12 Instagrammable places in Sarajevo

12 Instagrammable places in Sarajevo

Kamran Abbasov09 September 20202989 views8 min. read
12 Instagrammable places in Sarajevo
Bosnia and Herzegovina is no exception. If you happen to visit the Balkans, it is always a good idea to travel to Bosnia and Herzegovina, as you will find many Instagrammable places. The country is located in Southeastern Europe. It borders Croatia on the north, west, and south, Montenegro on the south-east, and Serbia on the east. When you look at the map, it looks like Croatia is surrounding the country, preventing its access to the ocean. But not really; Bosnia and Herzegovina have access to the Adriatic Sea around the town of Neum, which spans 20 kilometres (about 12.4 miles) over the coastline. Where is Sarajevo? It is the capital and the largest city of Bosnia and Herzegovina, with a population of about 300,000. It is located in the centre of the country and on the banks of the Miljacka River while being surrounded by the Dinaric Alps. The most liked Instagram posts in the country are from Sarajevo. In this article, I will write about the best places to visit in Sarajevo and why you should travel to Sarajevo. Here are 12 Instagrammable places in Sarajevo:

1. Bascarsija

old market place Sarajevo is the city where the East meets the West. It does not matter how cliché it may sound, but Sarajevo merits that name. It is a mashup of Austrian, Hungarian, Turkish, and even Slavic cultures and styles. Being located at the heart of the city, Sarajevo Old Town is an amazing place to feel the history. It is referred to as Bascarsija. The name originated in the 15th century, with the Ottomans building the iconic marketplace. In Turkish, the name Bascarsija literally means the main trading centre or street, where “baş” means the main, and “çarşu” means crossroad, street, or trading centre. It is a mecca for the most liked Instagram posts about Sarajevo. This amazing historical site managed to survive the scourges of World War I and II. In the 1980s, it went through some renovation processes to keep its fresh breath to date. It features buildings like Gazi Husrev Bey’s Mosque, the Old Orthodox Church, the Old Jewish Temple, and many more historical buildings. For the people of Sarajevo, Bascarsija is not just a national monument but the historical and cultural heritage of the city.

2. Talks & Giggles

Want a peaceful place to sit with friends to chitchat and enjoy the architecture of the city? Do not worry; Sarajevans would not let you down. Talks & Giggles is an adorable cosy cafe located in a building called Papagajka on the bank of the Miljacka River. It is an amazing place to drink a cup of fine coffee, taste cooling drinks like limunana (a mixture of lemon juice, fruits, and mint), some delicious cheesecakes, and pancakes, as well as Slatki Budzak cakes. Papagajka’s ambience and excellent service will let you take a good rest and take some Instagrammable shots. It is a place to forget about your diet to enjoy the pastries and experience the lovely smile of Sarajevans.

3. Latin Bridge

If you love history, Latin Bridge is one of the main destinations for you when you travel to Bosnia and Herzegovina. The main importance of the bridge in the history of the country dates back to WWI. It was the bridge on which Prince Ferdinand and his pregnant wife were assassinated on their way to the hospital. The assassination (aka the Sarajevo Assassination) on Latin Bridge later led to some chain of events that culminated in the eruption of WWI. The first mention of the bridge in history books was in the middle of the 15th century. The bridge was destroyed by heavy rain and flood in 1791, and seven years later were reconstructed thanks to a rich merchant’s - Abdullah Briga donation. It is a beautiful place to take pictures and show off your history knowledge to your friends with an informative caption on Instagram.

4. Vijecnica

One of the best places to visit in Sarajevo is Vijecnica, that is, City Hall. Vijecnica is the most extravagant building and reminiscent of the occupation of Bosnia and Herzegovina by the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Since its foundation in the 1890s, the City Hall has been the main symbol of Sarajevo city. It is one of the major Instagrammable places in the city. When you travel to Sarajevo, do not miss out on the opportunity of getting unforgettable shots of both the exterior and the interior of Vijecnica. It was completely destroyed during the siege of Sarajevo from 1992 to 1996 and went through a reconstruction henceforth to open again in 2014.

