12 Instagrammable places in Dar es Salaam

Gunel Eyvazli 13 December 2020 1657 views 5 min. read

Dar es Salaam - the place of hope, is a city on the shore of the Indian ocean. If you would like to know where is Dar es Salaam, it is a city in Tanzania. It is the wealthiest city in the country, and most of its income comes from tourists. Many tourists on earth wish to get a Tanzania e-visa and travel to Dar es Salaam because it's a natural wonder. You will most surely enjoy your trip and Instagrammable places in the city. Dar es Salaam's other income is from seafood production. It is an advantage of the city to locate on the shore of the ocean. If you visit this city, but you don't know what to do in Dar es Salaam, you need to consider fishing and visiting the fisheries.  If you share a photo in Dar Es Salaam, it will probably be your most liked photo on Instagram, and your friends on Instagram will feel envious of you. Let me introduce you to some places to visit in Dar es Salaam.

1. Village Museum


As in most African countries, in Tanzania, many tribes settled from ancient times. Most places to visit in Dar es Salaam and Africa show the lives of these tribes. The Village Museum is one of the reasons for tourists to travel to Dar es Salaam. The museum consists of tribal homestays that stood on 15 acres. You can see the traditions of different tribes, learn their cuisine, and dance and sing traditional songs with local people. If you like to show how you enjoyed your trip to Dar es Salaam, you can take a photo and share it on your Instagram account. The museum is open-air, and all settlements are built by using mud. Village Museum is on the top of the places to see in Dar es Salaam. You can see how the old population of Tanzania lived.

2. Azania Front Lutheran Church

santa biblia

When German missionaries came to Tanzania, they built one of the famous places to visit in Dar es Salaam. In 1898, they founded the church. The location of the church makes it an Instagrammable place. It locates on the shore of the Indian ocean, and seagulls fly around. The church ambient also answers a question of what to do in Dar es Salaam. Just sit and observe mother nature and enjoy it. The roof of the church is red brick, and the building itself is white. There are few buildings around, which causes the building to absorb the sunlight. This evangelical church is one of the places to see in Dar es Salaam if you happen to visit at least once in your life. 

3. Fish Market

fish market

It is one of the places to see in Dar es Salaam. The place's beauty is that it is more than a simple fish market by locating near to ferry port. Here you can take your most liked photo on Instagram of different ranges and kinds of fish to share on your Instagram page. Fish are in different colors, and it makes the market an Instagrammable place. It is more than simple fisheries because the native Tanzanian people used to meet their means by fish. Even culturally, fish plays a vital role for them. The fish port is famous in all of Tanzania. Sometimes the answer to the question of where is Dar es Salaam is just a fish market. People travel to Dar es Salaam to see wooden boats, and this might be insightful for people looking for an Instagrammable place for account sharing about culture. 

4. State House

state house

Statehouse was the original place of the german governor in the 1890s. The building was destroyed and rebuilt several times. Most European tourists come to this place, as it is one of the best places to see in Dar es Salaam. European architectural design attracts millions of tourists to take a photo for their Instagram account. To observe how European architectural integrity spreads around the globe makes them boast a little. Even some Europeans recall the place whenever their friends ask about their visit to Tanzania. 

5. Mikadi Beach Camp


For some guests, this is one of the most preferred places to visit in Dar es Salaam because locals come here to party. Interacting with local people, dance and singing with them gives you a feeling of refreshment. Locals will welcome you and offer you a few bars of drink. If you are a tourist who is not interested in towns but natural places, this beach is a perfect place for camping and taking most liked photos on Instagram. The night breeze feels like you are on the shore of the ocean. 

6. Porkio Munch Restaurant

food center

The restaurant is next to the Swahili coasts, and their meals combine several cultures. From sweeties to the desert and anything you wish to try. Although not as famous as Italian pizza, African cuisine is one of the most preferred by food lovers. The most important side is that people are accustomed to working hard to do complex irrigation systems to achieve yield. That much effort made people hard workers and meals a lot tastier. 

7. Mbudya Island

mbudya island

Center parts of Dar es Salaam are bustling. If it is your first time in Africa, sharing a picture from the center of Dar es Salaam may increase your followers by 1.5 folds. This picture might be the most liked picture of you. But after visiting other African cities, knowing where is Dar es Salaam, understanding what makes Tanzania different from other towns downtown can be a little bit boring for you, especially if you are a traveler and have no interest in buildings. In this case, you are welcome to travel to Mbudya Island. This island is far from Dar es Salaam, but I would surely recommend you to visit there.  Nights under a starry sky with a milder sea breeze is something you can't get more from any trip.  To stay the night on the beach, you can purchase a banda. Banda is an open hut made by locals. 

8. Bongoyo Island

bangogo island

Bongoyo is an island close to Msasani Peninsula. For reaching the island, you should rent a boat. Bongoyo Island is uninhabited. Most visitors use a one-day trip, which includes a visit to 4 islands. There are two beaches on the island. The Slipway Shopping Center is a departure point for boat trips to the island. Boats cost around 20 $, and they serve four times a day. If you are not well aware of sea travel, it will be a great start for you.  Besides beaches, the island is covered with forests. The green area is not safe, so it is not recommended for guests to move there.

9. Slipway Shopping Center

shopping center

This place is unique in Dar es Salaam. You cannot find that large shopping center in Dar es Salaam except Slipway, located in the Msasani Peninsula. This place combines different activity centers from the playground to the internet cafe and bookshop. To dine in the Slipway Shopping Center, they have four restaurants, and most of them serve national food. Some visitors suggest that this is the best point to observe the sunset. If you are bored with traditional restaurants, you can still have an option - street vendors. These vendors provide Tanzanians with fast foods and sweeties. Sometimes it's best to try street food to taste the cuisine of any country.

10. Kariakoo Market

kariakoo market

It is the ward in the Ilala District of the city. This place is not that fancy to take photos in Instagrammable places, but most visitors like the district. The market spans through a big part of the city. Before the Germans invaded, this part of the city was a farming place. German merchandiser bought 200 hectares from the city Dar es Salaam. As Europeans settled here and helped develop infrastructure, this part of the city became well known among civilians. Today the Kariakoo Market plays an essential role in the economy of the city.

11. Instagrammable Ocean Views

dar es salaam

Arriving at the island is an extremely energetic feeling. Azam Marine and Coastal Fast Ferries make this experience astonishing. Ferries take you from Zanzibar and Pemba. It is essential to decide what to do in Dar es Salaam before the ferry journey ends. Why not consider taking Instagrammable pictures on your sea trip to the island?! You will not regret it.

12. Coco Beach

man drinking coconut water

This beach is public. Two famous hotels on the coast are Golden Tulip and Sea Cliff. Most people prefer to visit the Oysterbay area alone, but it is not recommended. You can find cafes and restaurants around to enjoy the local cuisine. You can still find souvenir shops around. In most souvenir shops, you can find traditional Tanzania emblems or attributes to show your friends if they ask you where is Dar es Salaam?

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