12 Instagrammable places in Gaborone

12 Instagrammable places in Gaborone

Punhan Shukurov14 November 20201609 views8 min. read
12 Instagrammable places in Gaborone
Gaborone is the capital of what country? Where is Gaborone? The city of Gaborone is the capital of Botswana, located in the southern part of the Africa continent. Those who wish to travel to Gaborone are also interested in Gaborone weather. How is the Gaborone weather throughout the year? The climate is mainly hot and dry during the whole year except for the summer season. There can be seasonal rainfalls during the summer months. Gaborone is an excellent tourist destination full of fascinating attractions and natural treasures. Those who enjoy travelling for capturing great Instagrammable moments and share attractive travel posts and stories on Instagram would love to visit Gaborone. There are many Instagrammable places in Gaborone that you would enjoy to visit and explore. In this blog, we will list the most picturesque places to visit in Gaborone, where you can capture your most liked Instagram photo.

1. National Botanical Garden

sunset One of the most picturesque places in the capital of Botswana is the National Botanical Garden. The government of Botswana planted endemic African flowers and herbs in this reserved area. The plants of the National Botanical Garden are indigenous ones that can only be found in special ecological zones of Botswana. The myriad of flora species will amaze you while wandering around the green and colourful garden. You can capture your most liked Instagram photo in the Botanical Garden while exploring the wonders of the African flora. The National Botanical Garden is one of the most beautiful Instagrammable places in Gaborone that you will admire.

2. The Hindu Hall

hindu hall Would you love to see a traditional Hindu temple in Southern Africa? Well, Gaborone is home to magnificent Hindu festivals and traditional celebrations held in the major cultural landmark of the city. The Hindu Hall features amazing ancient Indian architecture and ornaments on its walls. This ancient shrine is one of the most interesting places to visit in Gaborone. Several times a week, local Hindu people of Gaborone attend religious events and prayers. The Hindu Hall welcomes local and foreign visitors very pleasantly. You can record great photos and videos during religious ceremonies. Also, both the interior and the exterior of the Hindu Hall are perfect for capturing amazing Instagrammable photos that will attract a lot of Instagram followers.

3. Botswana National Museum

museum hall One of the must-see places in Gaborone is the Botswana National Museum. The most important the largest museum of the country is located in the capital. There are many monuments, manuscripts, ancient handmade crafts, and old books worth exploring. Tourists get a unique chance to learn a lot about the history of Botswana. The exterior design, architecture, ornaments on the stairs, and colourful walls amaze the visitors with their beauty. You can also learn interesting facts and find answers to many questions, such as the historical Gaborone is the capital of what country. Many things in the Botswana National Museum are worth photographing and posting on Instagram. Your followers will adore the colourful stories filled with beautiful ornaments, colours, and historical facts. The Botswana National Museum is a must-visit during your travel to Gaborone.

4. Kgale Hill

kgale hill Taking a short break from the dynamic city life and exploring the wildlife of Gaborone would be great. Gaborone is home to the fascinating Kgale Hill that has preserved the African wildlife at its best. Kgale Hill has a height of almost 1200 meters from sea level. Fascinating hills and the forest landscape are perfect for hiking. You will enjoy hiking through thick forests and breathe the fresh scent of the African flowers and meadows. Baboons are endemic African animals typical of Kgale Hill forests. Hikers can see a lot of herds of baboons while climbing to the top. Climbing up to Kgale Hill is the most famous tourist recreation. You can capture your most liked Instagram photo while hiking on astonishing Kgale Hill. There are many hotels in Gaborone near Kgale Hill that offer perfect hiking clothes and shoes. It would be better to get some hiking instructions before starting the climbing adventure. 

