12 Instagrammable places in Kyiv

Alisa Ruda21 February 20211592 views10 min. read
12 Instagrammable places in Kyiv
photo for Instagram. Nothing is surprising in it, because today, Instagram is one of the most popular applications, the main idea of which is costly and original content. Where is Kyiv? Where to make beautiful photos in Kyiv? The answer to this question may take more than one article on the blog, as the capital of Ukraine has a lot of famous sights and a lot of different places of interest. In this review, we have selected only the most exciting and exciting instagrammable places in Kyiv, which will leave your subscribers indifferent. So go ahead and get your beautiful photos!

1. Church of St. Nicholas

church At any time of year, it is possible to take mysterious and intriguing photos in this church's surroundings. Not every subscriber can guess that these are landscapes of Kyiv. Church of St. Nicholas is built in a fascinating Gothic style. Against the background of other city buildings, it is very different, its high lancet spires attract passers-by's attention, and the photo and video look simply fabulous. 1Be sure to shoot against huge church doors, their thin spires and narrow window apertures. It is on St. Nicholas Church's territory that you will be able to take a unique European photo, but the most exciting thing is that no one would ever think that it is in the capital of Ukraine - Kyiv. If you want to intrigue your subscribers to Instagram, then gothic Instagram photos will provide you with this wow effect. 

2. Photos are on top of it

park in kyiv Instagram users love photos with panoramas of cities; such masterpieces are gaining a considerable amount of likes and admiring comments. Such images are often taken in establishments that are located on the top floors of tall buildings of the city. Similar instagrammable places can be found in Kyiv. It is there that you can take the most liked Instagram photos and surprise subscribers with rare photos on the top. For example, visit Avalon if you need to take a photo overlooking the capital and the amazing botanical garden. Atmosphere offers a terrace for glamorous photo sessions. At MURMUR, you can take pictures with a stunning view of L square. Tolstoy Square. Visiting the CITY BEACH CLUB, you will be surprised by the size of a cosy terrace under the open sky of Kyiv. And you can take a lot of rare photos here, and Kyiv landscapes from a height will not leave you indifferent.   There are a lot of such places in Ukraine Kyiv, most liked Instagram photos are guaranteed for every visitor. Pay special attention to multi-storey buildings in the city centre, houses over 15 floors can be taken very original pictures for Instagram and not only.  

3. Kyiv Sea

kyiv sea Photos from the sea rest are always the most popular; Instagram posts of this kind must publish every service user. If you do not have photos from sea vacation, then your summer was in vain.  If this is the situation and summer you spend in Kyiv, then for a most liked Instagram photo and just a good rest, visit the Kyiv Sea. Instagrammable landscape on the background of a clean water body will provide you with an impressive photo collection. People from all over Kyiv come to this place to take a swim and take a couple of fresh pictures for memory.

4. Mezhegorie Residence

mezhegorie residence For more than five years, this place has been popular among Ukrainians and tourists from all over the world. The Mezhegorie Residence is located near Kyiv, so it can be rightly considered an instagrammable place of the capital. There is a lot of space for photo shootings. For example, the residence has bridges, individual artificial lakes, a golf course, and alleys with different plants, fountains, and even animals. There can be a lot of ideas for a photoshoot. Yet wedding photos are often taken in residence. It is best to come here in warm seasons, for example, in spring, when trees and flowers are just beginning to bloom; in summer, when the garden is full of colour; or in autumn, the alleys are covered with yellow and red leaves. The very romantic atmosphere and chic architecture of the buildings will captivate your heart.

5. Park of Kyiv Polytechnic Institute

polytechnic institute Regardless of whether you are a student or not, a guest or a resident of Kyiv, you must take a photo on the CPI territory. It is not the only Instagrammable park in the city, but this park has many locations for photos to suit every taste. The territory is vast, as it used to be a military field. However, now there are different kinds of trees and bushes growing everywhere, including unusual apples and cherries. On the territory of the CPU, visitors often organize photo sessions in Japanese style. If you visited the park in winter in snowy weather, it's a great excuse to take pictures in Harry Potter's style. The facade of an ancient university automatically turns all the photos into fabulous ones. Gothic elements and two massive towers are the perfect backgrounds for winter photo shoots. When you get to this Kyiv park, you can walk for hours. The buildings are built in an unusual old architectural style, exotic plants, exciting locations - all this helps to make as many successful photo shots for Instagram as possible. If you have not visited the KPI territory yet, you should plan a trip there next weekend. 

