12 Instagrammable places in Managua

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12 Instagrammable places in Managua
Nicaragua, Managua. In recent years the tourism sector showed a dramatic increase in Nicaragua. Every year thousands of people travel to Managua and other cities of the country. Considering this increasing trend, in this blog, we would like to talk about places to visit in Managua, where is Managua, Managua weather, Instagrammable places in Managua, and more.

Where is Managua?

managua Managua is the capital and the largest city of the Central American country Nicaragua. The entire area is 267,17 square km, and the total population is almost 1,1 million people. The town is on the southern shores of Lake Xolotlan (Lake Managua). Lake Xolotlan increases the chances for touristic attractions and provides a large amount of fish stock. Furthermore, most of the population is Christian (especially, catholic). Which currency to use? The official monetary unit of Nicaragua is Nicaraguan cordoba. Also, USD is widely used by citizens. You will be able to pay with USD in most places. Which language to use? Such as in most Central American countries, Spanish is the official language.  After getting some general information about the city and country, it is time to learn about 12 Instagrammable places in Managua.

1. Santiago of Managua Cathedral

cathedral The first one among the places to go in Managua, which we want to mention, is the Santiago of Managua Cathedral. The old cathedral with a neoclassical facade is still in good condition, but we can not say the same words for the interior part. Because of the earthquake, the interior of the cathedral got much damage. Actually, you will see only the exterior part because getting inside is forbidden by the government. Despite this restriction, Santiago of Managua Cathedral is one of the best places to go in Managua. Also, you can see names, such as St. James Cathedral and Antigua Catedral de Managua. Don't worry, all of them are the same. Furthermore, if you want to get detailed information about the cathedral, there are plenty of available tours.

2. Puerto Salvador Allende

puerto slavadro As we said before, Lake Xolotlán creates excellent tourism options for tourists and locals. One of those lakeside places to visit in Managua is Puerto Salvador Allende. Puerto Salvador Allende is a fabulous spot for you and your family. Walk on the lakeside, enjoy the pure water, marvelous nature and after that, go to have a meal in plenty of nearby restaurants. Also, there are many activities for you and your children. Furthermore, you will have a chance to capture many Instagrammable pictures to share on Instagram. Beautiful Managua weather and environment will help you to take your most liked Instagram photo. Are there any parking places? Yes, there is no doubt that you will find one effortlessly. Before the visit, keep in mind that on weekends the area is crowded. 

3. Chocoyero - El Brujo Natural Reserve

hiking Among all hiking places to visit in Managua, The Chocoyero - El Brujo Natural Reserve attracts us firstly with its biodiversity and magnificence. It is nearly 30 km away from the city centre, and the last 7-10 km is much more fascinating because of pineapple, coffee, and banana plantations. Stop your car here, enjoy the beauty, and take some Instagrammable photos to share with your followers on Instagram and other social media. After reaching the reserve area, you will have a chance to see plenty of monkeys, birds (hummingbirds, motmots), etc. White-face monkeys are the most well-known kind of animal in Chocoyero - El Brujo Natural Reserve. Maybe, you will not notice them on a trip because they rarely appear. Another type of monkey is a howler. You will hear their voices gradually during your hiking. How to travel to Managua, the Natural Reserve? There are several ways to reach the spot. You can rent a vehicle or use public transport. For example, you can use purple microbuses in Ticuantepe for travelling (6 USD per person). Are there any places to stay? You can stay in nearby hotels, or you can rent a tent just for 5 USD. Managua weather during summer is 22-30 celsius, but sometimes (mostly September) it can be rainy. If the rain is not a big issue for you, you can prefer to stay in a tent.

4. Montelimar Beach

resort Montelimar Beach is one of the most charming Instagrammable places in the whole of Central America. The first resort hotel of the country opened in Montelimar. Pure water, white sand beach, and trees became a symbol of this place. Besides enjoying the beautiful nature, you can take part in various activities, such as windsurfing, volleyball, etc. How to travel to Managua, Montelimar Beach? You can go there by car or by bus. There are two ways for private vehicles. One is through the Carretera Vieja a Leon, and another through the Carretera Sur. If you want to travel by public transport, you must go to the Israel Lewites Market terminal.

