12 Instagrammable places in Pattaya

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12 Instagrammable places in Pattaya
Thailand – a country of hot sun, combining drive and tranquillity, parties and privacy, natural beauty, and Instagrammable architectural structures. There is a place for young lovers of outdoor activities, families with children, and elderly travelers who have not lost the spirit of adventurism. After all, the resorts of Thailand are full of abundance and diversity. For those who prefer to spend their holidays in Asia, quite often, there is a dilemma: Pattaya or Phuket. It is these two largest resorts that have gained the greatest popularity among tourists. To form an objective opinion on this matter, you need to visit both resorts. Are you wondering what to see in Pattaya? Well, in this article, all attention is paid to the most instagrammable places in Pattaya.

1. Hotels in Pattaya

hotel The first impression of the country and Pattaya traditions begins with the hotel. Here you can fully feel the Asian culture: smiling miniature Thais at the reception, oriental style, and an unusually colorful interior cause delight and anticipation of a great holiday. It is better to book accommodation depending on your interests and the way you spend your time. While traveling to Pattaya with children, it is preferable to settle further from the center and come to the city only for shopping, excursions, and walks. If you come for a night of entertainment, feel free to choose a place to stay near the notorious Beach Road and Walking Street. Just keep in mind that it is always crowded and very noisy. Hotels in Pattaya have significant differences in the price range depending on the infrastructure and location. In addition to the star Pattaya hotels, there are spa resorts that provide their guests with wellness services. It is as if you are in a luxury sanatorium under exotic palm trees, on the territory of which there are several swimming pools, a tennis court, a gym, and the highest level of service provided. One of them is the Long Beach Pattaya Hotel. It is located on Wong Amart Beach in the northern part of the city. The proximity to the sea, clean beach, clear water, as well as a large, well-maintained area with a swimming pool made Long Beach Pattaya one of the most popular hotels in the resort. Planning your vacation here, you will surely get a lot of great experiences.

2. Nong Nooch Botanical Garden

botanical garden In 1954, a couple of Thai businesspeople bought a huge plantation for planting fruit trees. However, after a trip to Europe, they decided to divide the territory into separate park areas for growing flowers in different styles-French, English, German. For a long time, the couple with enviable perseverance sought and brought rare exotic plants from the most remote corners of the world. Their efforts were not in vain. After all, this Instagrammable place has become one of the most popular in Pattaya. Orchids of various colors and sizes are especially impressive. It is also home to the world's largest collection of palm trees. True connoisseurs of beauty can buy a sprout of any flower right in the garden so that at home, they can remember such an unusual place as the Nong Nooch Botanical Garden.

3. Koh Lin Island

long tail boat tour This small Koh Lin Island is completely uninhabited, unlike others located near Pattaya. For this reason, it boasts the cleanest and Instagrammable beaches and clear water, which attracts snorkeling enthusiasts here. Although, why is it uninhabited? Here live quite nice residents – a small family of local macaques happily welcomes tourists in the hope of eating something delicious. If you are going to Koh Lin Island, take a watermelon with you – the monkeys are especially fond of it. You can get here by purchasing Pattaya tours, which include a tour of the nearby islands.

4. Palace Sukhavati

palace sukhavati This luxurious palace is the residence of one of the richest people in Thailand, who made a fortune in the production of chicken products. For this reason, this place is popularly called the "Palace of the Chicken King." Legend has it that the "Chicken King" built the castle to give it to the real ruler, who unexpectedly refused the gift. Then its owner opened the doors to all comers and did not even take money for admission. The palace and the surrounding area will be of interest to those for whom the instagrammable places of Pattaya are of particular interest. Against the background of a chic castle with fountains and peacocks, you get the most liked Instagram photos. Also, here you can often meet the palace owner, who likes to communicate with guests and is happy to pose for the camera.

5. Horizon Bar & Restaurant

horizon restaurant Hotels in Pattaya will not only give you coolness on a hot day and an invaluable rest after tedious excursions and entertainment but also bring a share of romance to your trip. For example, the Hilton Hotel, or rather its roof, on which the Horizon bar-restaurant is organized, is particularly popular with residents of the city and its guests. Located on the 34th floor, it offers a truly mesmerizing view of the Gulf of Thailand and Pattaya. To fully enjoy this place's charm, it is better to come to sunset-after at five o'clock. Moreover, there is a special offer until seven: "Two author's cocktails for the price of one."

6. Million-year-old Stones Park

million years stone park Tired of the abundance of Pattaya attractions, go to the park, where the spirit of the distant past hovers. Stone blocks of various shapes and sizes are brought here from all over the country and from abroad. Their owner for 20 years collected stones that are more than 100 million years old. And in 1994, on the basis of this collection, a park was organized, accessible to everyone. There is also a crocodile farm on the territory, which is home to about 60,000 individuals. You can visit a crocodile show or feed amphibians with chicken carcasses. True fashionistas will be able to immediately purchase an exclusive handbag or belt made of crocodile leather.

