12 reasons why you should travel to Jamaica right now

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12 reasons why you should travel to Jamaica right now
Jamaica because it is full of natural beauty, originality, and tradition and impresses with the reggae lifestyle, great dream beaches, waterfalls, and tropical landscapes. Travel to Jamaica offers you the perfect mix of adventure, vacation, and relaxation. You may have questions such as when is the best time to travel to Jamaica, or what is the cheapest time to travel to Jamaica. These questions are contradictory because when is the best time to travel to Jamaica is in the dry season from May to September, but it is not the cheapest time to travel to Jamaica. It is the season when many tourists come with cruises sale under the Jamaica flag and flights to Jamaica. island On the other hand, in the wet season from September to December, prices are lower, and it is the cheapest time to travel to Jamaica and book affordable flights to Jamaica. But if you visit in this season, the question may arise - is it safe to travel to Jamaica. Yes, it is. But the weather can be dangerous in the wet season. This blog will tell you about 12 reasons why you should travel to Jamaica right now. Also, you will find answers to some questions, such as where to travel in Jamaica, what to do in Jamaica, when is the best time to travel to Jamaica, is it safe to travel to Jamaica, how to have a nice time in Jamaica, when to find cheap flights to Jamaica, what is the Jamaica flag, etc. 

1. Reggae & Lifestyle in Jamaica

reggae Reggae is the music from Jamaica, the musical voice of the Rastas. The lyrics are critical, sensual, spiritual, and full of life at the same time. Reggae has influenced musicians all over the world , and UNESCO declared reggae a world cultural heritage. Mick Jagger recorded a record with Peter Tosh in 1978. Reggae gave rise to new musical movements such as hip hop and dancehall. Reggae music inspires, and no Jamaica traveller remains untouched by the positive vibes. Bob Marley will smile up there in heaven. Bob Marley sang about social justice and love. This music genre is a warranty that you will have an interesting time in Jamaica.

2. Exotic pleasures

blue car If you do not know what to do in Jamaica, you can try Jamaican cuisine. Many street kitchens and soup kitchens are particularly popular on the Jamaica tours. The Jamaican cuisine can inspire and is known for its often spicy mixtures of spices. It includes marinated jerk food from chicken or pork, ackee & saltfish, plantains, fresh lobster, Escovitch fish, filled patties, callaloo and okra vegetables, brown stew chicken, curry goat, bammy flatbread, rice, and beans. For dessert, there are the most delicious tropical fruits, with Red Stripe beer, white rum, and of course, the Blue Mountain Coffee. A typical and authentic Jamaican meal consists of ackee and saltfish with callaloo as a starter, a brown stew fish stew as a main course, and as a dessert gizzada, a cake made from desiccated coconut, nutmeg, and vanilla. The farm-to-table tour with live cooking in the Zimbali Culinary Retreat offers a special pleasure experience, or you cook a vegetarian Italian food together with the Rastas from Tree Little Bird. Tropical fruits such as mangoes, papaya, pineapples, and coconuts are particularly tasty in Jamaica.

3. Reggae events

reggae event All year-round, it is reggae time in Jamaica. You may question is it safe to travel to Jamaica during reggae events. Yes, no need to worry about that. It is worth attending a reggae event. In addition to the big festivals, there are small reggae events and live concerts in all places. In February - to commemorate Bob Marley's birthday – there is a particularly large number of events and concerts. Trending Reggae Clubs & Events in Jamaica are Kingston Dub Club, Uptown & Mojito, Dubwise + WeedyWeedy, Ina de Yard, School meets dub, Roadblock dance in Port, Antonio, and Vinyl Club in Drapers.

4. Special accommodations

accommodation "Where to stay" is the second essential question after what to do in Jamaica. Jamaica can offer you small boutique hotels, family guesthouses, villas, and high-quality resorts. The hotels and accommodations in Jamaica inspire every vacationer and offer the perfect accommodation for every taste, as the choice is extremely diverse. In the small fishing village of Treasure Beach, for example, there is the little paradise of Jake's. Here you can stay in beautiful, colourful cottages far away from the hustle and bustle. For James Bond fans, staying at the Golden Eye, it is a very special experience. Writer Ian Fleming wrote another Bond adventure every winter in the Golden Eye. The ultimate experience for everyone who wants to sleep in the middle of nature is spending the night in a treehouse. You will have a wonderful view of the lagoon, and you can fully relax there. Or you can book you a room in a former pirate accommodation from the 17th century.

