12 Instagrammable places in Nairobi

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12 Instagrammable places in Nairobi
Nairobi - the capital of Kenya and the largest city in East Africa - with an area of 696 square kilometres is a fairly young and fast-growing city formed literally from a swamp in 1899 as the headquarters of the railway. Nairobi on the map, is located on the African continent, namely in its central-eastern part, near the equator. Nairobi on the map, has access to the Indian Ocean. Ethiopia and Sudan border Nairobi to the north, Uganda to the west, Somalia to the east, and Tanzania to the south. If you are planning a vacation in Nairobi, then you have watched the issue of "heads and tails of Nairobi". However, after watching "heads and tails of Nairobi", you may still have some doubts, so we, in turn, will give you 12 Instagrammable places in Nairobi that will not leave you indifferent. However, all of these places are also attractions that you can see when searching for "what to see in Kenya" and "Nairobi attractions".

1. Nairobi National Park

nairobi national park Nairobi National Park, which occupies one of the main items in the lists of "sights of Nairobi" and "what to see in Kenya", is the first national park in the country, which was opened in 1946 to protect the fauna from hunters and poachers. Today, approximately 100 species of mammals and more than 400 species of birds live in the 117.21 square kilometres area. At the same time, the park is the most successful protected area for rhinos. The dry climate prevails here. The park is located seven kilometres away from the central part of Nairobi. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it is located very close to the city, and the animals are separated from the population by just a small fence. Only in this park can you see giraffes against the background of a tall building. Nairobi National Park is also a famous ivory burning site. In 1989, President Moi lit 12 tons of elephant tusks and rhinoceros horns here, helping to preserve the country's image on the world stage. Today, the monument marks this historic site.

2. Safari

lion in safari park If you want to get an adrenaline rush, then, by all means, try safari. A large influx of tourists tends to get to Nairobi just because of this. It is the only place where this type of tourism has developed strongly. During the entire walk, you will simply enjoy Instagrammable nature. There are all kinds of safari tours: whether it is on foot or in an SUV, or in a hot air balloon, or by helicopter. There are also themed tours available. For example, river tours, where you can watch hippos, crocodiles, and other fauna; a tour where you can try yourself as a tracker and find large wild animals on the tracks; several day tours with accommodation in tents. Travelling on a safari through desert plains and impenetrable forests, close to wild animals, and between mysterious sounds, you will experience an incomparable sense of unity with the nature of Africa.

3. Jamia Mosque

jamia mosque The mosque, which is included in the lists of "Nairobi attractions" and "what to see in Kenya", is a country's dazzling attraction. The amazing mosque was built at the beginning of the XX century. The building of the mosque is built in the Arab-Muslim style and is mainly made of marble. A large number of inscriptions from the Koran are depicted on the walls. The silver-coloured domes and single minarets attract a lot of attention, and at the entrance to the mosque, there is a wonderful arch in gold colour. There is also a large library and an educational institution open to those who want to learn Arabic. Every day a large number of visitors come to this symbol of the country.

4. National Museum

entrance to the nairobi national museum The National Museum is another unsurpassed place that will give you a vivid impression and introduce you to Kenyan culture and history up close. The museum, which opened in 1930, contains the rarest exhibits of various periods of time. Here are exhibited paleontological finds, among which there are various bones, skulls, and skeletons of ancient animals. The greatest demand is for the discoveries of famous anthropologists. They revealed the bones and skulls of ancient people who lived in the African territory in ancient times. Among the finds, there are some that are more than one and a half million years old. A priceless exhibit is a whole skeleton of "Nomo Erectus", which is today's man's ancestor. There are also a large number of tools, handicrafts and household items.

5. Nairobi Railway Station and Railway Museum

nairobi railway station One of the Nairobi attractions is the Nairobi Railway Station, established in 1899. Special attention is drawn to the station building, which is made in a medieval castle's style. The roof is divided into 7 parts. Each part contains three small windows, one of which is arched. The building entrance was made in the form of three large arches, on two sides of which there are columns. A Railway Museum was erected on the grounds of the Nairobi Railway Station in 1971, the purpose of which was to maintain and showcase the history of railway transport. This museum is a key attraction in Kenya, as this is where the history of the capital begins.

