12 Instagrammable places in Kingstown

Gunel Eyvazli19 October 20201128 views8 min. read
12 Instagrammable places in Kingstown
where is Kingstown, right? So that’s why first of all, I would like to start with its location. Kingstown is the capital city of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, famous with its churches and arches. Kingstown Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is an island located in the southeastern part of the Caribbean Sea. However, the island is least known; it is considered one of the best picturesque places globally. As mentioned above, answering your question of where is Kingstown, Kingstown is the capital, and at the same time, it is the major port and main commercial city of the country. It is a very beautiful and ideal city for walking in nature. In the following lines, we will talk about the Instagrammable places of Kingstown. Thus you will see that it is always possible to find fascinating and fabulous Instagram places somewhere unknown, non-touristic, and in the bank beyond the part of our magical world. Literally, the whole country is a tropical paradise and absolutely worth seeing.

1. Historical Fort Charlotte

fort charlotte Would you like to see Kingstown from above and take some magnificent photos for Instagram? Try Fort Charlotte. Towering over a rocky cliff about 200 meters above sea level, Fort is a historic fort. Its massive trenches and dozens of cannon-studded walls are a reminder of the long colonial history of Kingstown Saint Vincent and The Grenadines. Built-in the early 1800s by the British army, it was a significant fortification that housed around 600 troops and a battery of over 30 canons. The site was designed to protect against attacks from inland rebel Caribs and escaped slave groups. If you do not like walking to the hill, don’t forget to take a taxi; alternatively, you can use a bus as well. The entrance is free of charge, but take a tour guide if you are interested in history.

2. Botanical Gardens

botanical garden The Botanical Gardens is another must-see place in Kingstown, approximately about one mile away from the city centre. It is considered as one of the oldest botanical gardens in history, the oldest ones in the West Indies. Since its establishment in 1765, rare native and other tropical plants, blossoms, trees, such as hibiscus, cinnamon, nutmeg, mahogany, palms, and a breadfruit tree, have been preserved in the garden. Besides plants, you will have a chance to see and observe the St. Vincent parrot, which is one of the vulnerable species. Because of its incredibly beautiful green oasis and breathtaking background, weddings, celebrations, and other events are held in the garden. If you are on your lucky day, you will see a marriage ceremony, which can become your most liked photo on Instagram.

3. Instagrammable Vermont Nature Trail

wooden bridge After getting an answer to your question of where is Kingstown, it is time to move on. Here is another admiring magic of nature in St.Vincent and Grenadines: Vermont Nature Trail, which is 5 miles away from Kingstown. It’s a kind of mixture of parks and forests where you can go on a truly peaceful hike through the huge trees. It will dazzle you with its beautiful rainforest and an amazing variety of tropical flora. Additionally, there you will have a chance to see or hear the St.Vincent parrot that amazes with its interesting colours and the Whistling Warbler who enchants you with her voice. By the way, it is worth mentioning that both of the birds are rare species that live on the island and are protected. Small tips: do not forget to take comfy shoes, sandals, bring water, and some snacks with you, as it will be a long walk.

4. The Pirates of Caribbean Tour

wallilabou bay Yes, it is not a one spot, and not all of these venues are in Kingstown, but we think that you should not miss these opportunities if you are in St. Vincent and especially if you are a fan of Pirates of Caribbean. This cruise tour will start from Kingstown. One of the destinations will be Buccament Bay, surrounded by mountains to remind you of scenes from the film. The main destination of the tour will be Wallilabou Bay. While enjoying the admiring view of the bay, the scenes of the film will be visualized in your eyes. It is obvious that Wallilabou Bay comes at the top of Instagrammable places in St.Vincent, so the pictures you take there will get many likes, which will be the most liked photo on Instagram. Finally, the cruise will head to Villa Beach, where you can have a rest, sunbathe and swim in the Atlantic Ocean.

