12 Instagrammable places in Faroe Islands

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12 Instagrammable places in Faroe Islands
most liked Instagram photo, which is captured while traveling. One of the most beautiful travel destinations in the world is the Faroe Islands that is home to dozens of instagrammable places. Travel to Faroe Islands is a dream of millions of travel enthusiasts who love to discover instagrammable spots and take spectacular photos. Where are the Faroe Islands? The Faroe Islands is part of Denmark and an archipelago state located in the North Atlantic region and is home to dozens of islets near Scotland, Norway, and Iceland. Faroe Islanders are the major ethnic group in this autonomous part of Denmark for thousands of years. The official languages in the Faroe Islands are Faroese and Danish. The official currency of the autonomous territory is called Faroese krona, but they are also using Danish krone. The capital and the largest city of Faroe Islands is Torshavn, home to its most instagrammable places. Magnificent waterfalls, fascinating village homes, lighthouses, beautiful lakes, interesting culture, and a welcoming society are natural treasures of the Faroe Islands. It is worth exploring the Faroe Islands' beautiful places and enjoys winter vacations in the beautiful Northern Atlantic region. This blog will list the best places to visit in Faroe Islands, where you can take amazing Instagrammable photos and videos.

1. Saksun Village

saksun village A nice one-hour drive from the capital city of Faroe Islands, Torshavn, will take you to the magical village of Saksun. Turf-roofed medieval houses, iconic ancient churches, and sandy lagoons are the village's most spectacular attractions. Many tourists love Saksun, especially because of its quiet, peaceful, and calm village environment. The village's lush fields and fascinating green hills will be the perfect background for the photos and videos. You can capture your most liked Instagram photo in the Saksun village. You will enjoy seeing every shade of green color in a beautiful village. Saksun is definitely one of the best places to visit in Faroe Islands.

2. Mulafossur Waterfall

mulafossur waterfall The Faroe Islands is home to many isolated islets and villages such as Gasadalur. In 2004, the Danish government built a fascinating tunnel in the Faroe Islands that connected Gasadalur village with its rest. Many people travel to Gasadalur village to see the beautiful Mulafossur Waterfall. The Waterfall has an amazingly scenic and picturesque view. Mulafossur Waterfall holds a special place among the Instagrammable places in Faroe Islands. The height of the waterfall is 60 meters, and it directly falls from the cliff directly into the Atlantic Ocean. The water's pace and sound admire the visitors who travel to Faroe Islands to see the Mulafossur Waterfall. The vast green meadows and ancient volcanic rocks of the Vagar Island generate a magnificent scenic view where the Waterfall starts.

3. Traelanipa

lake Traelanipa is an extraordinary and magical spot located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. The lake in Traelanipa (Sorvagsvatn) is located on the cliff above the ocean. You can admire the beauty of the lake from far away during the boat and ferry trips. When you look at the lake from far away, the fog and clouds will create a magically scenic view. Hiking up to the cliff is not challenging, and you can easily climb and reach the clifftop. The lake in Traelanipa is one of the most Instagrammable places. You will capture dozens of beautiful views during a nice trip to Traelanipa.

4. Kallur Lighthouse

kallur lighthouse If you happen to travel to Kalsoy Island, the Kallur Lighthouse is a must-visit for you. The lighthouse has a long history dating back to hundreds of years. While hiking up to the hills of the major mountain in Kalsoy Island, you will see the Kallur Lighthouse from far away. During the sunrise, the Kallur Lighthouse will shine and rise among the hills' light-green and bright meadows. The historical Kallur Lighthouse holds a special place among the Instagrammable places of the Faroe Islands. The Kallur Lighthouse is pretty Instagrammable, both from far away and close. The beautiful architecture and building style of the lighthouse will amaze you. Also, your Instagram followers will adore the posts and stories captured near Kallur Lighthouse.

5. Hvithamar

quiet beautiful sunset While standing on Hvithamar, you will have a chance to overlook and admire the Faroe Islands' fascinating fjords. Green and beautiful hiking trails can take you to the Hvithamar. Hiking up to the Hvithamar will be one of the most memorable experiences of your trip to the Faroe Islands. The fogs and clouds on the highest point of Hvithamar will make the islets' scenic views amazingly beautiful. We would advise you to visit Hvithamar during the summertime as the weather will be mild and quiet. In autumn and winter, the weather is rainy or snowy, and the surfaces of hiking trails are slippery. The wild rocks will make your trip more challenging. Therefore, spring and summer are the best seasons to visit Hvithamar. Your most liked Instagram photo will be the one captured on top of the Hvithamar. From the clifftop, you will enjoy unforgettable scenic views.