5. Nature

nature "The most beautiful thing that the human eye has ever seen," said Christopher Columbus when he first saw the Caribbean island of Jamaica. The famous seafarer was amazed at the fertility and diversity of the landscape. So, where to travel in Jamaica? For travellers, the beauties of Jamaica are easy to discover. Many parks are only a few kilometres away from the holiday regions on the coast. Many animal and plant species have developed on the isolated island are only found here, i.e, are endemic. Preserving these natural treasures is a forward-looking and responsible decision by the country: the government declared some areas to be protected areas. Park visitors experience breathtaking, pristine nature. 

6. Blue Mountains

Hiking in Jamaica: This is a great tip. Many roads and paths cross the country from the coast to the mountains. Most of the trails and hiking routes are in the Blue Mountains and the Cockpit Country Mountains. There are tours of a few hours, day and multi-day hikes. The most famous and, at the same time, the most demanding tour leads to the Blue Mountain Peak at an altitude of 2256 m. The route begins in the national park at Whitefield Lodge. If you start in the dark and want to be on the summit at sunrise, you should hire a guide. In daylight, the tour is also possible without a guide.

7. Sport opportunities

sport In Jamaica, vacationers can be very sporty: from diving and snorkelling to windsurfing and kite surfing to sailing and catamaran trips. You can go on discovery tours through rain and mangrove forests, palm groves, and into the mountains. Whether on foot, with mountain bikes, on horseback, or in jeeps - everyone can choose their preferred mode of transport. Those who want to conquer rivers and gorges can let off steam with rafting and canyoning. Also, Jamaica is popular for having the most beautiful golf courses in the Caribbean.

8. Bird watching

bird Jamaica was originally almost completely covered with forest. The diversity of plants is correspondingly large. Bird watching is particularly rewarding in Jamaica because of the diverse landscape and wonderful climate. There are over 25 species and 21 subspecies that are not found in any other part of the world. A total of 256 different bird species live on the island.

9. Sunny prospects

sunny day Jamaica travellers can look forward to 255 days of sunshine. The climate is pleasantly warm with temperatures of 28-32 degrees. It offers the best conditions for a relaxed and sunny beach holiday. The vegetation pampers the senses with clear colours and exotic scents. Switching off and relaxing is easy. The resorts are continuously perfecting their offerings for the benefit of their guests. 

10. Thermal springs

thermal springs In the east of Jamaica, there is a lot of water. There are thermal springs in the region, the 35-degree water of which is full of minerals and can alleviate and heal various ailments. In the middle of a dense forest of leaves and exotic fruit trees, visitors to the region can bathe in these warm thermal springs.

11. Water sports

water sport There is hardly a water sport in Jamaica that you cannot practice - be it as a beginner or as a professional. For vacationers who like to swim, relax on an air mattress or enjoy water skiing, almost all coastlines and beaches in Jamaica are suitable. Good to know: With the blue flags on the side by the Jamaica flag - an environmental symbol that stands for topwater quality and clean beaches - Jamaica has a seal of quality for water and beaches. Besides, the island offers divers, snorkelers, anglers, sailors, and catamaran drivers many attractive areas - spread over all coasts. Windsurfers and kite surfers are in good hands on the north coast. The rivers in the mountainous interior offer exciting rafting, canoeing, and kayaking tours.

12. Cunha Cunha Trail

Where to travel in Jamaica? The Cunha Cunha Trail in Portland. This path is popular for use by the Maroons as a retreat and supply pass at the beginning of the 18th century. The trail is located in the Blue and the John Crow Mountains in the Rio Grande Valley. The second-largest butterfly in the world, the Giant Swallowtail, also lives here and can fly over your path while hiking.

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