10 things I wish I knew before going to Sudan

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10 things I wish I knew before going to Sudan
is it safe to travel to Sudan? Where is Sudan? Are there many places to visit in Sudan? You will find answers to all these questions. Also, you will get information about places to visit in Sudan, interesting facts about Sudan and etc.

Basics about Sudan

map Where is Sudan? Sudan is situated in the East of Africa. It has an ancient history, and there are countless places to discover for you. In 2011, a protracted civil war ended, and Sudan was divided into two republics. Wherever you go in Sudan (it does not matter which of them), you will leave with an unforgettable impression.  The capital of Sudan is Khartoum. It is also the largest city in Sudan, with a population of more than 5 million. Ensure that everyone who travels in this country wants to visit this metropolis on the Nile banks. Sudan population is more than 42 million. Although most of them are Arabs, the Sudan population consists of small ethnic groups. For this reason, the rich culture of Sudan, which has a historical geographic region, attracts the attention of tourists. And you will find a lot of fascinating and historical places to visit in Sudan. The main thing that every traveler wants to know is whether is it safe to travel to Sudan? At present, clashes are possible between certain groups, mainly on the borders of Sudan and Cad, as well as on the walls of Sudan and South Sudan. Crime, such as kidnapping, armed robbery, home invasion, and carjacking, are rare in big cities. In any case, you must comply with the existing security rules when entering the country. Now, let's see what you should know before going to Sudan.

1. Get a visa in advance

passport Sudanese visas are not available at any border (land or air) and must be arranged either via the Sudanese embassy in your country of residence or in the country you're visiting directly before Sudan. So, before you travel to Sudan, you need to get a visa in advance of your arrival. If you decide to travel to Sudan, you should also keep in mind that you will not be allowed there if you have an Israeli stamp on your passport. Getting a new passport or using a second passport is the only way to get around this.

2. Vaccinations 

vaccine Due to the climate, mosquitos can disturb you. Now malaria is a problem in Sudan. According to the latest WHO data published in 2018, Malaria deaths in Sudan reached 3598. Therefore, the Sudanese government recommends vaccinating those who come to the country. In any case, do not forget to bring insect repellents with you when traveling in this hot African country. Traditional Sudanese clothing will also protect you.

3. Everything is so cheap

coins The most interesting thing among the facts about Sudan is that everything is cheap here. This is excellent news for shopaholics. Everything for tourists in Sudan: from hotels to food, is reasonable. You can even stay in a room for $ 1. Also, the kind and smiling people of Sudan are always happy to welcome you home. People who travel here testify that the Sudan population is exceptionally hospitable. But we have bad news for you, ATMs in Sudan do not work with foreign currency. So you need to bring аlong enough money. But lower prices will also reduce your costs.

4. Sharia laws

wine Most of the Sudan population are Muslim. Alcohol consumption is prohibited here. As well as men's and women's clothing should be closed and long. Therefore, when you travel to Sudan, it is better to choose wider and longer clothes. It is one of the essential facts about Sudan that you should know. Such clothing will help protect you from Sudan's scorching sun and show your respect for the culture of the Sudan population. As an Islamic country, Friday and Saturday form the weekend days in Sudan. Reduced opening hours and transport links are common at this time.

5. It is hot here!

birds The climate of Sudan is hot and dry. That said, because this is a desert country. Sudan can also get cold at night once the heat of the sun vanishes. Long and loose clothing and hats will help you. Also, you always need to bring water with you. Better if you prefer morning and evening hours for walking. Historical sites, breathtaking landscapes, and, of course, smiles on their faces will make you forget about the heat. If you want to know interesting facts about Sudan, one of them is that this is a desert full of history. 

6. Both Niles are waiting for you

both niles Both Nile rivers (white and blue) flow through Sudan. The location where the two Niles meet is known as al-Mogran and is one of Africa's geographical highlights. Al-Mogran is in the capital of Sudan, Khartum. It is one of the important places in Sudan which you should see. It flows through such countries as Ethiopia, Uganda, Congo, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, and in Sudan (Khartoum), the Nile rivers merge and flow into Egypt. This geographic event is inspiring to watch for those who come here. The meeting of the Blue and White Niles is visible and significant.

7. Pyramids 

camel When you say pyramid, the first thing that comes to mind is Egypt, right? Let's tell you one of the exciting facts about Sudan. Sudan has twice as many pyramids as Egypt. The presence of pyramids in these places is proof that this place has a very ancient history. Here, due to tourists' low density, you can admire the beautiful landscapes and take as many pictures as you like. If you head around 200 km north of the capital of Sudan, you will find pyramids in the ancient city of Merowe. Some of the pyramids are accessible, and you can see the artwork inscribed thousands of years ago on their walls close up. It is an amazing experience to just stumble through the desert and discover 5,000-year-old stone structures reaching for the heavens, with not another soul in sight.

8. Marine National Parks

marine life Sudan has two marine national parks, which are home to some of the world's most diverse marine tropical habitats. They are Sanganeb Marine National Park and Dungonab Bay – Mukkawar Island Marine National Park. The parks are overflowing with spectacular marine life that moves through breathtaking underwater seascapes. The sites provide habitat for populations of seabirds, marine mammals, fish, sharks, turtles, and manta rays. Here, the beauty of marine life will bring unforgettable moments to all tourists. Here is also an old lighthouse where snorkelers can moor up and spend some days enjoying the wonder! The presence of such exotic places in Sudan, which occupies most of the desert, may surprise someone. But these are important places in Sudan which you should visit. Recall that both marine national parks were added UNESCO list back in the early 1990s.

9. Ceremony of dervishes

ceremony of dervishes As we mentioned, Sudan is an Islamic country. Dervish ceremonies take place weekly near the capital of Sudan. These ceremonies are part of the religious worldview of the Sudan population and annually generate significant interest among tourists. Long-clad dervishes dance to music and perform religious rites. All this creates a mysterious image. Everyone who comes here, regardless of religion, watches with admiration the dervish ceremonies. At the close of the ceremony, just before sunset, one of the dervishes walks around the gathered audience with frankincense - which is a type of blessing to the faithful.

10. Omdurman

market If you ask me "where to go when arriving in Sudan," I will answer Omdurman. It is the second-largest city after the capital of Sudan. This place is famous for its throbbing souqs and bazaars. One of them is the Camel market, which is one of the important places to visit in Sudan. Of course, the desert is impossible to imagine without camels. The odd goat, donkey, or cow may also be brought, but the main focus on the camels in this market. The house of the old Khalifa is also located in Omdurman and makes a perfect stop for those interested in unraveling tales of Sudan's colonial relations with the United Kingdom. So you will leave here with wonderful impressions of bustling city life, trade traditions, history of Sudan, religious worldview.

A quick recap

plane In this blog, we have talked about the things which you should know before your travel to Sudan. We also have answered the questions where is Sudan? is it safe to travel to Sudan? We have given information about important facts about Sudan that you should know before travel to Sudan. You have got information about important places in Sudan. We hope that you will plan to travel to Sudan, which has very hospitable, kind, friendly people and lots of historic places.

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