12 Instagrammable places in Kingston

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12 Instagrammable places in Kingston
Where is Kingston? It is the capital and the largest city of Jamaica, which is located in the Caribbean Sea. Kingston is situated on the southeastern part of Jamaica's major island. The major language spoken in the city of Kingston is English. Kingston is "a city which has foundations," as its motto hints at the ancient history of the Caribbean capital. The foundation of Kingston dates back to the end of the 17th century. Historical events, political revolutions, and social changes of several centuries have evolved Kingston into a uniquely charming capital city. Hundreds of thousands of people travel to Kingston Jamaica annually, as this stunning coastal city is home to a rich historic architecture, fine sun-drenched beaches, dynamic streets, elegant shops, and friendly society. There are many places to visit in Kingston Jamaica, where you can capture amazing photos and videos to share in your Instagram profile. In other words, lots of places in Kingston, Jamaica, are definitely Instagrammable places. In this blog, we will talk about the picturesque spots in Kingston that you can photograph and share in your Instagram in order to amaze your followers.

1. Devon House

Devon House Devon House was the mansion owned by George Stiebel, Jamaica's first black millionaire. Jamaican government granted Geoge Stiebel a reputable and honourable high civic post, named the Custos. After George's death at the end of the 19th century, the Jamaican government restored and turned his mansion into the National Heritage Site Museum. Devon House always attracts foreigners`, local tourists` and passer-bys` attention and makes them photograph the beauty of this stunning mansion. This attractive National Heritage Site is one of the must-visit Instagrammable places in Kingston Jamaica. Devon House includes parks, restaurants, shops, and relaxing facilities in its huge area. In Devon House, you will admire the rich Jamaican history authentically exhibited by photos and manuscripts. During your travel to Kingston Jamaica, you can get your most liked Instagram photo on the Devon House site. National Gallery of Jamaica Would you like to post the artwork of indigenous Jamaicans on your Instagram? The National Gallery of Jamaica is home to many modern and ancient handmade arts and crafts. You and your Instagram followers will admire the artistry of local Jamaicans. You will also have a chance to photograph the drawings by Edna Manley and Mallica Reynolds, who are among the most well known Jamaican artists. Overall, the National Gallery of Jamaica is one of the most valuable places to visit in Kingston Jamaica if you want to capture the best instagrammable moments. Also, you will have great fun at art exhibitions organized and presented by local Jamaican artists. Meeting and communicating with indigenous people will be an unforgettable experience for you. Also, indigenous Jamaicans are happy to be on tourists` Instagram posts and stories.

3. Lime Cay

Lime Cay If you want to take a little break from the urban Kingston, taste the wilderness, and enjoy the Instagrammable views of Caribbean waters, Lime Cay is a perfect spot for you. A nice canoe or a boat will take you to the Lime Cay. While approaching the Cay, on your boat or canoe, you can photograph the amazing faraway view of this cute little island. The exquisite white sand beach and the deep blue of the Caribbean Sea will generate a perfect post for your Instagram. The Lime Cay is also home to extraordinarily beautiful flora and fauna. You can have your most liked Instagram photo, thanks to the stunning view of tropical Lima Cay. During the sunrise, the blue surface of the Caribbean Sea will shine glamorously. The gloomy vibes of the sunset on Lime Cay will fit perfectly with Instagram filters, generating the best posts and stories.    

4. Bob Marley Museum

Bob Marley Museum Yes, Bob Marley lived in Kingston! The world reggae star Bob Marley owned a house in Kingston, Jamaica. After his death, his home has become a museum, which is one of the most interesting places to visit in Kingston Jamaica. Bob Marley Museum holds its extremely special place among unique Instagrammable places of not only Jamaica but the whole world. The museum is home to Bob Marley's exquisite guitar, valuable personal belongings, collections, artefacts, etc. There are dozens of things to photograph in the museum that will be very interesting for your Instagram followers. Photos captured in Bob Marley Museum will attract the attention of not only your followers also reggae lovers worldwide. Bob Marley Museum is one of the must-visit spots during your travel to Kingston Jamaica.

