12 Instagrammable places in Khartoum

12 Instagrammable places in Khartoum

Judith Kamau26 September 20202227 views7 min. read
12 Instagrammable places in Khartoum
where is Sudan located in Africa? Well, Sudan is located in the northeast part of Africa. It is bordered by Eritrea, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Central Africa Republic, Chad, Libya, Egypt, and the Red Sea. It is known for its vast volume of pyramids, ancient prehistoric sites and is where the Blue Nile and White Nile meet. So much is in store for you in this country, especially in the capital of Sudan, Khartoum. So, where is Khartoum? Khartoum in the local language means “Elephant's Trunk.” It is the capital city and administrative centre of Sudan and is built where the Blue Nile and White Nile meet. If you were wondering if it is safe to travel to Khartoum, then worry no more because it is. However, following the Covid-19 regulations put in place by Sudan’s government, you must protect yourself from contracting it. Arabic and English are the official languages in Sudan. Some places to visit in Khartoum Sudan include the Presidential Palace, Al Morgan Family Park, Nile Street, and other fantastic sites. Let us dive straight to exploring these amazing Instagrammable places in Khartoum.

1. Sudan National Museum

Sudan National Museum is a must-visit museum in our list of the Instagrammable places in Khartoum. The museum is situated along Nile Street. Built during the 20th century, the museum and the gardens around it host the most significant and most diverse Nubian archaeological artefacts across the world. The artefacts date from the Paleolithic period to date and are from all sites within the country. They include pharaoh tombs, mummy tombs, early Christian art, and remains of ancient sites. The museum holds an essential cultural essence to its country. The museum has a couple of statues erected around the building. It charges a minimal fee to allow entry. You should have it as one of the places to go in Khartoum once you travel to Sudan and spend time marvelling at the art crafts within it.

2. Nile Street

Nile Street is another great, and must-visit Instagrammable place in Khartoum. The Nile Street accommodates people with diverse tastes. It is a place you and your lover would love to take pictures and walks. At night the street becomes alive with beautiful lights across it. Across the street, the Nile River flows beautifully, and you can decide to get into any one of the many cafes strewn along with it and watch the greatest river pass by. You can decide to go boat riding on the Nile River to pass your time. The street has many cafes and hotels where you should try out the coffee with some snacks or have some tasty lunch as you absorb in the environment. The street hosts places like the University of Khartoum, Presidential Palace, Tuti Bridge, and the Corinthia Hotel. Plan your time to visit this Instagrammable place.

3. Tuti Island and Tuti Bridge

Tuti Island and Tuti Bridge are other great places to visit in Khartoum Sudan. Tuti Island is located at the centre of the Nile. It offers a place to retreat away from the busy city. You get a chance to ride a boat on the world’s renowned river to river. The Tuti Bridge has beautiful scenery as you cross over it and head for Tuti Island. While at Tuti Island, you will marvel at the Blue Nile and White Nile joining to become one. Taking most liked Instagram photos at the bridge is strictly prohibited in Sudan, but you can always have base pictures covering the bridge at a safe distance for your Instagram posts. You need to plan to travel to Sudan and get a feel of their burgeoning art scene. Sudan’s art galleries are the go-to Instagrammable places in Khartoum. Mojo Gallery, which was started in 2010, with an initiative to promote, nurture, showcase and enable sell of sale of Art in Sudan. The art can get insights from across all Sudanese cultures and a mix of Arabic culture and eventually express it through visual representation. The Mojo Gallery's goals include the acceptance and promotion of the Sudanese culture to be known by other countries and within Sudan.

5. Presidential Palace

The Presidential Palace is the next of outstanding Instagrammable places in Sudan. It is located along Nile Street in Khartoum. The Palace was constructed under a British governor’s reign and was used as a residence by them. Currently, the palace is serving as an official house for the head of state. The magnificent presidential palace has beautiful gardens and a state-of-the-art car collection. You can watch this elegant luxury from across the road as walking past on the same side of the street is prohibited.

6. Al Morgan Family Park

The Al Morgan Family Park is also an adorable place to visit in Khartoum Sudan, especially if you have family members to hang out with. The park has beautiful scenery, fresh air where you can stroll with your family over the conversation. Your children can get to have fun with their time at the playground available in the park. The park is a perfect spot for picnics. The park also offers a breathtaking view of the Blue Nile and White Nile meet, and this will make your experience in Khartoum exciting.

7. Al Kabir Grand Mosque

The Al Kabir Grand Mosque should be on your list of places to visit once you are in Khartoum. You will marvel at the impressive architecture used on it that has unusual patterns borrowed from India’s, Rome, and Persian architecture. Visit the mosque to get a deep understanding of its significance to Khartoum and its people from a religious perspective. It is an amazing spot among the Instagrammable places in Khartoum, where you can take most liked Instagram photos.

8. Khalifa House Museum

The Khalifa House Museum is located in Omdurman city, in Khartoum State. It was constructed in the late 19th century. It was home to a freedom fighter named Abdallahi Ibn Mohammed aka Khalifa, who was among the leaders of the revolution against Britain. Inside the museum, there are rifles, banknotes, swords, and Khalifa’s items being displayed. In this museum’s compound, there is Sudan’s first car. Make this one of your best places to visit and take most liked Instagram photos as you get to experience Sudan’s history.

9. Al Fateh Tower

The Al Fateh Tower is one of the most significant buildings in the city of Khartoum located next to Tuti Bridge. The tower was built in 2008 by the Libyan government. The building is an egg-shaped structure that gives a beautiful view making it one of the outstanding Instagrammable places in Khartoum. It is a renowned landmark of architecture that serves as a four-star hotel.

10. Naqa Ancient Ruins

Naqa ruins should be on your list of must-visit places while you travel to Sudan. Located on the northeast of Khartoum Naqa ancient ruins contain the temple of Amun that is being highly preserved. The temple was built in the twenty-first century. Its features include towering columns with hieroglyphics and statues a representation of rams in a row.

11. Tomb of Mahdi

The Tomb of Mahdi is a well-known shrine in Khartoum State. It was built in 1885 after the passing away of Muhammad Ahmad aka Mahdi. Mahdi was a revolutionary Muslim figure during the 19th century. He passed away being a freedom fighter, fighting for Sudan’s freedom from Great Britain. He is considered a national hero. Mahdi's tomb has a large central dorm that resembles a large bullet made of silver. The shrine has Mahdi’s remains. The area is free to access and is only permissible to Muslims.

12. Hamed al-Nil Mosque

It is among the religious places to visit in Khartoum State. The mosque is related to Sufism. Sufism is carried out by Sufi saints from across the country, who gather in large numbers at the mosque every Friday to perform the Sufi dance and dhikr ritual. When in Sudan, you should visit this place to wander at this culture and learn a bit about the Sufi faith. Some interesting facts about Sudan you need to keep in mind include:
  1. Alcohol is prohibited across the country according to Islamic law being reinforced.
  2. Concerning taking pictures of government buildings and bridges, the Sudan government has strict policies governing this, so you ought to understand what places govern what places before you take pictures.
  3. Credit and international cards may not be accepted in most places within the country consider exchanging at the airports' foreign exchange.
As portrayed above, you should travel to Khartoum Sudan to experience the serenity of its Instagrammable places such as the Al Fateh Tower, Al Kabir Grand Mosque, and Naqa ancient ruins.

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