12 Instagrammable places in Guilin

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12 Instagrammable places in Guilin
travel destinations in the world. Millions of foreigners are interested in the daily life, culture, cuisine, society, and sightseeings of the world’s most populous country. Many prefer visiting Beijing because, for English-speaking tourists, getting around is pretty convenient in the capital city. Also, local tourism companies organize most of the trips in the capital. However, the capital has become quite touristy, boring, polluted, and overcrowded. Therefore, thousands of tourists lately travel to other Chinese cities. Guilin is China’s historical and cultural treasure and one of the biggest prefecture-level cities. Where is Guilin? It is located in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region of China in the south-east part of the country. It is pretty convenient to arrange flights from Beijing to Guilin, available several times a day. Guilin is home to a plethora of sightseeing that are pretty picturesque and Instagrammable. In other words, there are a lot of famous places in Guilin, where you can capture your most liked photo on Instagram. Therefore, many people want to answer the following questions: Where are the most interesting places in Guilin China? What to do in Guilin? Where can tourists capture most liked Instagram photos during a vacation in Guilin? This blog will answer almost all of your unanswered questions about where to travel in this scenic Chinese city and find Instagrammable places. We will list the places to visit in Guilin, where you can enjoy your vacation and post amazing Instagram photos.

1. Lijiang Folk Customs Garden

lijiang folk customs garden Representing the natural and historical pride of the city, Lijiang Folk Customs Garden is one of the most beautiful places to see in Guilin. If you look at the Guilin map, the Folk Garden is located in the city's southern part. The landmarks of the Chinese Ming dynasty date back to the beginning of the new era. The Garden's architecture, wall, and roads have an age of more than two thousand years. Lijiang Folk Customs Garden is home to many colorful Chinese flowers, such as peony, orchid, camellia, lotus, azaleas, and plum blossom. Your most liked photo on Instagram can be the astonishing view of any Chinese flower. Moreover, Lijiang Folk Customs Garden features unique Chinese trees, such as red pine, larch, oak, fir, and yunnan. Historically, various ethnic groups lived in the area of the Garden. Zhuang, Miao, Dong, and Yao were the biggest Chinese ethnic minorities that resided in the Lijiang Garden. Guilin's local government has preserved the cultural treasure of the ancient ethnicities and turned the garden into a famous touristic place. Wandering around the Lijiang Folk Customs Garden will be one of the best things to do in Guilin. You will stumble upon dozens of Instagrammable places while walking around the historic site.

2. Reed Flute Cave

reed flute cave Thanks to its fascinating rock formations, Reed Flute Cave has been one of the most famous places in Guilin. Reed Flute Cave features a lake illuminated with colorful artificial lights. Tourists know this place also as “the Palace of Natural Arts”. The cave men with the civilization in the 8th century when the Tang Dynasty held political power in ancient China. The historical inscriptions that ancient people made with ink also explain why the Reed Flute Cave is very special. Thanks to its artificial lake illuminations, Reed Flute Cave is one of the most colorful places to visit in Guilin. With its astonishing colors and historical legacy, the Reed Flute Cave holds a special place among Guilin's Instagrammable tourist destinations.

3. Elephant Trunk Hill

lake Legendary Elephant Trunk Hill features osmanthus flower and elephant trunk mountain that are Guilin city emblems. Many Chinese people also call the Hill Chen Shui mountain. Water moon and love island within the area of Elephant Trunk Hill are among the most exceptional places to see in Guilin. Many locals and foreigners especially enjoy hearing Chinese legends dedicated to ancient emperors who lived, hunted, and fought near the Elephant Trunk Hill. Taking a boat tour around and photographing scenic views of Elephant Trunk Hill from different angles would be the best things to do in Guilin. You will capture the most liked Instagram photos during your time in Elephant Trunk Hill that will amaze your social media followers.

4. West Street

west street With its more than a thousand years of age, West Street is a pretty iconic neighborhood. West Street features a mix of Chinese and global culture. Also, the perfect mixture of the old and the new will amaze you. While wandering around West Street, you will adore photographing the scenic view of the mountain behind the roads. Your social media followers will love to see Instagram photos captured in West Street. In the historic neighborhood, you can also enjoy many activities and classes where you can learn a lot about Chinese culture. Cooking classes are among the top-notch!

