Croatian visa, it also works.  - And to get a Cyprus visa, you need a passport, certificate of income, photos, a consular fee of 30 EUR. In general, the standard procedure with documents. You do not need to give biometric data (fingerprints) to get a visa. It is necessary to know! If you have arrived in the Republic of Cyprus, then went to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and there you left the island, going home, there will be very unpleasant consequences. Leaving the island physically, you are still documented on the island, including in the database of the border guards, as you do not have a stamp in your departure passport, and eventually, the overstay on your visa. It is at least a refusal in any other types of visa. So, flay away from where you came.

2. Customs

travel bag Customs is untidy and straightforward. But just in case the transportation of goods and objects across the Cyprus border has its restrictions. There is a difference whether you came from an EU country or not. Purchased goods in EU countries are allowed to carry in the following quantities: 800 cigarettes, 200 cigars, 10 litres of alcohol, not exceeding 22%, fortress below 22% - 110 litres. The goods purchased in non-EU countries are 200 cigarettes, 50 cigars, 1 litre of strong alcohol, 2 litres of wine. You can not bring fresh fruit vegetables, meat and dairy products, as well as flowers. It is necessary to know; the amount of more than 10 000 euros is subject to declaration and must be taken very seriously. 

3. Transport

transport There are no railroads in Cyprus. There is only bus service between cities: minibuses. Here you need to know the schedule. It is not a very convenient way to move around the island. In-resort cities there are public transport - buses and, of course, cabs. But if you even bought a full package from the tour operator "all-inclusive", you will be taken on a tour, but you still want to travel independently, which is very pleasant, it is necessary to rent a car. And if you have rented an apartment, you need to rent a car in Cyprus, for sure.

4. Car Rent

rent a car The range of choice of cars is relatively broad from premium class to family and small cars. In Cyprus, there are a large number of companies that are engaged in this business. You can easily rent a car in Cyprus or scooter, bicycle – everything that you wish. For bicycles in resort towns are equipped with special bicycle lanes.

5. Driving in Cyprus

driving Driving in Cyprus is left-handed. At first, it is a bit difficult. In an hour or two, you will calmly get used to it. At first, of course, you will confuse the turntable with the windshield wiper. Red can number plate on rented cars will play a positive role.  You will not be overrun; you are unlikely to be beeped in the back, but there are exceptions, as everywhere else. Give way to the interference on the right, overtaking from the left. Road signs and markings are the same as in the whole world. The only noticeable difference is the traffic circles. The passage of the traffic circle is often not regulated by signs. The advantage is given to cars that are already moving in a process. Driving into the traffic circle, you should signal with the right turntable. Going away from the ring - left. All licenses, including international driving licenses, are recognized in Cyprus. Drivers must carry an ID card, valid license, and if you rent a car in Cyprus, insurance for the rented car. It is essential not to exceed the speed limit, observe the traffic rules. Be sure to wear a seat belt. Fines are from 150-400 euros. The police on the roads are evil. Yes! There is one more thing you should know.  Villagers rarely use turn signals; to some extent, they are very unpredictable. Keep a decent interval from them.

6. Navigation on the roads

black asphalt road It is necessary to have a paper map, and it is so for an overview of the terrain and the direction of the roads, but no more. A navigator is always needed — the device you can find at car rental centres. I will explain why - the streets on the map a little bit does not correspond to the turns, lapels and distances, in the real situation on the ground you can get lost, slip through the desired arc and lost time.

7. Hotels in Cyprus

hotel in limassol street Most hotels in Cyprus are two- and three-stars.  Of course, there are also five-star hotels right on the Mediterranean Sea coast. The hotels mostly offer only breakfast, as well as can provide a choice for lunch or dinner for an additional fee, you can get the half board in the hotel restaurant. There is no need to count on a variety of dishes, but good Mediterranean seafood cuisine you should certainly try.  As a rule, and this is everywhere, near the hotel's many small cafes, pubs, Cyprus restaurants, and Cyprus taverns, where you can eat cheaply. 

8. Holidays with children in Cyprus

holiday with children For children, Cyprus is a paradise, such a large playground the size of an island. The hotels in Cyprus have children's animation, children's pools, sea slides and other entertainment: water parks, moon parks, zoos little tourist, not to mention the sea itself. You can find a lot of things to do in Cyprus. Here really relax a large number of families with children. Along the coastline is equipped with promenades for walks, on many beaches, organized access to deck chairs in a wheelchair.

9. About safety

three cameras In general, there are no security problems in Cyprus; it's peaceful. There are several rules, and first of all, they concern those tourists, who travel on the island by car. Near major supermarkets, markets, coastal parking lots close the vehicle, do not leave things, objects in a prominent place in the car. It is probably the only precaution. In general, everything is fine. 

10. When it is better to travel to Cyprus

orange rock Cyprus is one of the few countries where the sun shines almost always, which means you can enjoy the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea in any season. There are up to 340 sunny days per year. Short rainy periods in late autumn, winter, and early spring are an exception. Due to sea conditions, the weather at this time is volatile and unpredictable. The length of the tourist season in Cyprus is seven months from April to October, although you can rest in Cyprus at any time of year.  July and August are considered the hottest; the thermometer column can rise to +40C and above. And the velvet season is, of course, September and October, the sea is warm, the weather is comfortable, the abundance of fruits and 100% sunny days. Have a nice trip!

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