5. Mokolodi Nature Reserve

group of waterbucks An hour of a bus ride from the Gaborone city centre to the south will take you to the Mokolodi Nature Reserve. Since 1994, the Nature Reserve has been open for local and foreign tourists. Mokolodi Nature Reserve is home to a myriad of indigenous reptile, bird, and mammal species. Impala, gemsbok, hippopotamus, zebra, giraffe, crocodile, and leopard are wild animal species typical of Mokolodi Nature Reserve. Snouted cobra and black mamba will amaze you with their extraordinary reptile lifestyle, colours, and eating habits. You can observe and explore the animals from a certain distance. Mokolodi Nature Reserve holds a special place among Instagrammable places in Gaborone. You will capture the best wildlife moments in the area of the reserve and amaze your social media followers. 

6. Thapong Visual Arts Centre

famous craft The government of Botswana founded Thapong Visual Arts Centre in the late 1990s. The major visual arts centre of Gaborone is famous for its weekly art exhibitions. Local painters and visual artists add their paintings to the gallery every week. The exhibition visitors can get tickets for very affordable prices. The exhibitions are full of amazing Instagrammable paintings and visual artworks that amaze the tourists. Many foreigners buy paintings and pay a lot of money to local artists. In the Thapong Visual Arts Centre, you will have a chance to learn a lot about the ancient and modern history and literature of Botswana.

7. Okavango Delta

okavango delta Okavango Delta is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and home to the marvellous wildlife of Botswana. The Delta area is amazingly picturesque and has attracted millions of tourists worldwide. When the Gaborone weather is calm and hot, it is simply astonishing to visit the Okavango Delta during the sunrise. Okavango Delta is home to indigenous species, such as blue wildebeest, African bush elephant, serval, springbok, caracal, an African giraffe, East African cheetah, and African leopard. You will capture the best wildlife moments during your time in the surroundings of the Okavango Delta. A great boat trip around the Delta will make your travel to Gaborone unforgettable. You can also enjoy fishing in the Delta, which is home to more than 70 fish species such as tilapia and catfish. You can explore the Okavango Delta area for several days and stay in super comfortable hotels in Gaborone near the Delta. The area is also home to several ethnic groups that have lived in the surroundings of Okavango for thousands of years.

8. Old Palapye Monument

old palapye monument A few hours of drive will take you to the Old Palapye Monument, which is a great historical and archaeological site. The Old Palapye Monument has an ancient history dating back to thousands of years ago. Palapye town is located near the capital of Botswana, where tourists can easily travel via bus or car. Hotels in Gaborone organize tours to the Old Palapye Monument several times a week that you can join. Old Palapye Monument is an amazingly Instagrammable spot. Colourful paintings on the rocks, the stone remains, and small waterfalls make the Old Palapye Monument extremely unique. You can see the archaeological answers to the questions such as Gaborone is the capital of what country.

9. ISKCON Temple

indian temple in botswana Also known as Krishna Balaram Palace, the ISKCON Gaborone Temple is one of the Indian religious shrines in Gaborone. The exterior of the temple attracts huge attention and welcomes thousands of tourists every month. You can photograph great ritual events and celebrations where local Indian people prepare and serve traditional meals.

10. Botswana National Stadium

botswana stadium Many important football games are held in the National Stadium, located in the capital city. If you are a lucky traveller, you will be able to attend football games and celebrate great moments with the local people. The interior of the stadium amazes the football fans with the original meadows and high-quality seats. You can capture amazing Instagrammable moments during football games.

11. Three Dikgosi Monument

tribal chiefs dikgosi The Three bronze monuments are the most significant political statues in Botswana. The three Dikgosi Monuments are huge that have attracted great global attention. You and your social media followers will be amazed by the shining bronze monuments that tell a lot about the history of Botswana.

12. Parliament of Botswana

parliament house Your Instagram followers will know that you are in Gaborone when they see the photo of the parliament building of Botswana. The entrance of the parliament building is decorated with a special globe monument that symbolizes global peace. The exterior of the building and its surroundings will astound your followers and social media friends with its exquisite architecture.

A quick recap of this article

aerial view of gaborone In this blog, we have listed Instagrammable places to visit in Gaborone, which is the fascinating capital of Botswana. We also answered important questions such as where is Gaborone. After finding out where is Gaborone, you can arrange a great vacation full of wildlife adventures. A nice vacation in Gaborone will be an unforgettable experience for you.

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