12 Instagrammable places in Kazan

Darya Kiyevskaya11 March 20211661 views11 min. read
12 Instagrammable places in Kazan
Russia is no exception. Instagram is in third place after YouTube and VKontakte in terms of population coverage - and not surprisingly! The country is extremely rich in situations where you can take most liked Instagram photos that will decorate any profile. Each city is a separate treasure trove, filled with culture and traditions that are unlike any other.

Where is Kazan?

kazan city One of such cities is Kazan, the capital of the Tatarstan Republic, the ancient city of Russia, which celebrated its millennium in 2005. Does it have an impressive collection of historical treasures, cultural objects and simply madly beautiful Instagrammable places? The so-called instagrammable sites that hunters of successful most liked Instagram photos are looking for. As Kazan is often called, Russia's third capital can genuinely be considered a great tourist center. Here two cultures intertwine and coexist peacefully, each of which has left its mark on the city's history, its monuments, temples, and ancestral mansions. So, Instagrammable places where you can take the most beautiful photos in Kazan.

1. The Kazan Kremlin

kazan kremlin I will start with perhaps the most famous attraction of the city - a place visited by absolutely all tourists. This museum-reserve was awarded the title of UNESCO World Heritage Site. And it is entirely deserved because the Kremlin is a unique cultural and historical heritage of Tatarstan. It is the only surviving Tatar fortress, which has preserved the original architectural ideas, embodying urban planning foundations. The fort's entrance is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and completely free of charge. This place is like a small town-fortress - Instagrammable, large, soaked with spirit, unique atmosphere and traditions of Kazan; this is the heart of the city. It is also located near the railway station, so that photo-lover will immediately turn their attention to such a majestic monument.

2. The Temple of All Religions or Universal Temple

temple This temple is the only and unique construction of its kind that unites 16 different religions, including both modern and extinct. It is an incredibly Instagrammable and colourful temple, striking by its versatility and combination of seemingly disparate. Numerous stained glass windows, signs and symbols of Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist and many other religions. Inside, there are skillfully decorated rooms dedicated to different faiths. The Ecumenical Temple is the only one in the world among similar museums of religions trying to unite such diverse cultures and show how harmonious and excellent they look as a whole. Not to photograph this masterpiece of architectural art would be a real miss.

3. The Palace of Farmers

palace of farmers The first thing that will take your attention when you see this massive structure is the same colossal Tree embedded in the building's arch. Of course, it is not real but made of bronze, 20 m high. This Tree is a symbol of the fertility of Kazan lands. And inside the Palace itself, there is the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Tatarstan. It is also very symbolic, isn't it? On the edges of the building and in the center there are various sculptures - winged lions, horses. The square in front of the Palace serves as a place for wedding photoshoots and just a great rest. From here, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the promenade and directly on this large-scale structure. But the most beautiful thing starts when the sunsets. The Palace is illuminated with green light, and the Tree seems to be green itself. So the symbol year-round embodies the green and flowering Tree. Here you will get the most exciting and impressive Instagram photos.

4. Kul Sharif Mosque

kul sharif mosque Kul Sharif Mosque is a majestic and stunningly beautiful symbol of the city, erected in the Kazan Kremlin, and the domes can be seen far beyond its borders. Entrance to the mosque is free of charge. Still, it requires the observance of internal regulations - women cover their heads with a scarf, and men and women cover their bare shoulders and knees with capes. Before the entrance, it is necessary to take off your clothes and not disturb people praying. All this will be given to you at the entrance for lack of a handkerchief or a wrap, also absolutely free. The mosque has five floors, including a technical one and a basement one. There is a museum of Islamic culture on the last level, for visiting which you have to pay from 20 to 50 rubles. The marble and granite facade hides a delightful interior - numerous stained-glass windows, stucco work, mosaics, gilded handmade elements. Eight crescent moons symbolize the eight minarets of the past, as symbols of the Muslim faith.

5. Old Tatar Sloboda

kazan city The early part of the city is a unique and impressive ensemble of the past years' architecture. It is the most exciting and atmospheric place, a real museum of Tatar culture in the open air. Life in this quarter is not as intense and lively as in other parts of Kazan, the capital of the Tatarstan Republic, but it is as if the soul of eastern identity and centuries-old folk customs is concentrated here. Stone mosques, ancient wooden buildings, painted with bright colours in the oriental style, are museums in the same old houses. A day is not enough to enjoy all the sights and delightful beauties of this part of the city. But acquaintance to the Tatar culture, excellent mood and some new photos on Instagram are provided.

6. The centre of the family Kazan or Bowl

kazan centre One of the new Kazan attractions, its construction was completed in 2013. And this construction is a real Palace of Weddings. Many couples want to get married here. The building is made in the form of a Kazan, standing above a blazing fire. It symbolizes well-being in the family and the values that Tatarstan's residents magnify when they marry. Sculptures of mythical animals located on the building's territory also represent the power of the country and keep the young union from troubles and misfortunes. Along the perimeter of the "Bowl", there is a well-kept area for walking with green paths where you can relax, take Instagram photos and enjoy the views of the river and the Kazan Kremlin. And the roof has recently been equipped with a unique observation deck, which offers tourists a magnificent panorama of almost the entire city.