6. Sagrada Familia Cathedral

sagrada familia cathedral The cathedral is the largest basilica and the main Roman Catholic church in the capital. At the same time, it is the seat of the Archbishop of the Diocese of Nairobi. The cathedral is distinguished by its impressive size and four thousand seats. Its territory has the shape of a cross, and in front of the facade, there is a huge cross that points to the holy building. The interior of the building is most notable. There are two side altars in the church hall, eight chapels, four confessionals, an icon of the Holy Family, and a huge cross. Catholic masses are held here every day in Swahili and English. Inside the church, some halls can be used for meetings, seminars, weddings, or just for recreation, but these events should not be political.

7. The Karen Blixen Museum

museum of karen blixen The museum is the home of the famous Danish writer Karen Blixen, who gave her heart to Africa forever. The whole house museum was shrouded in an unusual story of the writer's life. When she was thirty years old, Karen and her husband came to Kenya to develop a coffee plantation. After conducting this case for several years, it turned out that the writer had contracted a serious illness. In 1925, Karen divorced her husband and continued to live in Africa. Later, she begins an affair with a local hunter, but soon he is killed in a car accident. Impressed by the incident, Karen leaves for Europe and devotes herself entirely to writing. She writes the world bestseller "From Africa", which later became the basis for the same name's film. After the death of the beautiful writer, her house was preserved as a memorial monument. After some time, the Danish government gave Kenya both the house and the land around it. The house has been restored and, since 1986, is open to anyone who admires this unique woman's work.

8. Langata Giraffe Center

langata giraffe center The centre, inspired by the opening of the African Fund for the Protection of Wild Animals, covers more than 0.36 square kilometres. The baby giraffe, caught in 1979 by the Melville couple near their home, was the centre's first resident. The Melville family runs the park to this day. The centre will provide you with detailed information about all types of giraffes, explain the difference between them, and also allow you to feed your pets with your hands. Mainly, giraffes are bred here, of which there are very few left on the whole earth. During a walk through the park, you will see a wide variety of wild animals, as well as you will taste the extraordinary panorama of the waterfall and tropical views. After you have taken a few photos here, be sure to visit the local shop of Instagrammable souvenirs, where you can buy a book, a beautiful postcard or cute crafts. Local artisans make wonderful souvenirs.

9. The Great Rift Valley

valley The Great Rift Valley, or the Great African Rift, formed by the tectonic movement of the earth's plates many millions of years ago, is one of the Instagrammable places in the world. The valley is located about a hundred kilometres from the capital of Kenya. The fault, which is a geological wonder of the world, is a huge depression surrounded by several volcanoes. The fault originates in Jordan, crosses in the centre of Kenya, and ends in Mozambique. The valley is also known for its lakes. For example, the soda lake Magadi helps with skin diseases, Lake Nakuru is home to a large population of pink flamingos, Lake Naivasha is home to hippos, and Lake Bogoria is a valley where geysers and hot springs meet. Guided tours are available from Nairobi to the Rift Valley, with prices varying depending on the number of days.

10. Natural History Museum

traditional head rest For museum lovers, the Natural History Museum opened its doors to visitors in 1910 and will be a godsend. The museum has gained a celebrity due to its unique collections, revealing the historical value and variety of the country's nature. The museum is just a huge complex that contains various exhibition halls. The most famous is the Dinosaur Park, where models of ancient reptiles are displayed. The height of the largest of them reaches ten meters. The remains of extinct two hundred years ago representatives of flora and fauna, which are displayed in two halls, are attractive.

11. Clock Tower

clock tower The Clock Tower, which is located in the central part of Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, is considered one of the most majestic and luxurious buildings in Africa. Its height is 140 meters. The local sign says that if you stand a little near the tower, you will be charged with solar energy, get a surge of strength and gain wisdom. Some claim that it is somewhat similar to Big Ben. Inside the 38-storey Tower, there are offices, namely 7, given to banking institutions, and 11 are allocated for parking. The attraction was designed so that it is not afraid of earthquakes. And you can't go inside the building without documents.

12. The ethnic village of Bomas of Kenya

ethnic village The ethnic village of Bomas of Kenya is one of the must-see Instagrammable places on the "Nairobi attractions" list. The village is a historic settlement where the villagers still maintain a traditional way of life. Different ethnic groups live in the village area, each of which has special traditions. Here you will get acquainted with the customs and culture of the local tribes. You can also witness fascinating performances and unusual dances of local residents, listen to live folk music, get acquainted with old crafts, and taste traditional cuisine. In this unique place, you will definitely forget about civilization and urban turmoil and immerse yourself in the fairy-tale world of the oldest tribes of Kenya.

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