5. St. Mary’s Catholic Cathedral

catholic cathedral As you remember, at the beginning of the blog, it was mentioned that Kingstown Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is famous for its churches, so it is time to talk about one of its most known and absorbing churches - St. Mary’s Catholic Cathedral. The church was built in the early nineteenth century. It is incredibly interesting from an architectural point of view. It represents an astonishing combination of Gothic, Moorish, and Romanesque styles made up of dark volcanic blocks. One of the most important reasons for tourists is enjoying magnificent views of Kingstown’s harbour from St. Mary’s Cathedral’s 100-foot Madonna Tower.

6. St. George's Anglican Cathedral

georges anglican cathedral Another cathedral and must-see place in Kingstown is St George’s Anglican Cathedral. It is the biggest church on the island and considered as the faith’s mother church of the Windward Islands. It is an Anglican church established in the 19th century. On its walls, a unique relic is kept - a Red Angel stained glass window presented by Queen Victoria. It attracts tourists with its Georgian style structure and nice garden. This cathedral also will give you insight into the colonial history of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

7. Dark View Waterfall

dark view waterfall It is the most accessible waterfall in Kingstown; you will arrive from the main centre to the falls in 15 minutes. Dark View Falls are two magnificent waterfalls, one above the other, flowing down from high cliff faces and plunging into natural pools. There you will have a chance to swim in the pure water. After passing through clearing in a picturesque bamboo grove, you’ll arrive at the first fall, where you’ll find a picnic area and viewing platform for enjoying the beautiful scenery. Dark View Waterfall is perfect for families with children and those who enjoy nature but don’t like long hikes. You will easily find interesting Instagrammable places to shoot an amazing Instagram picture among the bamboo.

8. Stratovolcano La Soufriere

la soufriere An active volcano La Soufriere is one of the popular spots on the island, even though it is not in Kingstown. La Soufriere is a kind of place that everybody should explore. Its height is 1234 meters. The ascent to the mouth of the volcano remains one of the favourite activities for active tourists. If having the most liked photo on Instagram is a challenge for you, then nothing can beat the photos of the impressive crater of La Soufriere. Truly there’s nothing quite like a photo at the top of a volcano rising over 4,000 feet above sea level, the highest point on the island.

8. Rock Fort Duvernette

fort duvernette Are you dreaming of an astonishing photo for your Instagram account? Literally, Fort Duvernette is “created” for it. This towering 195-feet high volcanic plug stands tall over Calliaqua Bay and Indian Bay. For a beautiful Instagram photo, take your camera and go to the canon battery at the top of the Fort. You will love it!

10. Salt Whistle Bay, a world-class beach resort

salt whistle bay Salt Whistle Bay is another must-see place in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines; it is in Mayreau Island and accessible only by boat. Salt Whistle Bay is one of the favourite destination places for tourists because of its yachts, and its palm-fringed arc of white-sand beach is lovely for sunbathing. You will have an unforgettable holiday on the beach full of shady palm trees and soft, pristine white sand, so have fun and take colourful photos for your Instagram.

11. Stunning view of Tobago Cays

tobago cays Tobago Cays is a lovely Instagrammable place located in the southern part of the island. You will not believe this stunning view of Tobago Cays, it looks like a piece of paradise. It is possible to take a picture of sea turtles, stingrays, barracuda, and shoals of reef fish there. Tobago Cays is also an incredible option for scuba divers. Do not be surprised by this info, yes there is no single restaurant in Tobago Cays, but you will have much more - barbecue on the beach. What do you think about trying the freshest lobster, snapper, and conch with all the traditional Caribbean sides together with local music? Interesting, ha?

12. Black Point Tunnel

black point tunnel Those who want to diversify their leisure time by visiting unusual trips should visit the Black Spot Tunnel. This tunnel is 115 meters long, built by slaves in the early 19th century, and is located in Kingstown’s near vicinity. Other attractions at Black Point Heritage include a black sand beach, Grand Sable River, a tropical garden, and a recreational field. The park was also used as a film location for the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl”. Lifesaving info: don't swim there, as it is unsafe because of the heavy swell and strong currents, but you can take most liked Instagram photos as much as you want.

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