6. Bald Mountain

mountain The name of this hill in Kyiv is in particular, but still, it will not prevent you from making a beautiful photoshoot. This instagrammable place is located in the historical district of the capital of Ukraine. The hill is shrouded in some mysticism and a fascinating aura at any time of year. There are many legends about Bald Hill; for example, one of them is that there were different rituals once on the hill, and the top of the mountain was often struck by lightning, which burned the plants. That's why the name of the area. Mysticism, mystery, and history - everything is connected on Bald Mountain hill. You can take unusual photos, for example, thematic pictures on the day of all saints or Ivan Kupala. Most importantly, no unique scenery is required, only your thematic outfit and the appropriate place on the hill. The success of such photos on Instagram is guaranteed. If you are still not sure about getting a Ukraine visa and travel this country, more instagrammable places are waiting for you.  

7. House with chimaeras

building This is another very unusual and, at the same time, attractive place in Kyiv for a photoshoot. The building bears this name because of its unique facade, which is decorated with sculptures. If you start looking at them in detail, you can see different animals and imaginary characters and hunters' attributes. All this is done in a unique style, designed by the famous architect V. Gorodetsky. The building was built more than 110 years ago, but up to now, this location is still trendy among photographers. The house's history is connected with the death of the architect's daughter, which envelops this place with extraordinary mysticism and drama. The house with chimaeras in Kyiv is an instagrammable place for your Instagram photos. So if you suddenly find yourself in this city, be sure to include this point on the map in your route. You will be pleasantly surprised.

8. Kyiv fortress

kyiv fortress Kyiv Fortress is one of the best places in Ukraine Kyiv. This museum complex has several names, including the Kyiv Pechersk Fortress or New Pechersk Fortress. The museum is located in the centre of the city, so you don't have to go far to take bright photos for Instagram. Many residents of the city may argue that this is not a very original place to take most liked Instagram photos, but still, it is here that there are unique photo zones, on the background of which you can make many juicy photos. For example, imagine what kind of pictures you would get against a twisted ivy wall or a wall that consists of flat beams. These textured backgrounds add elegance and sophistication to each photo. Your subscribers will undoubtedly appreciate this atmospheric and exciting place in Kyiv. It is a historical monument - a fortification of the 19th century and a unique photo zone with its features for many bloggers.

9. Kitaevo

park Kitaevo is a place in the capital of Ukraine, where history and nature are united into one whole. You will see hills, gorges, ponds and forests, so the photo's location can be almost any. It is not only a beautiful instagrammable place but also a shrine. There are icons, relics and a cemetery of monks in China. There is also the Holy Trinity Kitaev Monastery or Kitaev desert (the old name) on the territory. The most liked Instagram photos here will be unique. There are many locations and directions, so one day is not enough for a photoshoot. The nature of Kitaevo is also instagrammable. In summer, it is huge bushes with berries and fruit plantings. You can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the dense forest and take good pictures of near-natural ponds. Visiting Kitaevo in Kyiv, you will get a lot of positive emotions, rest your soul, and as a pleasant bonus, you will get a lot of beautiful pictures for Instagram pages.  

10. Glass Bridge

kiev This original location appeared in Kyiv not so long ago but is already very popular with Instagram bloggers. Glass Bridge is a pedestrian-bike bridge made of glass. Photos on the bridge can be made very interesting. For example, the most successful shots are obtained overlooking the Dnieper River and the city itself. Bright panoramic photos are better to take in the morning because then a large number of visitors appear on the bridge. The Glass Bridge is located in Vladimirskaya Gorka Park. In the park itself, there are also quite a few instagrammable places for original photos. 

11. VDNKh "Winter country"

red building The location "Winter Country" is relevant during the winter holidays. It is located in the National Complex "Expocentre of Ukraine" and usually opens in early December. Visiting "Winterland", you can plunge into the fabulous atmosphere of the holiday, feel the spirit of New Year and Christmas, as well as mentally return to a happy childhood.  In the theme park, you can take many cheerful and sincere photos for Instagram; you can also make New Year's pictures at the rink. The skating rink is open-air, and you can capture every special moment spent here. Pay special attention to the photo zone in the Castle of Ice Sculptures, take a photo report from the Residence of Santa Claus, and visit the office of the fabulous elf.  You will get a lot of unreal Instagram photos and a charge of positive for the whole year. Besides, there are already ready to separate photo zones for different subjects on the territory of the exhibition. This is a beautiful place in Kyiv, where you can take many instagrammable photos, but unfortunately, only in winter.

12. Vozdvizhenka

kyiv city Sleeping quarter of the capital, which is also one of the most popular locations for Instagram photos in Kyiv. Find this area you can between Andriyivskyy Spusk and Upper Val Street. Vozdvizhenka attracts colourful houses of unusual shape and the road in the European style, which is lined with paving stones. 

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