12 Instagrammable places in Iceland

12 Instagrammable places in Iceland

Anna Tretyakova20 January 20211393 views11 min. read
12 Instagrammable places in Iceland
Iceland has collected many natural wonders on its territory. Previously, travel to this country was chosen only by extreme climbers or fans of ecotourism, now the country's largest airport Keblavik receives more than 2 million tourists a year.  The Ministry of Tourism is continuously working on the development of tourism in Iceland. Still, most tourists are attracted and promoted by installations, impressive photographs with this country's beauties. How wonderful it is that in the 21st century there are many opportunities to preserve the experience for a long time. Iceland is full of installation locations, and the photos taken against them will gather hundreds of likes in social networks and will remind you of your vacation. When asked: "Where is Iceland?", anyone will answer that they are in the north. Yes, the famous country "Ice Land" is an island in the North Atlantic Ocean with severe Iceland weather conditions, but also with incredible landscapes, which in the photographs seem unrealistic. Geographical location directly affects the cost of recreation here. Even experienced travellers are surprised by the high cost of living on the island. However, it justifies the financial loss, the pleasure of the trip—Instagrammable places in Iceland in every corner of the country. Beautiful pictures will turn out against the background of volcanoes, glaciers, green meadows, waterfalls and mountains. There is no need to worry about what to see in Iceland, here you can enjoy recreation for every taste. If you choose a trip to the south of the island, to the capital of Iceland, Reykjavik, you can enjoy the natural beauty of the hotel, which will not lose civilization benefits. You can visit spa hotels with thermal hotels and tropical lagoons in the vicinity of the central city. capital of iceland Fans of active, so to speak, "wild" rest prefer camping on untouched by people spaces of the island. Such a trip meets two demands: what to see in Iceland and how to immerse into the country's incredible nature fully. In the north of the island, you can visit Lake Mivatne, Dettifossa Falls and historical museums. This part of the country can be rightly called a treasure trove of legends about Iceland. There are valleys of volcanoes in the west of the country with bubbling geysers and waterfalls that flow into the fjords. In the east of the island, you can take a trip to the largest glacier in Europe. And central Iceland will surprise you with the mountains of Landmannalaugar, which are painted in different colours and create the impression of a magical place out of a fabulous fantasy. It is here that the most popular hiking routes to the most Instagrammable places in Iceland, which can rightfully be called "Iceland's installation sites". The Iceland climate here is maritime subarctic, due to which Iceland has long winters and summers, but spring and autumn are visible only to natives of the island, tourists will not even notice the change of seasons. Cheaper recreation will cost from November to February, minus travel during this time - short daylight and weather, and the plus is that you will see frozen waterfalls, ice caves and be able to warm up in the hot springs. However, the main thing is that at this time you can see the northern lights. Winter is not cold here, very rarely the thermometer column can drop below -2 degrees, which is quite comfortable for travelling around the country. Summer Iceland will cost more, but the rest will be better, so more open natural attractions. Iceland weather also will please with a comfortable temperature, maximum +20 degrees. So, the useful information was sorted out, and it remains to find out where to make beautiful Instagram photos in Iceland.

1. Seljalandsfoss

seljalandsfoss Seljalandsfoss is one of the best places to visit in Iceland. In the rating "most Instagrammable places in Iceland" the most popular natural wonder is the Seljalandsfoss waterfall. It is a unique natural phenomenon famous all over the world. The peculiarity of this waterfall is not in height or fullness, but in the fact that, falling, the noisy waterfalls, almost without touching the rocks. The second feature is that you can see the waterfall both from the outside and inside. Behind the waterfall, there is a cave, from where you can take stunning photos. The waterfall is mesmerizing in its beauty, it is often called "Soaring Waterfall", as it seems that the water is floating in the air. Beautiful pictures are taken both behinds, and near the falls, the surrounding nature can not leave anyone indifferent. There are fewer tourists in the afternoon, which will allow you to take quality pictures where only you and the beautiful life will be. And if you stay at the campsite near the volcano, you can capture a stunning rainbow, which appears only at sunset. It's better to visit the Seljalandsfoss in summer, as there's no problem getting to them, as only in May tourist buses start operating. The waterfall freezes in winter, but you can reach magic pictures with the background's northern lights.

2. Blue Lagoon

blue lagoon With such natural attractions as the Blue Lagoon, Iceland is becoming popular with tourists, especially photographers. When you come here several times, you will get different photos each time. Water always changes its colour, lighting falls differently, and you get unrealistic pictures in a stunning place. Proud of such a natural wonder as the Blue Lagoon Iceland attracts more and more tourists, and the photos of this place fly around the world. The milk blue water pool is surrounded by black lava breeds, giving an indescribable contrast. The steam that rises above the pond creates a sense of magical peace.  The blue lagoon is the most photographed place on the island and a famous geothermal resort. The water in this pond is enriched with mineral salts and is rich in blue-green algae, which are also beneficial for the human body. This recovery resort is popular both in summer and winter. The water is continuously at the same temperature and comfortable for swimming all year round. Every two days, the water in the lagoon is renewed. Water purity is also controlled by taking water for samples. The Blue Flag award confirms the elite status of the lake.

