12 Instagrammable places in Lausanne

Ieva Miltina03 October 20203880 views8 min. read
12 Instagrammable places in Lausanne
Switzerland is a name you will recognize rather quickly, but what cities there can you actually name? For me, as a European citizen, the two only names that ring a bell are Zurich and Geneva, but how about the lesser-known beauty Lausanne? It is quite obvious this is not the most popular destination for people who travel to Switzerland, but with this article, I want to prove that it shouldn’t be left off the plate! Where is Lausanne, and what instagrammable places should you consider putting on your list when planning what to do in Lausanne? Whether you are looking for an opportunity to capture your most liked photo on Instagram or just manifest some more of that beauty into your travel plans - stay with me on this to find out the best places to visit in Lausanne Switzerland!

First, where is Lausanne?

aerial view of ouchy waterfront You got right, in Switzerland. But if you need a more specific location - it is built on three hills South from Geneva lake. Right on the opposite side of the lake, the spectacular French Savoy Alps rise, and it is definitely one of the top places to see in Lausanne! Meanwhile, if you travel to Switzerland and Lausanne was not on your list yet, consider squeezing in at least a day there. It is a ridiculously short 49-minute train ride away from Geneva! What are the reasons you should go there and what to do in Lausanne? Check out this list of most instagrammable places, and you might be persuaded in a treat you never knew you needed!

1. A picture with the eternal flame in the Olympic Museum

olympic museum One of the most noteworthy facts about Lausanne is its role in the global movement of professional sports. This picturesque city has been a constant base for the International Olympic Committee since 1914! One of the places to see in Lausanne if you are an avid fan of everything sports-related in the Olympic Museum, where you will be able to make a memorable image with you and the eternal Olympic flame. Otherwise, the place is not overly exciting in the eye of your camera, but this legendary artefact definitely is! Make all those followers jealous and pretend you are the one holding the torch!

2. Reward yourself with a spectacular bounty on top of Les escaliers du Marche

escaliers du marche First, you might want to take a few snaps for your Instagram on the bottom part of these stairs - the colourful buildings on the left side are just so typical to this city! And then climbing those 177 steps will not be the easiest of tasks, but surely you will be happy to have done that whenever you arrive at the Cathedral on the top. Look over the rooftops of coloured houses, enjoy the scenery and make a few amazing downwards-looking images before going in the next must-see during your travel to Lausanne Switzerland!

3. Best rooftop views from the top of the Cathedral Tower

historical cathedral in lausanne After climbing those stairs, you will probably head into the Cathedral and marvel at its spectacular beauty indoors too, but don’t stop just there. If you are eager to get a nice shot of the whole city and beyond, the Cathedral tower will be one of the best places to visit in Lausanne Switzerland. Conquer the height freight and just take in the beautiful mountains in the distance as well as the orange rooftops almost a hand’s reach away. This would also be a quiet romantic spot to visit together with somebody special, by the way.

4. Breathtaking lakeside views from Ouchy Resort

castle ouchy Did I mention already that Lausanne is blessed to be on Geneva lake and has the most spectacular views of the Alps on the opposite side of it? Oh, yes, I did. And not without reason. The beauty you will experience here and all the images you can snap...your next most liked picture on Instagram most probably will be taken exactly here! Just head to the Ouchy resort, have a walk and make sure to be there around the sunset to get the best light conditions. You see, one of the top instagrammable places here is exactly the iconic Aeolus sculpture on the shore!

5. New York vibes at le Pointu Restaurant

pointu restaurant enterance Well, to be more precise, the building that houses this establishment. Besides being one of the hippest trendy dining places (a great opportunity to #instafood!), its exterior will really remind you of the Flatiron Building in the Big Apple. With that said - three rabbits with one shot. An amazing food photo in New York vibes while still staying in Europe. Triple ka-ching!

6. Picturesque vineyards in Lavaux

lavaux region If all wine lovers would just chip in a little, surely you would get the most liked photo on Instagram by posting a view from Lavaux. These steep vineyards overlooking the lake and the Alps will drop your jaw and make you want to stay there forever. And you will thank the Cistercian monks who built the walls and terraces in the 12th century for a moment you just saw today and will not forget. The place is absolutely stunning!

7. Contemporary urban photography in Tour Galfetti

galfetti tower At the end of Chauderon Bridge, you will find a building called Tour Galfetti or the Tower of Galfetti. Named by its architect, this building will make a great spot for photographic geometry if you step inside. The most famous is the keyhole shot taken from below. The textures of the building will play with the surrounding light sources and make a great object for a creative photoshoot.

8. The royal charm of the Palais de Rumine

ralais de la rumine If you are looking for aesthetically more decadent angles, then the main hall of this Instagrammable palace is one of the best places to visit in Lausanne Switzerland. The turquoise water of the pool contrasting the white and pristine walls, surrounded by exquisite decorations. Put on some fashionable clothes and display some of that pretty #instafashion on your feed - you should definitely get a proper beauty shoot here!

9. The most epic rainbow pictures at EPFL

rolex learning center To make it a bit less confusing for you - this abbreviation stands for Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne. And if you travel to Lausanne Switzerland, just for the reasons of photography, this will be the best place to get some seriously stunning architecture shots. Let’s just say that the building is ultra-instagrammable! Waves, sharp angles, glass and concrete, and above everything, the most unique colour experience! And pardon my grammar, it is the Colour Experience - a name of a project and visually the most stunning room painted in all the rainbow colours. You will like it. A lot.

10. Cheesy heaven in La Pinte Besson

la pinte besson Copyright: @photopicangelina Do you know where is Lausanne? Yes, in Switzerland. Do you know what they eat in Switzerland? The heavenly cheesy sinful but oh-so-delicious fondue! First, picture dipping a piece of delicious bread in a warm gooeyness and let it make your tastebuds happier than ever. Imagine how your followers would salivate over your finger-licking tasty Instagram stories? To make the meal even more worthwhile, order it at La Pinte Besson, which is the oldest restaurant in Lausanne. It operates since 1780!

11. The authentic houses in The Rotillon District

rotillon district Visiting this neighbourhood will give you southern village vibes and the best souvenir shopping opportunities in the small designer shops scattered throughout. If you are unsure what to do in Lausanne, my first bet would be - get lost in the tiny streets of Rotillon and find some great angles for those colourful buildings. Sit in a charming cafe and get some great #coffee. And most importantly - enjoy the day and forget you have to be anywhere else.

12. A million views from the Bessieres Bridge

view of lausanne cathedral I saved one of the besties for the last. Bessieres Bridge and the sights one might encounter while walking on it are some of the most iconic in Lausanne. The best viewpoint is near the exit from the metro, and seeing the Lausanne Cathedral from that side will be great either way - during the day and the night. Usually, people would capture one of the three angles - the bridge itself, the bridge, and the Cathedral together or a view that encompasses the Cathedral and the rooftops of the surrounding buildings. The latter one is especially stunning at night because many of those are being highlighted with beams of various lights and, therefore would look super great on your most liked Instagram photos! Oh, the unparalleled beauty of this underrated city! You should definitely get a Switzerland Schengen visa and travel to Lausanne Switzerland. This treat for your eyes as well as all the other senses will definitely translate also in your pictures. And who knows, maybe you will be the author of the most liked photo on Instagram? Even if not, I promise, you will be pleased to have visited this place and happily revisit the best moments in your memories and the most liked Instagram photos from the travel to Switzerland!

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