10 Instagrammable places in Ganja

10 Instagrammable places in Ganja

Ilham Mehrali14 December 2020837 views6 min. read
10 Instagrammable places in Ganja
most Instagrammable places. You can find nine climate zones, mud volcanoes, high altitude Caucasian mountains, pristine nature, green meadows, and coastal areas by getting an Azerbaijan visa and travelling there. That's why this country's natural beauty is one of the most Instagrammable places in the world. Azerbaijan is an ex-Soviet country, and its second-largest city is Ganja. The city is the kind of place that is perfect for tourists, and you can follow this blog to find out more things to do in Ganja. In this blog, you can find answers to questions like how to travel to Ganja and a short guide on finding Instagrammable places in Ganja.

1. Lake Goygol 

lake goygol Mountains that cover Azerbaijan hide many natural beauties between them, such as this magnificent lake surrounded by mountains in Lesser Caucasus Range. Its beauty has been an inspiration for many poems, novels, and pieces of music. The area of the Goygol lake is included in a large lakes category. The depth of the lake is 96 meters, and its fauna is quite rich.

2. Nizami Ganjavi History-Ethnography Museum

museum artefact castle model Copyright: _emine_aliyeva_ Travel to Azerbaijan will be rich in cultural knowledge and great people's biographies, such as Nizami Ganjavi. Nizami Ganjavi was the poet and thinker of Azerbaijan. The museum named after him was built in the XIX century. About 30 thousand exhibits are kept in the museum, placed according to historical succession and the exposition subject. 

3. Heydar Aliyev Park

heydar aliyev park Heydar Aliyev Park Complex in Ganja includes within its boundaries fountains and decorated garden plots, a Museum of Modern Art, an amphitheatre, a Youth Center, a waterfall, and an artificial lake, in addition to thousands of trees. If you think about travel to Ganja and things to do in Ganja, this is a great place to start a self-guided walking tour of the city.

4. Khan's Garden

khans garden Khan's Garden is a great place to appreciate green space in the city. It is located near the entrance to Ganja Fortress. The Khan's Garden of Ganja has existed in its present place since 1700. Established under the Persians, this building reached its present size under Javad's management, the last ruler of the Ganja Khanate, and was named after him. After reconstruction, the Garden received its former name Khan's Garden. This is a modern, European-looking park with lanterns and contemporary sculptures. The main decoration of the Khan's Garden is ancient trees, some of which still remember the Persian rule. There is also a mini-zoo with deer, gazelles, squirrels, and several birds species, including flamingos. The Garden is currently one of the main recreation areas for people in Ganja. The Garden is also famous for its teahouses. This is possibly one of the Instagrammable places in the city where you can enjoy the view and drink tasty local tea.

5. Tomb of Javad Khan

javad khan tomb statue Copyright: ganja_azerbaijan Javad Khan is a national hero of Azerbaijan. He was a fighter against Russian occupation in the 17th and 18th centuries. Thereby, in 2005 Javad Khan's memory was perpetrated with the support of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation. Javad Khan's Mausoleum was constructed from baked bricks and covered with a dome.

6. German Lutheran and Alexander Nevsky Churchs

old german lutheran church In the lake's vicinity, there were settlements once populated by ethnic Germans, many German culture monuments, and an old German Lutheran Church built-in 1854. A German settlement was founded in 1819 (now the territory of Azerbaijan). In the Soviet era, Alexander Nevsky Church was used as a museum and as a warehouse before becoming a church again. Among the existing Orthodox churches in Azerbaijan, it is one of the oldest- the second in construction after the Archangel Michael Church in Baku. Services in the temple are performed on Saturdays and Sundays and on great holidays. The existence of those Russian Orthodox and German Lutheran Church is regarded as proof of religious tolerance and multiculturalism by the Azerbaijani government. As a result, the Azerbaijani people's tolerance for such religious and racial differences is one of the reasons to travel to Azerbaijan.

7. Imamzadeh Mausoleum and Juma Mosque of Ganja

minarets of the juma mosque Juma Mosque of Ganja is one of the most famous mosques in Ganja, located in the city centre. The dome of the central building is covered with ornamental blue tiles. It is assumed that the primary structure was erected here in the 8th century. Later, the complex was redesigned several times, the last time in 1878. Imamzadeh Mausoleum or Goy Imam Mosque consists of a complex including walls with entrances, small mosques.

8. Bottle House

bottle house Bottle House in Ganja consists of 48000 bottles elegantly stacked on every square inch of the building to create a work of art - mosaics, portraits, or words. Interspersed with shimmering colours, transparent in the summer sun, the house made of bottles reflects the light passing through its walls as if through a prism.  Bottle House exterior is spectacular with eye-catching architecture and famous due to its ethical structure. The building attracts many tourists, as many are interested in seeing such extraordinary Instagrammable places when they travel to Azerbaijan.

9. Turkish Bath House 

turkish bath There is an ancient Turkish Bath House "Chokek" in Ganja. You can enjoy walking around the building, taking photographs of the unique interior.

10. Ganja Mall

ganja mall Ganja Mall is a new place in the city. It is a perfect spot for tourists who want to relax or shop in a shopping centre. The mall also has a cinema and many restaurants.

How to travel to Azerbaijan? Where is Ganja?

toy If you have any questions about how to travel to Azerbaijan or where is Ganja, the following brief information may be useful for you, so take a look! Once you plan to travel to Ganja, you will first have to come to Baku, Azerbaijan's capital. Ganja is located 375 kilometres from Baku. From Baku, you have a few options to travel to Ganja, i.e., taking a train or minibus to Ganja. The bus from Baku to Ganja will take about 4-5 hours, whereas the day train will take about 4 hours. Ganja is the second biggest city in Azerbaijan, with many attractive museums, old mosques, and other places. You can take part in cultural, artistic activities throughout the city and have a great time there. In this article, you have found brief information about travel to Azerbaijan, Ganja, how to travel to Ganja, how to find Instagrammable places there, and what to do in Ganja.

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