12 Instagrammable places in Dushanbe

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12 Instagrammable places in Dushanbe
Where is Dushanbe? Dushanbe is the heart and capital of Tajikistan, located between the mountains and has the meaning of "Monday" since this place was a crossroads of Asian roads, where at the beginning of the XVII century, there was a kyshlag, arranged only on Mondays. Subsequently, the village grew and became a centre where large markets were organized several times a week. Today's Dushanbe is a city where you can feel the wild side of Asia, and on the other hand, it is the cultural, economic and political centre of the country. Tall buildings, eateries where delicious pilaf is traditionally prepared, elderly residents drinking fragrant tea, and even a peasant walking down the street with his donkey – all this can be seen in the capital of Tajikistan. If you are tired of the hustle and bustle of megacities, ultra-modern cities with skyscrapers, fast food, then, by all means, travel to Tajikistan and be sure to take a picture against the background of beautiful sights. And to make it easier for you to choose where to take a photo in Dushanbe, we have collected Instagrammable places in Dushanbe for you.

1. Ismaili Center

ismaili center The first places to visit in Dushanbe is Ismaili Center. The Ismaili Centre is a corner that is radically different from other tourist attractions in Dushanbe and has become the fifth Ismaili centre, which is not inferior in its beauty and scale. This landmark is not only a place where prayers are held, but also it is a cultural centre that brings together numerous cultures, religions and denominations. It hosts educational fairs, trainings on various topics, exhibits books, the result of the work of artisans, artists, as well as it is a venue for seminars and conferences of many organizations of international and national scale. The Ismaili Centre, which was built using 3 million bricks from Samarkand and the manual labour of Uzbek craftsmen, is open to all comers, and a fascinating tour will be held for them with great pleasure. The beautiful courtyard and the building of the centre make up a unique view and do not leave visitors indifferent.

2. National Library of Tajikistan

national library of tajikistan The National Library - an object that carries cultural heritage and is the most important national book depository of the Republic of Tajikistan, has become the pride of the country and has been brought to meet the basic requirements of UNESCO for libraries. At the entrance, you will be warmly welcomed and can even offer a free 40-minute tour, during which you will have a chance to visit the halls on different floors, learn about the construction process of the library, as well as learn more about the history of the country. The library, which has a large number of visitors of different age categories, has a special regime of protection and use. The building of the library is so majestic and beautiful that you will definitely want to take some Instagram pictures.

3. The Central Cathedral Mosque named after Khoja Yakub

mosque in khujand An interesting historical landmark of the XIX century, located in a magnificent location and with a remarkable architecture, is one of the first among the mosques of the capital with a wonderful external and internal beauty. Also on the territory of the mosque, there is an Islamic Center and an Islamic University. Inside, you'll spend hours looking at stunning patterns, mosaics and decorations. Definitely, a place to take Instagram photo in Dushanbe.

4. Monuments

golden statue of ismoili somoni The capital of Tajikistan is rich in numerous monuments that delight the eye of tourists. There are monuments of Ibn Sina, Firdowsi, Alisher Navoi and Abdurahman Jami, Sadriddin Aini and Maxim Gorky, and even Mahatma Gandhi. But among the most remarkable is the monument to Ismoil Somoni, the founder of the state of Tajikistan, located in the central part of the city on the magnificent ("Friendship Square") – a beautiful structure whose impressive size and architecture attract attention (height is 11.5 meters). On its background, most liked Instagram photos are obtained, further emphasizing the grandeur of the architecture. Therefore, you can even use the services of a professional photographer, always standing next to him. The square with the monument is considered almost the main celebrity of Dushanbe. The monument has several components, namely, behind Ismoil Somoni there is an arch with a height of 40 meters, which serves as a symbol of the eastern state; on the arch, there is a crown with a diameter of 4.5 meters, and it was made of steel and has a coating of gold leaf; the sceptre in the hand of Ismoil Somoni represents the symbol of unity of nation and state; solar disk on the sceptre is considered an indicator of goodness and vitality, peace and light; lions on sides – a symbol of stability of the state. A model of the Samanid mausoleum in Bukhara was built under the monument, and a sarcophagus made of precious stone brought from Bukhara is kept inside. The place is just perfect for walking, especially in the evening, when you can also admire the light music.

5. Tiger Beam

tiger There are a very large number of nature reserves in the capital of Tajikistan, which are Instagrammable places of Dushanbe. If you love nature and animals, you should definitely visit Tigrovaya Balka, which is one of the largest protected areas. It is home to quite rare species of animals and plants, preserved Tugai fauna and flora.

6. Rudaki Park

monument in rudaki park Park "Rudaki" is a magnificent park with a variety of vegetation, an alley of fountains, music, a set of colours and, of course, lighting at night. The perfect place for a walk and to take most liked Instagram photos for memory. Previously, the park was named after Lenin, but since 2007, as a result of the beginning of perestroika, the park was renamed, Rudaki Park. There is also a monumental sculptural monument of the Tajik and Persian poet Rudaki, which turned into a compositional accent of the entire park. This is a place where it would not be superfluous to take a most liked Instagram photo in Dushanbe.

