12 Instagrammable places in Luanda

12 Instagrammable places in Luanda

Nigar Bayramgizi10 October 20202416 views7 min. read
12 Instagrammable places in Luanda
visa to Angola easily. Indeed, we cannot think of travel to Angola without beautiful places to visit in Luanda. Yes, Luanda, the capital of Angola, is situated on the Atlantic coast of northern Angola, in the southwest of Africa, near the mouth of the Kwango River. It was founded in the period of Portuguese colonization in 1575. This city consists of two parts: Baixa de Luanda and Cidade Alta. When you plan your travel to Luanda Angola, you should take into consideration that this city maintains in itself a lot of contrasts such as the beautiful Atlantic Ocean coast view with busy ships and the high modern-looking buildings with little huts. This administrative, cultural, and urban centre of Angola, with its warm climate, promises you a lot of attractive places to visit in Luanda. Then, let’s take an imaginary trip to instagrammable places in Luanda together.

1. Kissama National Park Safari

The first option among the beautiful places in Luanda which I would advise you is Kissama National Park Safari. This park is also called as Quissama Park. Being embraced by the Atlantic Ocean in the west, Cuanza River in the north and Loga River on the south border makes this city one of the instagrammable places in Luanda. There you can experience Angolan wildlife, meet with animals such as giraffes, zebras, forest buffalo, eland, roan antelope, waterbuck, and bushbuck. Also, the Northern boundary of the National Park is an excellently suitable place for birdlife. If you want to escape from life in big cities for a while, you must take a trip along the Kwanza River while you are on Kissama National Park Safari.

2. The Saint Michael Fortress

When you travel to Angola, you should include to your list of beautiful places to visit in Luanda the Saint Michael Fortress. This monument is located in the ancient Sao Paula Mountain. This Portuguese fortress was built in the 16 century by Angola’s first Captain- Governor- Paulo Dias de Novais. The ornate wall tiles, which tell us the story of Angola’s history, make this fortress one of the instagrammable places in Luanda. And according to sources, the Saint Michael Fortress was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Site and thanks to it, it became to be in the tourists’ list of famous places in Luanda. Also, the administration and maintenance of Saint Michael Fortress is the responsibility of the Ministry of Defense and Culture.

3. Mussulo Peninsula

In my opinion, travel to Luanda Angola cannot be planned without Mussulo Peninsula. This Peninsula is popular with its abundance of boats. It can be said that it is a favourite place for wealthy people who like sand. As information, I can say that the beaches are public there, and everyone can get Peninsula by taking a taxi boat from Luanda. If you can catch the sunset there, it can be a glorious choice for instagrammable places in Luanda.

4. Kalandula Falls

Have you ever heard about Kalandula falls among the beautiful places to visit in Luanda? I think when you search where Luanda you should check this direction too is. There you can experience real Africa. This third tallest fall is also known as a haven of peace. It is located in the course of the Lucala River. I am sure that you will admire it when you see its spectacular nature.

5. The Museum of Slavery

I know the Museum of Slavery may not sound like such a good option for a holiday. But, in my opinion, it will be very interesting for history lovers. Because it is an essential part of the history of Angola, and I think, everyone who organizes his/her travel to Luanda Angola should visit this place. This museum is situated in Morro de Cruize, around 25km along the coast from Luanda. This place also can give you the necessary information about its role in the Atlantic Slave Trade. Slaves were baptized there, and they were put on slave ships for transport to America. Despite its simple view, it maintains its great goal. This monument stands in memory of people who were affected by slavery.

6. Avenida 4 de Fevereiro

One of the places to visit in Luanda is Avenida 4 de Fevereiro. It is one of the best instagrammable places to visit in Luanda for those who love adventure. When we wander through the most important road arteries, we can learn the local culture from the residents. There are also spectacular and distinguished buildings of different ministries. The Interior Ministry, the Faculty of Economics is among them. It is the place where you can be acquainted with numerous touristic examples of Luanda.

7. Palacio de Ferro

Palacio de Ferro should be one of the main stations during your travel to Luanda Angola. After neglecting for a long time, the building was repaired in 2010 with the help of a diamond company and reopened to visitors in 2016. It is made almost entirely of iron, and according to the rumour; it was the work of Gustov Eifel. According to sources, people believe that this building was considered to be shipped to Madagascar, but the ship which carried it was distracted by the strong Benguela currents. The combination of iron and glass of its structure gives an incredible harmony of beauty. So, it can be an excellent place for taking unforgettable Instagram photos from your Luanda tour.

8. Fortress of S. Pedro da Barra

boats Another fortress which you should visit during your travel to Angola is the Fortress of S. Pedro da Barra. It is located on the ancient Cassandama, municipality of Sambizanga, in Luanda. This building belongs to the 16th century. It became a national monument in 1932. Now, it is on the UNESCO list for its historical importance. Its location on the old hill of Cassandama gives a beautiful view for people who want to visit.

9. Viewpoint of the Moon

One of the beautiful places to visit in Luanda with its marvellous scenery is Viewpoint of the Moon. It is a set of cliffs in the south of Luanda in the Samba district. This “lunar” landscape which we can see today, is created by erosion caused by wind and rain. People who visit there have a great opportunity to discover the most wonderful panoramas of the place and to take memorial Instagram photos.

10. The Museum of Anthropology

If you want to feel deeper about where is Luanda, visiting museums can be very helpful. And the Museum of Anthropology is one of them. The building built at the end of the 18th century by a Portuguese noble family deserves to be seen with its great official pink view. At the same time, we can say that the Museum of Anthropology inflects colonial architecture. The museum has more than 6000 objects such as traditional masks, jewellery tools, weapons, and clothing. There are parts of art, like sculptures and musical instruments. While you are walking inside the museum, you can learn Angola’s religious beliefs, ceremonies, and rituals.

11. Ilha de Luanda

If you travel to the instagrammable places in Luanda, you should consider the name of Ilha de Luanda, too. It is known as the Island of the Cape. This Iceland separates Luanda from the Atlantic Ocean and creates Luanda Bay. Ilha de Luanda is rich with its various restaurants by the sea, nightclubs, hotels, beaches, a marina, and a lot of bars. You can get a chance for acquaintance with Varina, Semba, styles of dance which are played by the Uniao Mundo da Ilha (a carnival group). There is also the Clube Nautico da Ilha de Luanda which is the sports club. The Church of Our Lady of the Cape is located there, too. This church which is founded in 1575, is the oldest in Angola. It was built by the forty Portuguese who lived on the island before the change of the Luanda city to the capital, made by Paulo Dias de Novais. So, all of this knowledge indicates that this island is among the places to visit in Luanda where you will have a rest.

12. Miradouro da Lua

If you think to take a family trip with children to Luanda, do not miss the nature reserve, Miradouro da Lua. This place became popular all over the world for its extraordinary sand formations. These astonishing natural sculptures will be very interesting not only for adults but also even for children. There are exciting walk tours that are organized along the park, and everyone can ride cars in some areas. A great site of a little trip to the Miradouro da Lua is that people who travel there will be able to take a lot of magnificent Instagram photos. And it makes this reserve one of the instagrammable places in Luanda. We can extend the list of beautiful places to visit in Luanda with Ulengo Center, Sangano beach, the Dundu museum, the Bishop’s Palace, the Presidential Palace, Se Catedral de Sao Salvador, and so on. So, if you want to expand your travel list with distinguishing, memorable, and at the same time, wonderful places, then instagrammable places in Luanda are waiting for you.

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