12 Instagrammable places in Majuro

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12 Instagrammable places in Majuro
Where is Majuro? Majuro is the Republic of the Marshall Islands' largest city and capital, located near the Federated States of Micronesia. You can have a great time in Majuro if you choose the Marshall Islands as your travel destination. Thanks to the tropical wind climate, the warm temperature on Majuro island does not change during the whole year, being around 27 degrees. However, the weather conditions may become windy or rainy from time to time. During your Majuro time, you will enjoy the tropical vibes at its best. People travel to Majuro to rest and photograph rainforests, beaches, and various tourist attractions. Therefore, many wonder how to find instagrammable places in Majuro. In this blog, we will list instagrammable places in Majuro where you can capture your most liked Instagram photo.

1. Laura Beach

laura beach Laura Beach is on the western part of Majuro island. The dazzling Laura Beach is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Majuro. You will enjoy the stunning exotic tropical view of your dreams, thanks to the fascinating white sand of the island and unbelievably pure blue water of the Pacific Ocean. The wildlife of the island along the coastlines of the sea is very rich with a myriad of endemic flora and fauna. You can capture both the scenic island views and wildlife in the rainforests near Laura Beach. The gorgeous Laura Beach is definitely one of the most beautiful instagrammable places in the Marshall Islands that is a must-visit during your Majuro time.

2. Alele Museum and Public Library

It merely is excellent during the vacation to take a little break from the wildlife and look through some books. The city of Majuro is home to the exquisite and historical Alele Museum and Public Library. The Museum contains many local artefacts, significant ancient documents, old local fishing tools, and unique books. The public library is next to the Museum, where many local people enjoy reading great artworks, newspapers, journals, and poems dedicated to the Marshall Islands' national pride. Each piece of the Museum seems very delightful and is perfectly suitable for posting on Instagram. 

3. Eneko Island

Eneko islet is an impressive atoll that is typical of tropical coral reef islands. Eneko Island is very close to Majuro. The unique fauna of the Pacific Ocean will turn the colour of water much darker. Eneko Island has a fantastic panoramic view which you can capture from far away. The island is home to unique tropical forests and seasonal fruits. Exotic Eneko Island is perfect for camping. You can get your most liked Instagram photo while camping with your friends and family on the pristine sands of Eneko Island. Overnight stays and daytime trips will be unforgettable experiences for you during your time in Majuro

4. Arno Atoll

arno atoll About half an hour boat trip from Majuro will take you to the beautiful Arno Atoll. Short palm trees are typical of Arno Atoll that will remind you of your childhood's tropical fairytales. While enjoying evening walks on pristine sands, tropical shells will tickle your feet with their fascinating structure. Arno Atoll holds a special place among instagrammable places thanks to its light colour sand along the deep blue ocean coastline. The panoramic scenic views of the Arno Atoll will make your tropical vacation unforgettable. 

5. Marshall Islands Resort

resort During your time in Majuro, you need to stay in a fabulous resort with all the comforts provided. Marshall Islands Resort is very famous in the city of Majuro as the best option for overnight stay. You will wake up in the morning with an exotic view of the Pacific Ocean that will amaze you. If you want to know how to find instagrammable places within the resort area, well, there are dozens of tourist attractions. You will have a chance to take great photos while enjoying a nice swimming pool and sipping exotic beverages. During the warm summer weekends, Marshall Islands Resort offers live music concerts that will give you and your family the most beautiful tropical Pacific vacation moments. 

6. Majuro Bridge

During the boat trips around the Majuro island, you will see the Majuro Bridge many times. It is worth stopping the boat and getting out to explore the surrounding beauties of the bridge. Solid basalt rocks and light green meadows are characteristic of the Majuro Bridge environs. You will be able to capture great nostalgic views of the bridge. Also, Instagram filters would adjust the colours of the scenic view much more effectively thanks to the natural colour contrast. While enjoying your Majuro time, you will be very lucky as you will stumble upon the Majuro Bridge several times during the Majuro journey. 

