12 Instagrammable places in Edinburgh

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12 Instagrammable places in Edinburgh
UK visa and make your trip to Edinburgh inspirational for your followers and post pictures from Instagrammable views? Thankfully, you are in the right place. We all know that Instagram is such a place for inspiration and expressing oneself. Almost everyone uses Instagram to share lovely moments from their lives to motivate other people and keep a memory of those delightful times. We are here to help you find the astonishing places for your photographing ideas, what to do in Edinburgh and, of course, where to take Instagrammable pictures in this photogenic city. If you are ready, you should jump right into our article. Let's start!

1. Edinburgh Castle

edinburgh castle From London to Edinburgh, there are too many sites for visitors. Great Britain is a place for amazing shots! One of the iconic places for Instagram in this charming city is Edinburgh Castle. For sure, you are going to amaze all your encircling with the pictures of this alluring castle. Edinburgh Castle is the core tourist site and signature place for all visitors. The place is remarkably historical and captivates the focus of the guests. Situated in Scotland's capital city, assuredly, Edinburgh Castle is the second most frequently visited sightseeing spot in the country. We are positive that you will enjoy your trip to Edinburgh and capture impressive most liked Instagram photos of you and your beloved ones. 

2. Circus Lane

circus lane If you want to create an astonishing image of village life, you should visit Circus Lane. This place is one of the core sites of almost every influencer. In the heart of the village called Stockbridge inside Edinburgh, this place makes your dreams of taking fairytale photos for your Instagram account. Tiny little cottages, small cafes, restaurants and cobblestoned streets will capture the gaze of your followers. We believe you will also look charming in your neatly taken most liked Instagram photos

3. Arthur's Seat

arthur seat Here is an answer to your question of "What to do in Edinburgh?" if you want to see something unusual and inspiring. From Arthur's Seat, you will have the chance to see the most Instagrammable sight of the city. This bizarre volcano is situated in Holyrood Park and getting the attention of hiking lovers for a very long time. The volcano holds a mind-blowing view of the city. Therefore, it is one of the Instagrammable places of Insta people. From here, you will also be able to see the castle. This place is a chance for revealing the whole city in one picture. 

4. The Botanic Gardens

royal botanic garden Do you want to escape the big cities' traffic and want to have a little time while exploring Edinburgh? We offer you to visit the Royal Botanical Gardens. This place has a lot to offer when it comes to having a background for your photographs. The flora of the Gardens will give you calmness and endless options for taking pictures. It is worth mentioning that, The Botanic Gardens are one of the rare things that one needs to see in her/his lifetime. You do not need to worry in any season because this fascinating place always has something breathtaking to discover and capture for every season.

5. Edinburgh Old Town

old town Here is another place for history addicts. If you want to create "old but gold" vibes in your Instagram account, for sure, Edinburgh Old Town is a must-visit site of the city for you. Grassmarket is located in Edinburgh Old Town, which makes your visit special. This place has a lot of history behind it and carries the beauties in itself. Therefore, you will not need to ask yourself, "What to do in Edinburgh?" again because this place is perfect for getting a shot. From London to Edinburgh, every tourist visits the Edinburgh Old Town and take awesome shots to give inspiration to their family and friends. 

6. Calton Hill

calton hill We continue our discovery over Instagrammable places in Edinburgh with Calton Hill. These hills have meaning and history behind them. While visiting the hills, you might think you are in Rome. However, this monument is built in honour of the soldiers who fought for the country once. It is worth mentioning that Calton Hill is included in the part of the city, which is considered UNESCO World Heritage. Boom! Here is a shot with lots of history and value behind it. You will definitely amaze your friends and make your friends jealous just in one shot from Calton Hill.

7. The Vennel

castle Do you want to get another but unique capture of the castle? Here is your chance to visit a new place which has something amazing to offer - The Vennel. The Vennel is, in fact, a street. It is located in the Old Town and near Grassmarket with a view of the city's castle. The narrow small street, the castle and the story in one photograph. Certainly, you will create vintage vibes for your Instagram followers

8. Victoria Street

victoria street Well, yes! It is another fascinating street to take most liked Instagram photos of you and your darlings. Apart from the streets mentioned above, this street has something unique to see. Curvy street with coloured shops and in the middle with Harry Potter shop. WoW! We are one hundred percent positive you will catch the attention of your lovely Instagram friends with a quick snap from Victoria Street. All these Harry Potter fans are there to like your posts and boom your comments with their sweetness. There is a rumour that Victoria Street was the major influence of Diagon Alley in the Harry Potter series. 

9. The Parliament House

parliament house The Parliament is a place for our classy and chic friends. If you are looking for a shot from an official site in Edinburgh, you should absolutely take a picture of this building. The exotic design of the windows is worth getting the attention of every tourist. We are sure you will love to get the shot of modern art you have been looking for a while on your visit to Edinburgh, The Parliament. 

10. Hoot the Redeemer

hoot the redeemer If you are visiting London and planning to come to Edinburgh, we suggest you take a beer break in one of the city's fascinating bars. We will give you another answer to your question of "What to do in Edinburgh?" in this part of the article. On your visit from London to Edinburgh, you should go to the Hoot the Redeemer, the fascinating bar in Edinburgh. With the marvellous interior of the bar, you will be unsure where to take your shot. With the vintage atmosphere and underground vibes, you will definitely enjoy your evening with your friends and dears in Hoot the Redeemer. You will snap old-fashioned photos for your Instagram followers scottish national gallery of modern art Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art is a place for art and culture lovers. From your visit from London to Edinburgh, you should definitely visit this National Gallery. Outside of the building is also another art piece, instead of the ones inside. Sculptured gardens and the art fragments of well-known painters worldwide will be amazing for your Insta shots. The artworks of Robert Adam, Josef Albers, David Allan, Salvador Dali and so on will help you to realize your ideas of having artistic and esthetic photos in your Instagram account. 

12. The Water of Leith

dean village We always are looking for a place with water. The water looks amazing in pictures, is not it? Thus, you need to walk along the main river of Edinburgh, the so-called The Water of Leith. This river contains all the main tourist attractions we have mentioned above. The Botanic Gardens, The Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art and Dean Gallery are located in the Water of Leith's walkaway. It is a great place to video capture yourself and the surrounding area for your IG TV. The Water of Leith is 35 km in length and starts from Balerno and ends in Forth's Firth. The river will follow you to one of Edinburgh's tourist spots, which is called Dean Village and is located in the heart of the city. Walk along with the river, take nice shots, film yourself on the road, head towards one of the core parts in Edinburg, Dean Village. You will love the vibes, as well as the number of likes and comments in your Instagram account.  Starting from the Edinburgh Castle to the Water of Leith, your visit to Edinburgh will amaze your followers as to how they will amaze you. The vintage, nature, history, underground, Harry Potter and the village vibes - all in one city will surely be breathtaking for your family, followers and friends. We believe that after reading our article about 12 Instagrammable places in Edinburgh, you will be able to design and plan your trip to this amazing photogenic city with heart ease. You will be an inspo for your beloved ones. Go ahead and enjoy yourself!

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