Things to do in Lyons Falls New York

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Today we are going to talk about a place that not so many people know about. I am pretty sure that many of you even have not heard of it either. The place I am talking about is Lyons falls. What country is Lyons falls in? It is located in the United States of America. Where is Lyons falls NY? It is a village in Lewis County, New York. New York is known as a dense city, with lots of skyscrapers and busy city life. However, there is a place which is the village of Lyons falls NY, that is not far away from the city centre. Here, many people visit to avoid the hustle and bustle of busy cities. Mild weather in Lyons falls NY allows people to enjoy every season. Although it does not receive too many tourists from abroad, it is still a great relaxing place. It is also a great place for history buffs as it is one of the oldest European settlements in these areas. The history of first established buildings dates back to 1794 when French refugees from Rome settled in this area. It is situated just next to the Black River canal, which has great importance for surrounding areas. Black River crosses it in the middle. There is a beautiful waterfall in the village which attracts much attention. How do I get to Lyons falls waterfalls? Cross the bridge on the river, follow boat launch signs, and you will see two launches. Follow the signs to the lower launch. After a short drive, you will see Lyons falls waterfall. If you look at Lyons falls on the map, you will see how small it is. Only around 600 people live here. However, there are too many things to see and enjoy in such a small village. What are things to do in Lyons falls? We will find out at the end of the article.

Lyons Falls Riverside Park

In the village of Lyons falls NY, a park has all facilities to ensure a relaxing day. Surrounded by thick tree lines, it contains a playground for kids, a large pavilion where picnic tables are available for picnic lovers. Also, there are sports facilities like basketball, tennis, and three other courts to engage in various sports activities. There is a long track extending around the park for near a kilometre to have a stroll or enjoy hiking. You can get the full potential of the park in nice weather in Lyons falls NY.

Lyons Falls Waterfalls

It is another fabulous place to visit. Situated in waterfalls promises visitors an unforgettable day. It is one of the favourite places for visitors. The waterfalls here can be distinguished with an old power dam on them. It is a unique place as this dam creates some waterfalls. You will easily fall to the beauty of the view of a combination of nature and historical structures. You can do many things here. Relax, or go fishing. Lyons falls fishing is so enjoyable. In most cases, people do not come back from fishing with an empty hand. Having a picnic with family can help to strengthen family bonds. Take your camera with you as the sunsets there are amazing. If you stopped above the falls first, you would find a nice place to park and walk out. How do I get to Lyons falls waterfalls? Luckily, it is not far from the village. You can reach the waterfalls after a few minutes long ride.

Agers Falls

Although it is not as long as Niagara or other giant waterfalls, Agers falls still amazes visitors with its beauty. At the top of the fall, a power station provides the population with stable electric power. However, it is open to the public as well. There are many things to do in Lyons falls, specifically in Agers falls. If you like kayaking, then it is just the right place for you. Agers falls ensure joyful and extreme kayak rides. You will have so much fun kayaking through gushing water. One of the best things about the falls is that there is no restriction on swimming. It is an excellent place for fishing as well. It is another great place for Lyons falls fishing as some parts of the moose river are accessible. You can hike along the river through the woods as well. The surrounding area with beautiful nature attracts people to hike. How do I get to Agers falls? You will have to drive a little bit to reach the destination, but the area is worth driving. You can drive right up to the falls.

Timberview Resort

Located in Thug hill, around 10 kilometres away from Lyons falls, Timberview Resort welcomes outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you are looking for a romantic break, relaxing time, or avoiding the stress of busy city life, you will marvel at the peaceful environment along with a diverse range of extreme activities. Are you into off-road vehicles? If your answer is yes, then you will fall in love with this place. Why? Because it has ATV trails for such vehicles which extend for more than 200 kilometres. Do you know what happens to these trails in winter? They are turned into snowmobile trails. You will have so much fun riding in the wilderness. Do you like skiing? If yes, you are lucky, as it has facilities like Snow Ridge Ski Resort where travellers can enjoy downhill skiing and snowboarding. You can ride a horse at Otter Creek Stables, which is close to the Timberview Resort.

Five Ponds Wilderness

It is situated in one of the largest remote areas in the east of the USA. Five Ponds Wilderness covers around 107230 acres. In this wilderness, you will find many hiking trails, Cranberry Lake, and calming nature. Every trail leads you to different destinations. Some of them go through thick forests. It is a great place for campers. It is better to be cautious against wild animals as these areas are full of various living things. The area is especially beautiful during fall as the trees change leaves and the surrounding is colourful. Furthermore, you should be well prepared against getting lost as the wilderness feels endless. Make sure you got a map and compass.

High Towers State Forest

When you go to the northeast, you will witness the vast High Towers State Forest just outside the city. This lush green forest is open to the public year-round free of charge. The forest includes 729 acres of land, which is mostly covered by trees. There are many activities that visitors can enjoy. However, it is best known for hiking. Camping is also allowed if you follow safety rules and tips. You are allowed to camp 50 meters away from the roads, trails, or water bodies. You have a fishing option, but you will be obligated to some rules and regulations. If it is hunting season, you can hunt here.

Restaurants and Hotels

Lyons falls has some of the best restaurants around New York. They serve local and standard foods that everyone is familiar with. Some of them excelled at fast food while others serve a great range of foods. Some of the most visited and famous restaurants are Boondocks Restaurant and Bar, River valley inn, Dorrity’s restaurants, etc. Since the US is famous for fast food, barbecues, such meals are best in these restaurants. Accommodation is another thing to consider before travelling somewhere. There is a huge variety of hotels in Lyons falls NY. They differ from each other based on their ratings and services. Some of the best hotels in Lyons falls NY, are The Edge hotel, Florissante The Mansion, etc. Most of them are not 5-star hotels, but they care for their customers and serve them. I hope this article will help you to remember where is Lyons falls NY. Although it is hidden from many people, it deserves much more attention. With its beautiful nature, it is worth seeing. Lyons falls should be on the top of your bucket list if you are fed up with crowded cities and want to get away from it all. The most interesting things to do in Lyons Falls, in a nutshell, are hiking, swimming, camping, fishing, skiing. However, it is not only limited to these things. We are surely other things are worth checking. So, apply for a USA visa now and discover it yourself!

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