7. Bikini Atoll

bikini atoll Also known as Eschscholtz Atoll, Bikini Atoll consists of more than 20 islet coral reefs. The name of the Bikini Atoll has a history dating back to the beginning of the 1800s. Also, the Bikini Atoll of the Marshall Islands is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Therefore, it is extremely valuable and unique. You can capture your most liked Instagram photo on the stunning historical islets of the Marshall Islands. Bikini Atoll receives thousands of tourists from all over the world, thanks to its worldwide fame. It will be great fun to explore more than 20 unique coral reef islets during the boat trip. Bikini Atoll is not far from Majuro. The short canoe journey from Majuro to fascinating Bikini Atoll is a must-have experience once in a lifetime. 

8. Kalalin Pass

Are you ready for the best diving experience of your lifetime? The aquarium tourist attraction of the Kalalin Pass coral reef is perfect for a dive. The ocean's pure blue water around the reef will let you see the unique tropical flora and fauna clearly. Local tourism agencies organize dive trips to the coral reef. You can wear high-quality dive suits and jump into the blue ocean. Also, a dive expert may accompany you upon request. Do not forget to bring an underwater camera with you on the trip. A myriad of tropical ocean species will amaze you with their unique colours and aesthetic movements. 

9. Enemanot Island

Also known as Ane-manot, Enemanot atoll is on the northeastern part of Majuro Island. Both during the high and low tides, Enemanot island features extremely alluring views. It seems like, from far away, only the wild trees rainforests rise from the ocean during the high tide. Low tide reveals the volcanic stones and basalt surface near the Enemanot atoll. When the low tide exposes the wide land of Enemanot Island, the atoll looks like an abandoned tropical site that we have always seen in movies. 

10. Uliga

Kalalin Pass The government of the Marshall Islands has urbanized some parts of the country. Tourists can also wander around the urban spots of Majuro atoll. One of the unique atoll districts is Uliga, located in the eastern part of Majuro. Uliga, combined with other near islets, forms an urban island town. It is nice to see a unique tropical urban town along the coastlines of the Pacific Ocean. You can use various types of affordable public transportation in order to get around Uliga. You will have a chance to talk to the Marshall Islands' local people who are very smiling and hospitable. An Instagram post that features you and smiling local kids of Majuro would collect a lot of likes and attract a lot of attention. 

11. Assumption Catholic Church

The local residents of the Marshall Islands have been Christians for thousands of years. Christianity is an important aspect of daily life, architecture, social culture, and traditions in the Marshall Islands. The Assumption Catholic Church is one of the most significant buildings in Majuro. Local people visit the church from time to time to pray and celebrate special days. The exterior look of the church, interior design, and elements show the ties of local Marshall people to their culture and rituals. The government of the Marshall Islands pays special attention to the renovation and restoration of the church. You can wonder how to find instagrammable places in the Assumption Catholic Church. Well, your Instagram followers would be very much interested in how the local people of the Marshall Islands have built their church and how they perform religious rites.

12. Darrit

Darrit is another coral reef atoll in the eastern part of the Majuro, bordering the Uliga islet. There are dozens of light blue ponds in Darrit where people can swim and enjoy their time. People can get out of the natural swimming pools and enjoy walking on the islet's pristine white sand. Trees are not common in the Darrit atoll that creates the impression of swimming in the infinite ocean. The light blue colour of the water contrasts perfectly with the white sand. If you want some tips about capturing the best instagrammable moments, many travellers say that the sunrise photos are top-notch in the Darrit island.

A quick recap of this article

majuro atoll In this blog, we firstly answered the following question: Where is Majuro? After elaborating on where is Majuro, we listed the most picturesque places in Majuro that you can photograph and share on Instagram. If you are fond of instagrammable travel spots, Majuro is a perfect place for you.

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