7. Khao Kheow Zoo

elephant In Khao Kheow Zoo, animals walk on the fenced territory instead of sitting in cages. On a huge plot of 800 hectares, 8 thousand of the most diverse animals, birds, and reptiles live. If you've never seen a tapir, a binturong, or a pygmy hippo, don't miss this opportunity. Children will be delighted with the opportunity to feed the Thailand animals from the hands of the food that is sold at the entrance. As the zoo occupies a large territory, it is quite problematic to walk all of it on foot. Therefore, think in advance about how you will move – on your transport, rented or on an elephant. Yes, yes, and so it is also possible! After all, excursions in Pattaya are always a sea of emotions and impressions.

8. Aquarium in Pattaya

aquarium in pattaya The instagrammable places of Pattaya rightfully include the local aquarium, especially if you are a fan of the underwater world and its inhabitants. The glass tunnel that runs along the huge pool's bottom is divided into three zones: Reefs, Fish, and a Sunken Ship. Walking along such a peculiar corridor, you can feel like a powerful king Triton or a cute little mermaid Ariel because real sea life is boiling around. Do not miss the process of feeding the fish: at certain hours, a scuba diver goes to the aquarium to feed the aquatic inhabitants. This action always attracts a lot of viewers. And it is especially interesting to watch sharks at this moment.

9. Golden Buddha Mountain

buddha mountain If you are planning excursions to Pattaya, be sure to visit one of the main Pattaya attractions - the Golden Buddha Mountain. On the mountain, the largest image of the Buddha in the world is laid out in gold plates, the height of which reaches 130 meters. The children of King Rama IX painted the Buddha's image in 1996 in honor of the fiftieth anniversary of his ascension to the throne of his father. Work on the rock figure was carried out around the clock: at night, the contour was burned out with a laser, and during the day, it was polished and covered with gold. The Golden Buddha Mountain is located in a very Instagrammable place – the tranquillity and peace of nature evoke philosophical thoughts about the meaning of life and make you look at the world from a different angle.

10. Pattaya Islands

pattaya beach Trips to the islands in Thailand are incredibly popular with tourists. And it doesn't matter where you are – Pattaya or Phuket. These excursions provide an incredible opportunity to see the beauty of Thai nature, feeling like the hero of a romantic movie. The islands in Thailand are a vacation for the body and soul. It is better to plan a trip, not at the height of the season; then, you will be able to enjoy the noise of the waves and the singing of birds while contemplating the extraordinary beauty of the scenery. Military beach, Madagascar, the island of Koh Samet, and Ko Chang are well worth a visit. The first thing that catches your eye is the striking difference between the beaches of Pattaya. It's no secret that the main drawback of the resort is the pollution of the beaches. On the islands, this is not observed, despite the continuous flow of tourists. You can choose either a day trip to the island or stay there longer. We advise you to stop at the second option to fully enjoy the Instagrammable views and get the most liked Instagram photos for memory.

11. Sanctuary of Truth

sanctuary of truth It is a wooden structure, which both inside and outside depicts many carved figures that illustrate various Thai mythology subjects. They tell us that good always wins over evil, and wisdom is stronger than stupidity. The sanctuary of truth is conventionally divided into four zones, each of which symbolizes a certain culture: Thailand, China, India, Cambodia. It is surprising that the temple was built without the use of nails and only of precious wood. The construction has not been completed to this day. Why? It is rumored that when a local businessman donated a large sum of money to the Sanctuary restoration in 1981, a fortune-teller predicted his sudden death as soon as the construction was completed.

12. Sattahip Beach

samaesan island "Dancing Girl Beach" is what the locals call this place. Once upon a time, people began to hear beautiful music from the island located opposite. For some reason, they immediately imagined a dancing Thai woman, after whom this wonderful beach was named. Everyone who has vacationed in Pattaya and visited Sattahip beach, without the slightest doubt, calls it the resort's best beach. The azure sea, white sand, and coniferous trees growing nearby create an ideal place to relax. The sea here is shallow, clear, and transparent. A little confusing is the huge number of Thais who create the feeling of a local market. However, in such a picturesque place, you want to fully enjoy the Instagrammable views and the sound of the waves. Suppose you are still rushing between the choice of Pattaya or Phuket, afraid of unflattering reviews about the beaches of Pattaya, but attracted by a more budget vacation here. In that case, you can safely decide in favor of the first. Sattahip Beach will give you the most pleasant experience of your holiday in Thailand. Pattaya is a resort where there is entertainment for every taste and budget. And it does not matter how you will spend this time – on wild beaches, on educational excursions, or in the chic Long Beach Pattaya. Your vacation is sure to be remembered for a long time. What are you waiting for? Get your Thailand visa now and travel to this magical land!

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