5. Shiwai Taoyuan

nature of guilin What to do in Guilin? Well, taking a walking trip around the most beautiful park in the city would be an excellent idea. Shiwai Taoyuan is a fascinating park featuring traditional Chinese village architecture. You will see ancient buildings and imperial residences that are thousands of years old. Moreover, you can take a short canoe tour on the lake and enjoy photographing Instagrammable places of the Shiwai Taoyuan from different angles. Bridges, lawns, endemic Chinese trees, flowers, and butterflies make Shiwai Taoyuan a very special place in visitors' eyes.

6. Jingjiang Princes Palace

jingjiang princes palace This palace is one of the most interesting places in Guilin China. Jingjiang Princes Palace has been the Ming ruler’s residence who held political power for the longest time in ancient Chinese history. The entrance of the palace is called Majestic Chengyun Gate, built in traditional castle style. The long path taking you to the entrance is surrounded by lawn and flowers with a fresh scent. Jingjiang Princes Palace features the perfect combination of historical sites and natural landscapes. You can hike up to the Solitary Beauty Peak, where you will admire the panoramic view of Guilin. Also, you can look at the ancient Guilin map in the palace museum. Your Instagram followers, who are interested in history, will adore your Instagram photos captured in Jingjiang Princes Palace.

7. Fubo Mountain

fubo mountain Fubo Mountain is one of the most picturesque places to see in Guilin. Also known as Fubo Hill, this mountain will amaze you during your boat trips. The glorious Fubo Mountain rises from the water as a legendary rock. You can approach the hill and explore the astonishing rocks, flora, and fauna of the mountain. Hiking up to the Fubo Mountain would be one of the best things to do in Guilin. You can get your most liked Instagram photos during a boat or hiking trip. Especially your Instagram followers, who love adventure, will adore your posts and stories.

8. Guilin Tea Science and Research Institute

tea plantation The Tea Institute of Guilin is heaven for Chinese tea lovers. Covering hundreds of acres, the Guilin Institute is home to more than 200 tea plantations. The plantations have historical significance. In ancient times, tea for the Chinese royal family was grown in these plantations. The fascinating panoramic view of tea plantations and research samples of tea leaves are pretty Instagrammable that will astound your Instagram followers. Taking a short trip around the institute museum and plantations will be unforgettable experiences for you.

9. Li River

li river Li River flows through Guilin's natural pearl, where the ancient rocks meet the green forests and turquoise water. You will admire the natural scenic views of your dreams when you take a nice boat trip through the glorious Li River. The water flows pretty fast, which will excite you a lot. Images of incredibly beautiful Li River surroundings can be your most liked photo on Instagram.

10. Zhengyang Pedestrian Street

zhengyang pedestrian What to do in Guilin? An evening shopping walk followed by an amazing night's fun sounds perfect! When the evening comes, bright lights illuminate the Zhengyang Pedestrian Street. Its neighborhood is incredibly calm and silent as cars never pass through Zhengyang avenue. You can have excellent relaxation time at coffee shops, cozy restaurants, souvenir stores, and book cafes. When you are tired of the noisy Guilin streets' hustle and bustle, the Zhengyang neighborhood is a perfect spot for you to enjoy peace of mind. For that reason, many locals travel from Beijing to Guilin.

11. Sun and Moon Towers

towers Glorious towers made of marbles will astonish you with their beauty during both day and night. While approaching the towers by boat, you will have a chance to take amazing photos of Sun and Moon Towers from a few angles. Sun and Moon Towers are among the famous places in Guilin.

12. Daxu Old Town

guilin Daxu Old Town is among the interesting places in Guilin China. The Old Town is famous for ancient wooden homes and colorful street lamps. Also, there are great gift shops in the Daxu Old Town. You can buy a special Guilin map representing Chinese culture and traditional buildings, for your friends and family members.

A quick recap of this blog

guilin In this blog, we have listed the most picturesque tourist destinations of Guilin. We have answered the following questions: Where is Guilin? Why do many people travel from Beijing to Guilin? Where are the best places to visit in Guilin? After finding out where is Guilin, you can organize a trip to one of the best tourist destinations in China.

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