3. Kirkewfetl

kirkewfetl Kirkewfetl is the most unusual and picturesque mountain in the Viking area. If you do not know where to take photos in Iceland, it is 100% the best place to shoot. The mountain changes its appearance with the change of seasons, in summer it is covered with greenery, and in winter it is wearing a snow-white hat. But it's not just the mountain that will decorate your picture, because around it there is an incredible landscape with Kirküffetlfoss waterfall, which falls right off the Snyphedelsyokudl glacier. The waterfall is not big, but the mountain gives it greatness. The most liked Instagram photos from this place are amazingly beautiful. This place is famous all over the world; photographers from all over the world come to take their best pictures at Mount Kirküfetl. If you want to take a unique photo, it is the best time to take most liked Instagram photos at sunset, when the sun's last rays make the mountain even more unusual.

4. Lake Viti

lake viti "Ice Island" never tires of surprising the scenery. Lake Viti is the most unusual places to visit in Iceland. When you get here, it feels like you're on another planet. The name of the lake is Icelandic for "hell". All because it is in a crater, and in ancient times the people of Iceland believed that holes are the gateway to the underworld. The water in the fiery Lake Viti is dark blue, but the colour can vary from turquoise to green. Around the earth is lifeless, because there are real oceans of magma underground. It's the high temperatures and the deposition of sulfur that paint the ground in different colours. You can see magma bursting out of the bowels of "hell" and the earth smoking in some places. Photos here are so different, if you find the right angle, the lake takes the shape of the heart, and you can take a romantic Instagram picture. Also, having experimented with the background, even sinister photos can turn out.

5. Diamond beach

diamond beach Diamond beach is a truly magical place near the Yokulsarlon glacier. All kinds of icebergs of different shapes regularly float up to the black shore. The smallest of them come to live their last days, on these very sands. These glaciers look like huge diamonds, hence the name of the beach. The most Instagrammable pictures with ice floes of various shapes are obtained at sunset because the sun's farewell rays give them a blue-silver colour.

6. The ice caves of Watnaiekudl

cave Where to take photos in Iceland in winter? Everywhere, but unique photos will be taken in the magical ice caves of Watnaikudl. Caves made of ice form near the Watnajekull glacier every year in late autumn. The caves' sensations cannot be conveyed in words; the walls are decorated with various patterns created by nature itself. In some Instagrammable places, the ice turns into sea waves and somewhere huge ice drops. Pictures here turn out to be extraordinary as if you had the Snow Queen. It's a real natural miracle that will take you into a fairy tale. It becomes even more beautiful at dawn or dusk when the sun rays break through the ice, giving the caves even more fabulous.

7. Reykjavik

reykjavik Reykjavik is the capital of Iceland. The city is tiny but rich insights. The main one of them is the Lutheran Church of Hadlgrimskyria. The observation deck of this church offers an unforgettable view of the whole city. Climbing up here you can capture this bright city, the main one on the "ice island". The capital of the northern country is filled with sun and colours. It is a real installation location, a photo, on the background of which will convey the country's full-colour. It is a tourist city with all the amenities for travellers. In the capital of Iceland, Reykjavik, there are no factories or businesses that are harmful to the city's pollution; the air is clean.

8. Mount Vestrakhorn

mount vestrakhorn Mount Vestrakhorn is one of the next one of the best places to visit in Iceland. A place of unusual beauty is Mount Vestrakhorn and the beach of the same name at their foot. This is one of the most photogenic attractions of the "Viking edge". Not many tourists come here to take Instagrammable pictures against the mountain's background on a perfect beach with crystal water and black sand. The mountain is 454 meters high and amazes with its unusual landscape, wind and water from lava dunes on the shore. By the sea, wet sand creates the illusion of a water surface. On which you can walk.

9. Plane on the beach in Solheimasandur

plane one the beach Tourists often photograph Black beaches in Iceland because of their picturesque nature. Solheimasandur beach is famous for its volcanic sands and for the plane that crashed in 1973. The remains of the flight attract many amateurs to take amazing pictures. The U.S. Navy plane made an emergency landing on this beach due to icing. Fortunately, the crew survived, and the flight is now considered the most photographed place on the beach.

10. Reynisfjara Beach

reynisfjara beach The beaches are the most popular place to take Instagrammable pictures in Iceland. The most picturesque beach is Reynisfjara beach. It is unique as it is located between two capes. The beach is famous for its basalt rocks and basalt columns called the "Dear Giants". Against the background of these wonders, most liked Instagram photos are obtained, which will surely gather many likes.

11. Skogafoss Falls

skogafoss falls Skogafoss waterfall is one of the most Instagrammable places in Iceland. The Cascades of the waterfall from steep rocks covered with moss and lichen. The waterfalls down rapidly, creating a white mist of spray. Against the background of the foggy Skougafossa, you will get Instagrammable pictures filled with mystery, because this is the impression of this waterfall. As if everything breathes magic here, the surrounding hills envelop the fog, creating the impression that nature is hiding something from people.

12. The Landmannalaugar Mountains

landmannalaugar mountains The Landmannalaugar mountains are also called lava fields. Images against their background will amaze with a variety of colours. Surrounding landscapes are created for the camera lens. Green meadows, milky blue lakes and coloured mountains are the most photogenic place in Iceland. When going to this country for the most liked Instagram photos, do not forget where is Iceland. For a trip to the "icy land," you should be well prepared, as the Iceland weather here is unpredictable. To get unforgettable shots, you should equip yourself with a camera and a raincoat and waterproof shoes. Iceland is made for the installation because the pictures with its landscapes are incredible.

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