6. Tjornuvik Village

tjornuvik Another spectacular historical village in the Faroe Islands is Tjornuvik, located in the country's northernmost part. Green hills surrounding the waters of the Atlantic Ocean are typical of Tjornuvik. Also, white houses with colorful roofs decorate the village beautifully. Tjornuvik is a perfect place for various activities, such as hiking and walking. You will have a chance to breathe the perfectly clean and fresh air of the village thanks to forests and meadows. You can also enjoy fishing during your trip to this magnificent Faroese village. Local tourism agencies organize boat trips around the village. The most Instagrammable places in the Faroe Islands are located in Tjornuvik village.

7. Faroese Tundras

animal Faroese islands and islets are home to fascinating tundras thanks to their subpolar oceanic climate. The unique flora and fauna of Faroese tundras create an extraordinary environment that is fascinating for travelers. Many days of the year are snowy in Faroese tundras. Therefore, the hills and meadows become all white, snowy, and icy during the autumn and winter in the tundras' northernmost parts. During autumn and winter, the tundras turn white, which looks extremely beautiful and fascinating. While walking around the tundras, you will be able to capture magnificent scenic views.

8. Historic Tinganes

torshavn Tinganes is a spectacular town located in the capital of the Faroe Islands, Torshavn. Tinganes features colorful houses typical of the 17th century. The historical houses create magically beautiful scenes while walking around the town. Also, the Tinganes town is home to various modern and ancient government buildings. One of the most ancient parliaments was built in Tinganes by Vikings hundreds of years ago. Colorful government buildings typical of Danish architecture make Tinganes town very special. While taking a lovely boat trip, you will have dozens of chances to photograph the Tinganes government buildings and houses' iconic scenic views. Tinganes is one of the best places to visit in Faroe Islands.

9. Nolsoy Island

nolsoy island A nice ferry trip from Torshavn will take you to Nolsoy Island, home to a cute little village of the same name. Colorful Scandinavian-style houses will please you when you approach the Nolsoy Village by boat. There are a plethora of things to do on Nolsoy Island. You can enjoy fishing while relaxing on a cozy boat. Various species of fish typical of the Atlantic Ocean will make your fishing experience more interesting. Also, you can hike up to the lighthouse located on top of the island. The historical architecture of the lighthouse will make you feel the pre-modern Scandinavian vibes at their best. Moreover, you can explore and admire the fascinating street art and colorful graffiti on the walls while wandering around the town. A trip to Nolsoy Island will be one of the most memorable experiences of your travel to the Faroe Islands.

10. Mykines Village

black house Another famous tourist destination in Faroe Islands is Mykines village. Mykines is very well-known for its seabirds. A day trip is enough for exploring this small Faroese island. The colorful wildlife of Mykines village will amaze you. The puffin bird is the most famous member of the Mykines' fauna; many tourists visit the village to see and photograph adorable birds. Your Instagram followers will love to see colorful cute little birds in Instagram stories and posts.

11. Gjogv Village

mykines village The famous gorges in the village of Gjogv have attracted thousands of tourists who travel for photography. The magnificent view of the gorges will amaze your Instagram followers. The boat trip around Gjogv will be an amazing experience that you will never forget.

12. Fossa Waterfall

fossa waterfall Fossa Waterfall is another natural treasure of the Faroe Islands. Fossa Waterfall is the tallest waterfall in the Faroe Islands and is readily accessible and breathtakingly beautiful. Fossa Waterfall is located at the northern end of Streymoy Island, just before the village of Haldarsvik.

A quick recap of this article

sheep In this blog, we have listed the most picturesque places in the Faroe Islands. We have answered the following questions: Where are the Faroe Islands? What is the official language in the Faroe Islands? What currency Faroese people use? After you know where are the Faroe Islands and the best Instagrammable places, you can organize a nice winter trip to the Northern Atlantic region and enjoy your most memorable winter vacation.

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