5. Hellshire Beach

Hellshire Beach Imagine a tropical beach where you can enjoy festivals, swimming, drinking, walking on the pristine white sand, sunbathing, and photographing instagrammable views! Hellshire Beach is the relaxing tropical spot that you have always dreamed of. Seating areas and picnic spots are top-notch. You can admire the beauty of tropical nature and the ocean by relaxing on the sand or picnic mats. You will probably capture your most liked Instagram photo in Hellshire Beach.

6. Port Royal

Port Royal Port Royal is a little cute tropical village near Kingston Harbour. Historically, Port Royal has been a haunt for the pirates of the Caribbean Sea. Local Jamaicans have lived in Port Royal for thousands of years. They made their living by fishing and trading with pirates. In modern times, the government of Jamaica has renovated Port Royal, which has been a notable tourism spot. You can wander around the Port Royal village and discover dozens of Instagrammable places. Many historical spots and objects in Port Royal will remind you of the pirates that you have seen in the movies.

7. Holywell Park

Holywell Park One of the naturally reserved and tourism-friendly places in Kingston Jamaica is Holywell Park. This stunning tropical park is home to a myriad of exotic flowers, trees, bushes, and animals. Stylish exquisite homes will remind you of fairy tales about life in the middle ages. Local Jamaicans built these historical houses with wooden materials. You should consider visiting Holywell Park during your travel to Kingston Jamaica as it is perfect for recording the videos of exotic animals running around.

8. Emancipation Park

Emancipation Park Commemorating the end of slavery, Emancipation Park holds a very special place among places in Kingston Jamaica. Legendary monuments and statues seem fascinating in the park. Also, waterfalls and exotic tropical trees make the Emancipation Park extremely unique. Social media posts about social justice and peace among people attract a lot of attention and get many likes. Therefore, many travellers and photographers capture the photos of famous worldwide statues in Emancipation Park, depicting the victory of equality over the slave trade. The monuments in the legendary park have stunning visuals and great moral value.

9. National Heroes Park

Dusty Hands Patriotic memorials and historical sculptures will tell you a lot about the history of Jamaica. Fascinating monuments will provide a great background for your photos. Your Instagram followers will enjoy double tapping on the Instagram photos of architecture describing ancient history. Jamaica has gone through historical battles defeating enemies and slavery.

10. Fort Charles

Fort Charles Jamaicans built Fort Charles in the middle of the 17th century. Fort Charles protected the coastal borders of Jamaica for decades. The line of cannons expresses the battle spirit of the historical Jamaican city of Kingston. Fort Charles has seen many kings, aristocrats, and rulers. Natural disasters have damaged the castle several times, destroying some of its walls. The Jamaican government has restored Fort Charles to open the museum for tourism. The government of Jamaica pays special attention to museum reconstruction and architecture restoration. Therefore, Fort Charles is one of the most valuable places to visit in Kingston Jamaica

11. Trench Town Culture Yard Museum

Street art Trench Town Culture Yard Museum is famous for its colourful graffiti on the old walls. A few decades ago, Trench Town was a neighbourhood where many people lived. Bob Marley and many other reggae stars and talents lived in Trench Town. Bob Marley lived there until his early 20s and wrote the legendary song "No Woman No Cry." The neighbourhood is currently the Yard Museum, where the government opened for visitors after renovations and restorations. The streets, picturesque walls, rooms of the houses are filled with the history of reggae music. Trench Town Culture Yard Museum is full of Instagrammable places.

12. Hope Botanical Gardens

Hope Botanical Gardens Europeans built the Hope Botanical Gardens in the 1870s. Also known as Royal Botanical Gardens, these gardens have a rich myriad of flora and attractions. Ornamental ponds, an orchid garden, and a cactus house are notable tourist attractions in Hope Botanical Gardens. The fascinating gardens have an extremely quiet atmosphere where your mind and soul will rest. Birds and butterflies are temporary guests of the gardens during the warm days. 

A quick recap of this article

In this blog, we firstly answered the following questions: Where is Kingston? Where are the most beautiful and picturesque places in Kingston that you can photograph and share on Instagram? After clarifying, where is Kingston and talking briefly about the history of the city, we jumped into the list of the Instagrammable spots in the capital of Jamaica. The list has been full of places that are Jamaica's cultural, natural, social, and historical treasures. Kingston is truly home to the stunning beauty that is worth posting on Instagram. If you are fond of sharing beautiful content on Instagram, Kingston is a must-visit Caribbean city, where you can capture dozens of Instagrammable moments.

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