7. Peter and Paul Cathedral

cathedral The Cathedral is a real example of how tolerant and hospitable Kazan is. Peter and Paul Cathedral - Christian cathedral, which tourists and ordinary people visit, is made in the style of Russian Baroque. It is a whole impressive ensemble, including the most magnificent building of the temple, bell tower, and house of the parable. The cathedral had to go through many stressful events - fires, plundering, numerous reconstructions, abandoned on half of the work done. But now, it is one of the most Instagrammable, majestic and fascinating monuments of culture.

8. National Cultural Centre Kazan

kazan So here, life just boils up, and the revival rarely stops. Inside there are concert and exhibition halls, museums, galleries, philharmonic society! All these Instagrammable places undoubtedly attract crowds of tourists every year. And the building itself with its unusual, original and bright architecture, cannot fail to catch the eye. And also the area directly in front of the center is very popular with local Kazan people. Photoshoots are held continuously here - from large-scale weddings to ordinary photos with friends against the background of a magnificent panorama of the city.

9. Tugan-Avylym

tugan-avylym Tugan-Avylym village translated into Russian as "native village". The Tatar village located in the centre of Kazan is a museum of ethnographic treasures, entertainment centers, many restaurants, and cafes mosque, a craft center and much more. Decorative and architectural solutions reflect the national flavour, wooden houses stylized as buildings of the past centuries, fancy paths, and clean streets create an incredible atmosphere of warmth and the native home's coziness. There is a contact zoo, billiard room, shooting gallery, and bathing complex on the territory of the ensemble. For children, there are playgrounds, an artificially created pond with colorful fish. In the evening and at night at the expense of numerous garlands and lanterns, there is a feeling that you are in a real fairytale town - just as fabulously Instagrammable and magical. Why not capture the moment in a fairy tale?

10. The Embankment of the river Kazanka

river kazanka If you like to walk around the evening and night city, to admire the setting sun, then dare to go to the Embankment. It was recently re-equipped and improved for the 2013 Summer Universiade. Now it's a madly Instagrammable and quiet place where you can walk, think about different things and, of course, take a few pictures of a stunning sunset.

11. Emerald Lake

kazan Emerald Lake, also called "Career," is surprisingly enough, within the city limits. This artificially created reservoir quickly became one of the most popular Instagrammable places for both city residents and tourists. It is often a place where you can sit with friends, have a picnic, and just have a good time. This place is rich in incredible picturesque landscapes, and the lake is surrounded by coniferous forest. And the water is a beautiful emerald blue color. "Career" - one of the cleanest reservoirs within the city is another reason to visit.

12. Blue lakes

blue lake Blue lakes a reserve was consisting of three separate lakes that do not freeze even in winter, colourful and picturesque nature, which seems to come alive in this place - a real fascinating spectacle. The lakes have a high sulfate content, making the water here magically sky blue and crystal clear. In the forest, which is surrounded by the reservoir, more than 100 species of different plants are listed in the Red Book. But besides the stunningly beautiful nature, the lakes have healing properties - at the bottom, there are massive layers of medicinal minerals and salts. So you can swim, take most liked Instagram photos and improve your health. Like the whole of Russia, Kazan is undoubtedly rich in places to look at and admire the skill of architects, historical and cultural heritage of the city, and, of course, places where you can take most liked Instagram photos. Besides the above mentioned most famous sights there are many more squares, parks, streets, just walking along which you can find an unusual angle for the photo. Gorky Park is a great place to walk in the morning, afternoon, and evening, from here. You can enjoy a beautiful view of the Millennium Bridge and the Kazanka River. In the Park, there are singing fountains, a lot of greenery, and spend time admiring the beauty of the city. Victory Park - there is an open-air museum of military equipment, the beginning of the Park is timed to the 50th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War. Eternal Flame inside the pantheon is a place of watch for the young generation of Kazan citizens. Gorkinsko-Ometievsky Forest is a relatively new place in Kazan, where you will find many exciting things - fountains, light figures, original art objects. You can just have a great time here at any time of year. Kyrlay Kazan is a modern amusement park with a vast number of Kazan attractions for all tastes and colours in Kazan's heart. In this place, you will have a great time with your friends and take a couple of great photos for Instagram on the Ferris wheel, which offers a magnificent view of the city, the river Kazanka and Kazan's main attraction - its white stone Kremlin. And in conclusion, I would like to tell you about several places near the city for those whose desire to make an irresistible photo knows no boundaries. Raifa Monastery - Half an hour drive from Kazan, and you're here. Incredibly cosy and quiet place. There are excursions on the territory of the temple, and not far from the most religious shrine, there is the Volga-Kama reserve. On a vast enough area, there are century-old trees and bushes, cute animals running. The island-city of Sviyazhsk beckons with the inexpressible atmosphere of medieval Russia, Ivan the Terrible's times. There is a "Horse Yard", where you can ride horses, museums-islands dedicated to the times of the Civil and Patriotic Wars, as well as unusual architecture of buildings with thick stone walls and churches built without a single nail.  Lake Kara-Kul is a mysterious place shrouded in myths and legends in Vysokogorsky district of Tatarstan. Kara-Kul is translated from Tatar as "black lake". This name is explained by the presence of karst rocks in it, which made the water there black and gave rise to many legends about a snake-like monster floating to the surface. But, on top of that, Kara-Kul is incredibly picturesque and beautiful landscapes, so the pictures turn out to be great. Wouldn't a snake get caught in the frame? That's all, I told you about the most famous, picturesque places, but this is just the beginning, right? It's impossible to visit all the places to visit in Kazan during one visit, so I advise you to start with this list, and then - more. Good luck to you, photo hunters! 

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