12 Instagrammable places in Linz

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12 Instagrammable places in Linz
Austria visa and travel to Austria, do not forget to travel to Linz, too, and to see the beauty of the city on the Danube. You can visit the best places to see in Linz on a city tour while exploring the popular sights, countless events or while enjoying culinary highlights. Picturesquely situated on the majestic Danube banks, Linz enchants its visitors above all with a large amount of wonderfully calm charm. In the pretty streets and alleys of the city, you can taste not only the delicious Linz Torte but also many other very beautiful and instagrammable Linz sights. For instance, the 539-meter high Postlingberg, the worldwide unique Ars Electronica Center, the impressive Mariendom with its beautiful stained glass windows, and explore countless more. The city was nominated as the European Capital of Culture in 2009. Linz has the most modern music theatre, vibrant contemporary cultural scenes, and a flourishing economy with top companies. These cultural places are the most popular places to visit in Linz. The connection between the fabulously green city and its long history is expressed in the well-preserved old town, which has many instagrammable places to take Linz’s most liked Instagram photos. Linz is an exciting and thriving city. Its history is long and eventful, and its architecture is unique. Particularly, the grown town centre and the baroque style main square have the best instagrammable corners in the city. In this article, you can find the 12 most beautiful and best instagrammable places in Linz to visit during your trip to Austria.

1. Linz Castle Museum

It is probably the best spot in Linz with a dream view of the sunset. Also, there is a small park behind the Linz Castle Museum, one of the must-see places to see in Linz. After you have achieved the climbing through the pretty, cobblestone streets of the old town up to Linz Castle, which is admittedly a bit sweaty in summer, the Castle Park welcomes you right behind the magnificent old buildings. You can take your time to thoroughly enjoy the Danube view over the roofs of Linz and photograph the best views for your Instagram account. The castle park is one of the most instagrammable spots in town, especially at sunset. If you are a museum fan, then you definitely should not miss the exhibition. After a visit to the museum, the castle cafe with its wonderful terrace is the perfect location for the sweet temptation. You can observe the leave of cruise ships on the river from the terrace, which travel to Austria.

2. The graffitis at Mural Harbor

In the past, the port of Linz was just boring and rather a grey area. In 2012, a port employee came up with the glorious idea that the huge warehouse in front of his office window with a little colour would bring a lot more good mood into his everyday work than the dreary grey. And that is exactly how the foundation stone for today’s wonderfully colourful Mural Harbor, one of the top places to visit in Linz, was laid. You can admire several hundred pieces of graffiti art by a wide variety of artists from all over the world. This should be among the most interesting and instagrammable places in the city. Bear in mind that the harbour area is not allowed to be entered easily for security reasons, which is why you have to take part in a guided tour if you want to see these street arts. Afterwards, during the tour, you can spray graffiti on a specially prepared wall in the Mural Harbor Gallery. Cool!

3. Mariendom

Not the tallest, but the largest church in Austria is the Linzer Mariendom. The church, also known as the “New Cathedral,” which is located on Herrenstrasse, has become one of the popular places to see in Linz. The Mariendom is a haven of calm and an architectural masterpiece. The magnificent glass windows that adorn the building and the sacred space are impressive. The cathedral was completed in 1924 and can accommodate up to 20,000 people. You can enjoy a breathtaking view of the city from the tower. Special tours are also offered in the inner gallery at the height of 15 meters, which gives you an overview of the huge church space. That is a wonderful place to take pictures for Instagram.

4. Postlingberg

The Postlingberg rises 539 m above Linz. The most stylish way to reach the summit of Linz’s local mountain, which is a symbol of the city, is the Postlingberg train. From the Postlingberg, you can see Linz and the surrounding area as well as the Danube. The Postlingberg adventure world also includes the historic grotto railway, which is over a century old. You can admire a lovingly designed miniature version of Linz. That instagrammable place is the biggest reason to travel to Linz and to take the best pictures.

5. Ars Electronica Center

With the additional name “Museum of the Future,” it is more than a museum. In Ars, you will find interactive exhibitions on the topics of technology, innovation, and media and have a chance to take instagrammable selfies with these futuristic objects. This is one of the interesting places to visit in Linz.

6. Sandcastle

One of the things that you definitely should visit on a hot summer travel to Linz is to spend a few hours in the cool Sandcastle. This artificial beach was created almost directly on the Danube banks, where numerous deck chairs and hammocks invite you to relax. Of course, delicious food, cool drinks, and corners to take most liked Instagram photos should not be missing in such a perfect location.

7. The Main Square

The main square in the Linz city centre shows the historic face of the city. Around it stand the baroque facades of the old townhouses, in the middle is the marble Trinity column from 1723. Numerous events take place here, especially in summer, such as Knight and Crown festivals. Festivals are a great opportunity to take the most liked Instagram photos. This square, due to its festivals, attracts many tourists to travel to Austria each year.

8. Voestalpine Stahlwelt

Linz is one of the most critical industrial locations in Austria. The largest local steel producer is Voest Alpine. To make the industry accessible to visitors, the company opened the Voestalpine Stahlwelt, an interactive experience museum on the subject of steel, in its Linz workplace. This museum is a great place to take selfies with interesting and wonderful metal objects for Instagram stories.

9. Lentos Art Museum

Another attraction for instagrammable pictures in Linz is the Lentos Art Museum. It is located directly on the Danube. As the successor to the New Gallery, it is one of the most important museums of contemporary art in Austria. The museum presents works of art from the 19th century, ranging from classical modernism to expressionism and current modern artworks. The building of the museum is also a perfect spot to take pictures.

10. Franz-Josefs-Warte

A little insider tip in Linz is the Franz-Josef-Warte on the Feinberg in the west of the city. From this observation tower’s platform, you have a fantastic view of Linz in the distance and the Danube. Franz-Josefs-Warte is considered one of the most instagrammable places in Linz. You can reach Franz-Josefs-Warte after a walk from Linz Castle in approximately 20 minutes. There is also a nice vantage point very close to Linz Castle, from which you can look out over the Danube. Whenever you are not in a rush, you will find many alternative spots on the way.

11. The Somnium Viewing Platform

Since the beginning of June 2019, there has been a special kind of attraction on the roof of Johannes Kepler University, the viewing platform called Somnium. The architecture of the construction is particularly exciting. With all the wood and the steel lattice structure, it is really a highlight in the city. But the view is also impressive, although you are, of course, a little away from the centre. If you want to see the old town’s rooftop landscape, you are definitely in a better place. Located on the Technical and Natural Sciences Faculty of Johannes Kepler University, it is the best spot to look over the city and shoot Instagram photos from this roof structure.

12. Danube area

The park area on the Danube banks, also known colloquially as the Danube Park, is one of the best Instagrammable places to visit in Linz. It is used to relax from the hustle and bustle in the city and the setting for numerous cultural events and concerts in summer. Besides this, it is a cool place to take many beautiful pictures and attend concert events. Also, culture lovers can find several interesting facilities in the Danube area, such as the Brucknerhaus. Enjoy your trip to this beautiful city!

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