5. The Academy of Fine Arts

Where is Sarajevo? It is where historical buildings and monuments serve as reminiscent of the war-torn history of Bosnia and Herzegovina. One of the finest examples is the Academy of Fine Arts. It was originally built as an Evangelical Church. Today, it is one of the loveliest historical buildings of the city. It was built in 1899 during the Austro-Hungarian occupation of the country, as the number of Evangelicals in Sarajevo saw a sharp increase. Later, as the Evangelicals left the country with the end of the occupation, the church lost its original purpose and lent itself to be a home for the Academy of Fine Arts.

6. Sebilj Brunnen Fountain

Another Instagrammable site is Sebilj fountain. This historical monument is of high importance to Sarajevans since it is the last one of its type. The city used to be home to a lot of kiosk-shaped public fountains like Sebilj. The tradition of building these types of fountains brought to Bosnia and Herzegovina by the Ottomans. They were built to serve free water for hungry passers-by. Now it is one, and the only magic well remained from the 18th century. There are legends about it saying that if you sip water from this fountain, you will at some point be back to Sarajevo in the future.

7. Yellow Bastion

You will find a hilly residential district neighbouring Sarajevo, that is, Vratnik, where the Yellow Fortress is located. This war-related landmark is one of the Instagrammable sites in the country. The Yellow Fortress (aka Yellow Bastion) is one of the fortifications surrounding the town of Vratnik. The fact that the yellow rock was used in the construction of the fortress led to the emergence of the name. Today, it offers an amazing view of Sarajevo, one that should definitely be in your photo gallery.

8. White Fortress

Another historical place to visit in Sarajevo is the White Fortress. Alongside the Yellow Fortress, White Fortress is one of the five fortifications built for defending the old town of Vratnik. As its yellow counterpart, White Fortress took its name from the white rock used in its construction in the 14th and 15th centuries. The fortress enjoys an immensely picturesque view of Sarajevo.

9. Tunnel of Hope

As the country bears a war-related history, one of the remainders of these hardships is the Tunnel of Hope. If you are a history buff, you should visit the Tunnel of Hope when you travel to Sarajevo. It literally took its name from the fact that it was the only hope of Sarajevans to get essentials from the outside world during the siege of the city from July 1993 till February 1996.

10. Sacred Heart Cathedral

Currently serving as the seat of the Archdiocese of Vrhbosna, the Cathedral of Jesus’ Sacred Heart is a mesmerizing place for architecture lovers. It was built in the Neo-Gothic style. Just in front of the Cathedral, there is a statue of Pope John Paul II. It is one of the jewels of Sarajevo that remained to this date.

11. Abandoned Bobsleigh Track

You will find one extraordinary Instagrammable place in Sarajevo, namely, the abandoned bobsleigh track. This bobsled track is the remainder of the Winter Olympics of 1984. The track is reclaimed by nature and surrounded by a forest. You will also find lots of graffiti on the track, which makes this place even more worthy of being photographed.

12. Sarajevo Spite House

Sarajevo Spite House (aka Inat Kuca) is an old building currently serving as a restaurant. The house has a funny history related to its stubborn old owner. When the city was controlled by Austro-Hungarian officials, they were trying to build a new city hall in 1892, showing strength and power. They demolished some houses on the way, but one stubborn Bosnian man refused to allow the destruction of his house. After a lot of struggle, finally, the officials managed to persuade him in 1895.

A quick summary

Rich with immense history, Sarajevo is one of the unfairly underrated capitals worthy of travelling. In this article, I tried to inform you where is Sarajevo and the most liked Instagram posts from this city. When you travel to Bosnia and Herzegovina, knowing the best places to visit in Sarajevo is of great help. 12 Instagrammable places that I have highlighted are the following: Bascarsija, Talks & Giggles, Latin Bridge, Vijecnica, the Academy of Fine Arts, Sebilj fountain, the Yellow Fortress, the White Fortress, the Tunnel of Hope, the Cathedral of Jesus’ Sacred Heart, abandoned bobsled track, and Sarajevo Spite House.

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