7. Museums

museums There are many different museums in Dushanbe, but the most notable are the National Museum and the National Museum of Antiquities of Tajikistan. Although they are two different museums, they are often confused with each other. Both museums, without exception, are Instagrammable places in Dushanbe. The National Museum is a huge museum with four floors and a total exhibition area of 15,000 square meters. The year 2013 was particularly memorable for the museum, as it opened a new building with 22 large and small exhibition halls, which include the exhibition department of nature, the department of ancient and medieval history, new and modern history, fine and applied arts. There are also departments of written heritage, archaeology and numismatics, which function under the scientific research department formed at the museum. In the museum, you will be met by experienced, professional, loving guides who will be very happy to show you everything and explain everything. The National Museum of Antiquities was opened in 1934 and had 530 exhibits. Over time, the museum's collection was replenished with a sufficient number of archaeological and ethnographic finds, namely ceramic and metal products, weapons, jewellery, numismatic elements, manuscripts, sculptures, household items, embroidery, monuments of fine art and culture of the peoples of Tajikistan. The numismatic department created here has collected original finds of coins in a single copy, belonging to different periods of the country's history. In the museum funds, household utensils have also been preserved, there is a variety of bowls, jugs, vessels of different shapes and sizes. The museum is also rich in individual finds, such as the artefact "Queen of Sarazm", which was found near the city of Penjikent and a twelve-meter figure of the Buddha, which was found by archaeologists in 1961 in the town of Ajina-tepa in the southern part of the Republic of Tajikistan, Khatlon region, near the city of Kurgan-Tube and other elements. The museum's collection was also supplemented with examples of decorative art of wood carving, in the process of making which plaster and wall paintings were used. noor art gallery Copyright: @manija_salikhova  Noor is an art gallery, or rather a small shop, which is so full of works of art: handmade knives, magnificent paintings, products made of natural stones of the Pamirs, beautiful jewellery made of silver, ceramic, leather products, costume jewellery and many other things that carry a deep history, manual labour and high quality. If you do not have time to buy souvenirs and gifts, then, by all means, visit this place. Most notable here is painting – there is a large range of works by local artists, made in different motifs and techniques. The gem of the collection is the fascinating works of Farrukh Rahmatzade that convey sincerity and vividness and subtle humour. If you do not want to buy a picture, then in the shop for you there are postcards-reproductions of very high quality. The prices are quite reasonable, considering that they fully justify the high quality and reflect the Instagrammable places of Dushanbe.

9. Victory Park

victory park The park, located at the highest point of the city of Dushanbe, occupies a large area. A beautiful place to relax with well-groomed paths, with shady green alleys, terraces, benches and a well-groomed, unfortunately, no longer working cable car station. The memorial to the participants of the Great Patriotic War, which is surrounded by several rows of stands and contains the inscription in the central part " No one is forgotten, and nothing is forgotten." Down goes the Alley of Heroes, on both sides of which there are 7 obelisks with 4 most liked Instagram photos and names of heroes. Lovers of peace and solitude should definitely visit here, as there are no restaurants, hotels and loud music, everything is quite quiet and peaceful and, most importantly, a particularly wonderful view of the city is remarkable.

10. Hissar Fortress

hissar fortress Beautiful places to visit in Dushanbe are not uncommon in Tajikistan. Among the tourist attractions that every tourist must-see, there is also the Hissar Fortress, or to be more precise, what is left of it. Previously, it was a citadel with a wall thickness of one meter, and in the structures, there were loopholes with cannons and guns. Outside the gate was a beautiful garden and swimming pool, while the square opposite, where the bazaar was held, was bustling with life. Today, only the gates of the fortress, made of burnt brick and only for this reason managed to stand for such a long time and remain as majestic, remain in this place. Visiting these gates, you will definitely "soak up" the medieval spirit.

11. Mehrgon

green bazaar market Mehrgon is a famous indoor colourful oriental market, recently built in Dushanbe and has a considerable impression on visitors. Here you will immerse yourself in the oriental atmosphere and already at the entrance, you will meet merchants who diligently offer their goods and even give it a try. On the ground floor of the bazaar, there is a variety of fruits, vegetables, dried fruits, spices, teas and tortillas, meat products, cheeses, honey, etc. On the second - shops with clothes and shoes, a bank, on the third you can buy national souvenirs at affordable prices and a Dushanbe map. And, last but not least, be sure to bargain and you will get rather big discounts on purchases. There are also various cafes, as well as an escalator and an elevator, which greatly facilitates movement.

12. The Wall of Great Tajik Writers

Another tourist attraction of the series "Integralnye place Dushanbe" Wall, which shows Tajik writers and not only. On the famous "Wall", located on the facade of the building of the Union of Writers in the capital of Tajikistan, there are famous writers, poets, playwrights and other prominent figures, namely, there are 9 ledges with 11 statues of Tajik figures of natural size. The statues belong to Rudaki, the father of classical Persian literature, the poet Firdousi, the poet, mathematician and astronomer Omar Khayyam, the writer Sadriddin Aini, the poet Mirzo Tursunzadeh and others. In the garden near the building, a monument to Aini and Maxim Gorky was placed, who is sitting at a table and absorbed in conversation. You are still hesitant about planning a trip to Tajikistan? I have given you more than 12 reasons to get your visa and travel there. After all, it is your choice, but I also have to mention that getting Tajikistan E-visa is also simple. What can I say? Best of luck!

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