12 Instagrammable places in Kuwait

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12 Instagrammable places in Kuwait
Where is Kuwait? Kuwait is situated in the Persian Gulf, between Iraq and Saudi Arabia. Kuwait is one of the ancient Instagrammable places that have become popular among tourists. Places in Kuwait are well known due to their outstanding modern architecture ranging from touristic places in Kuwait, skyscrapers and wonderful Kuwait Towers, old souks, and dunes. There are numerous Instagrammable places to visit in Kuwait where you can take the most liked Instagram photos and will help you get more followers on Instagram. Travel to Kuwait today and explore these wonderful touristic places in Kuwait. Places to visit in Kuwait display the charm of the Arabian culture. Those who find out where is Kuwait will enjoy plenty of places here. Besides luxurious accommodation, there are more places in Kuwait for visitors to explore. So here are 12 Instagrammable places in Kuwait

1. Failaka Island

failaka Failaka Island is among the most visited places in Kuwait. This is a magnificent island that has soldiers as its only residence. It is because it was left devastated by the Gulf war. Find out where is Kuwait and enjoy touring the ruins from the Hellenistic Greeks and the Bronze age Dilmun. Numerous treasures remained there that were used to restore their past. Greeks have been living on this island since the 4th century. It is a historical place to visit in Kuwait. There is a temple that is considered the masterpiece of the island. Failaka has situated nearly 20km northeast of the city's center. The island is six kilometers in width and 13 kilometers in length.

2. Kuwait National Museum

kuwait museum Most people who understand how to get more followers on Instagram are aware of wonderful places in Kuwait. The Kuwait National Museum is located close to the National Assembly. The museum comprises a planetarium, as well as four buildings. Even though the place was stripped and burnt by the Iraqi invaders, it hosts the Al Sabah collection of Islamic art. The other building represents archaeological materials and pearl diving relics from excavations present on Failaka Islands. 

3. Seif Palace

Seif Palace is one of the most visited tourist places in Kuwait. The place is popular among residents and visitors from overseas, such as the royal family. Nonetheless, visitors are always surprised that the government and the monarch do not use this amazing destination. The reason is that Seif Palace had been designed purposely for the Emir dynasty. But then Emir is decided to reside in the Bayan Palace. Visit Kuwait and have fun exploring these amazing touristic places in Kuwait. 

4. Musical Fountain Park

fireworks The Kuwait Musical Fountain Park is one of the most visited Instagrammable places in Kuwait. The Musical Fountain plays a significant role in the tourism of the region. This place is located on the first ring road heading to Kuwait city. It can be accessed easily by tourists from various locations in the city. The Musical Fountain Park is strategically adjacent to the ice skating rink. Due to its long existence, the place was later renovated, and it's beautifully restored. 

5. Green Island

green island Green Island is a popular place for tourist who intends to take the most liked Instagram photos. No doubt Green Island is the first artificial island that has ever been created in the Gulf region. The island covers a vast area of 3.14 kilometers in diameter and 1.5 kilometers in circumference. There is a 134-meter path that connects the mainland to this wonderful artificial island. The place consists of; an artificial lake, amphitheater, kid's castle, a tower, restaurants, and cafes. Various kinds of sports and entertainment are conducted here for visitors to enjoy and have fun.

6. Kuwait Zoo

kuwait zoo The Kuwait Zoo is one of the oldest destinations that was designed about 50 years ago. This is a recommended destination for history fans. It is considered one of the epic touristic places in Kuwait. Various kinds of animals are kept in Kuwait Zoo, gathered from different places in the world. 

7. Liberation Tower

liberation tower Travel to Kuwait today, capture memorable moments, as well, to post on Instagram. Having exotic images of you by touring places worldwide is one of the key steps to getting more followers on Instagram. The Liberation Tower signifies the liberation of Kuwait. It's one of the tallest telecommunication towers worldwide, with 372 meters high. The tower was designed and named after Kuwait got liberated from the multi-national coalition. This multi-national coalition took place as a result of seven months' occupation of the Iraqi during the Gulf war. 

8. Kuwait Towers

kuwait towers The Kuwait Towers offer you an exemplary view of Kuwait city, and they were awarded the Aga Khan Award for Architecture. It is one of the most prestigious awards and given to few places globally. The Kuwait Towers are distinguished by the panoramic view that allows visitors to enjoy a 360 degrees view of Kuwait. They also have massive tanks that can store millions of gallons of water. It's situated on Arabian gulf ST, Al-Sharq District.

9. Al Kout Beach

kuwait beach Al Kout Beach is a famous beach in Kuwait. It's a dirt-free and pleasant beach that acts as an exceptional place for your picnics, family gatherings, meeting old friends, as well as a convenient place for playing beach volleyball. At this place, visitors admire the amazing sunset. You can take the most liked Instagram photos in this and many other Instagrammable places to visit in Kuwait. At Al Kout Beach, you can enjoy strolls, admiring the intense blue waters, as well as the fine sand. You can also decide to engage in jogging, enjoy delicious meals prepared at wayside food joints, or do some shopping in the Al Kout Mall just across the beach.

10. Kuwait Municipal Gardens

shaheed park The Kuwait Municipal Gardens are regarded among touristic places in Kuwait. The Kuwait municipalities are responsible for maintaining these gardens. The most prominent garden is situated at Fahd Al Saleem street. A trip to Kuwait remains uncovered unless you have explored the Kuwait Municipal Gardens. Here you can relax and share beautiful moments with friends and family amid mother nature and the epic sunset experience. The majority of Kuwait's gardens have been equipped with children's gardens, as well as entertainment parks. Here, your kids can have a lot of fun in these beautiful parks in Kuwait. 

11. Kuwait Beaches

shuwaikh beach Kuwait is lucky to have been rewarded with a magnificent coastline. The white sand and the azure waters give the place an ethereal scenic beauty. Kuwait beaches offer you a chance to sunbathe, relax by the waters, as well as strolling around enjoying various water sports and the cool sea breeze. Al Kout Beach is one of the best-recommended beaches found in Kuwait. The tranquillity of the blue waters and the serenity of the sand is beckoning. Kindly note that wearing bikinis is highly prohibited on most beaches in Kuwait.

12. Grand Mosque of Kuwait

grand mosque The Grand Mosque is located in the heart of Kuwait city. The Grand Mosque is referred to as the Al-Kabir by the locals. This is the largest mosque in Kuwait, which is renowned for its unique Islamic architecture. The Grand Mosque is not as impressive in an outward look as it is on the inside. It has a capacity of about 11,000 people. It comprises Persian structural designs that are characterized by pointed arches, a central dome, as well as, pillar arcades.  Approaching the entrance, you will be mesmerized by the gold and blue combinations, ornamental calligraphy, as well as, Andalusian style patterned tiles. The mosque dome has been engulfed with Asma al-hosna. It is referred to the 99 names of God, as stated by the Quran. The Amir's room leading from the prayer room should not be missed. Visitors are advised to be dressed conservatively when touring religious places. However, headscarves are readily available for those who may not have carried theirs with them. Travel to Kuwait today, and enjoy exploring the above 12 Instagrammable places in Kuwait. 

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