5. Tiscapa Historical National Park

tiscapa national park If you want to enlarge your knowledge about the culture and history of Nicaragua, you can visit Tiscapa Historical National Park. In the past, there were torture rooms (during the rule of the Samoza family), the presidential palace( for more than 40 years), and other historical buildings. Nowadays, you can participate in tours and explore the ruins of those buildings. Also, you will see a tank that was sent by Benito Mussolini. If history and culture are not exciting for you, you can travel just for the excellent view of all Managua. From the hilltop, you will have a chance to observe all buildings and the city view. Furthermore, you capture many Instagrammable moments for Instagram. 

6. Laguna de Tiscapa

laguna de tiscapa As we said before, Managua is full of captivating landscapes, and one of them is the Tiscapa Lagoon. The Lagoon is a crater lake of a currently extinct volcano and covers 15 hectares. Also, archaeologists found many ancient remains from the Pre-Columbian period. Furthermore, a group of people believes that before the Spanish conquest, some local tribes lived here. If these facts are exciting for you, you can take part in tours, such as Canopy Tour at Tiscapa and Tiscapa Historical National Park tour, to get more detailed information.

7. Huembes Market

managua street The Roberto Huembes Market is the street market where you can purchase vegetables, fruits, handicrafts, souvenirs, dresses, and more. Also, prices are much affordable than shopping centres. But, don’t expect to buy luxuries or some brands in the Huembes Market. The Roberto Huembes Market will allow you to buy something for memory from Nicaragua. But we should mention that the market area can be so crowded, and sellers can bother you. 

8. The National Museum

museum The National Museum can be a good example of places to go in Managua for history lovers. It is a fact that when people visit a new country, one of the first priorities is museums. The National Museum has a wide range of ancient artefacts, modern paintings, sculptures, bones, ceramics(4000 years old), and more. They have various rooms, such as the Natural History Room, Paleontology Room, Room of Pre-Columbian Ceramics, Traditional Art Room, Room of Latin American Paintings, etc. How much is the entrance fee? It is just 2 USD. Where is Managua National Museum? It is in Managua, 1100. 

9. Ruben Dario National Theater

theater In 1972 there was an earthquake, and as a result, many high buildings collapsed. Only several buildings remained intact, and one of them is The Ruben Dario National Theater. The theatre has an attractive internal, external design, and there are several rooms in the theatre where you can watch conferences, book presentations, fashion shows, and concerts. If you want to go, keep some rules in mind: children under four can not enter, you can wear shorts and slippers, be there in time (15 minutes after the show begins, doors will be closed).

10. Roberto Incer Barquero Library

library Do you want to take your most liked Instagram photo? Then go to the Roberto Incer Barquero Library. There are more than 67,000 books, free internet, newspapers, etc. Moreover, there is a gallery room inside of the same building where some paintings of notable Nicaraguan artists exhibit regularly. It is on the southern highway in Managua. How to go there? You can take buses that go to 7 Sur. Where is Roberto Incer Barquero Library? The library is two blocks east of the 7 Sur traffic lights. 

11. Huellas de Acahualinca Museum

museum Huellas de Acahualinca Museum is famous for its ancient footprints, which were found by miners. Archaeologists say that those footprints belong to a group of people (10 people) and have more than 6000 years. This is the oldest footprint on the American continent. Moreover, archaeologists found ceramic, mammoth remains, skulls, etc. During your visit, you can take plenty of photos, and one of them can be your most liked Instagram photo. Also, there is a library next to the museum. How much is the entrance fee? It is 0,2 USD for foreigner students and 0,67 USD for adults. 

12. Aquapark Managua

aquapark managua After hiking and getting information about the culture, history of Nicaragua, it is time to relax. Aquapark Managua is an excellent place to get rid of all problems. Especially, your children will not forget this place. Also, prices (entrance fee, restaurant, cafes) are reasonable. 

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