10 Instagrammable places in Novi Sad

Yuliya Anikina24 March 20211929 views12 min. read
10 Instagrammable places in Novi Sad
Serbia is rightly proud of its two most Instagrammable cities - Belgrade and Novi Sad. And if Belgrade is the true heart of Serbia, then Novi Sad is its cultural soul and the country's second largest city. We invite you to visit the special Instagrammable places of Novi Sad - the main tourist competitor of the cultural capital of Serbia. "Serbian Athens”," Hungarian Gibraltar " and the most non-Balkan city of this Balkan country - this is the name of Novi Sad, located on both banks of the Danube. The capital of Vojvodina attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists with its combination of Austro-Hungarian heritage architecture in the historical center of the city and multi-storey post-Jugoslav buildings on the outskirts, multi-religious culture, parks shrouded in bright greenery, numerous coffee shops and an old fortress that still stands on the banks of the Danube. What to see in Novi Sad? And where to make most liked Instagram photos in Novi Sad? That's definitely not something to worry about. The answers to these questions will be provided by our virtual tour of the sights of the cultural capital of Serbia. And how to get from Belgrade to Novi Sad, you will learn at the end of this story.

1. Petrovaradin Fortress

petrovaradin fortress The first and main point of your trip to Novi Sad should be its most famous attraction and the city's business card - an ancient fortress located on the steep bank of the Danube. From the viewing platforms of Petrovaradin, you can enjoy a magnificent Instagrammable view of the city, the plains of Vojvodina and the Danube, which smoothly flows further into Hungary. Petrovaradinska tvrjava, the name of the fortress in Serbian, and now makes a strong impression not only from a distance, from the opposite shore. Tourists who get inside the bastion will be amazed by the power of the well-preserved fortress walls with its 12,000 loopholes. And a walk through many kilometers of underground tunnels will give you the opportunity to feel like treasure seekers. Walking through the fortress you will find many interesting places where you can take most liked Instagram photos. Serbia knows how to surprise. The view of the Danube from the fortress's observation decks is worth a visit.

2. Petrovaradin Clock Tower

petrovaradin The Petrovaradin Clock Tower is the most recognizable building not only in Petrovaradin, but also in Novi Sad. Located on one of the viewing platforms of the ancient fortress, it is a symbol of Petrovaradin and is replicated on almost all the souvenirs that you can buy here. A squat tower with a huge clock is an Instagram celebrity and a favorite place for hunters of beautiful, atmospheric pictures. The platform offers a breathtaking view of the Danube and the opposite bank of Novi Sad. The design of the clock tower is designed in such a way that from any ship passing along the Danube, you can easily see the dial and determine the time. That is why the tower clock has a distinctive feature: the hour hand on them is much longer than the minute hand. During the evening sunset hours, it is impossible to find a free bench around the tower. Dozens of residents and tourists rush to take seats in the audience to see the farewell rays of the sun sinking into the Danube waters. And if your friends ask you: What to see in Novi Sad? You, of course, will answer: and this, too! Absolutely!

3. Freedom Square

novi sad The heart of the city can be called Freedom Square. Without it, it is impossible to imagine either the old provincial Novi Sad or the new modern metropolis. After all, it was born together with the city and for a while was just a market square. Repeatedly changing names and being rebuilt, the square retained its identity and attractiveness for residents and visitors of the city. Now it is a single architectural ensemble of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, consisting of the Roman Catholic Cathedral of St. Mary the Virgin, the City Hall, and a fashionable hotel “Vojvodina”. The building of the former Grand Hotel is now occupied by the office of the Bank of Vojvodina. In the center of the square stands the figure of Svetozar Miletich-a monument to a citizen and patriot of Serbia, who made a great contribution to the liberation of his homeland from Austro-Hungarian rule. Here, on both sides of the square, the pedestrian zone begins. Jovan Zmaya Street with cozy two-story houses painted in pastel colors will lead you past numerous cafes and restaurants with open-air tables. Past boutiques and souvenir shops, hotels and hostels, until you reach the picturesque ensemble consisting of the Vladychansky Courtyard and the Church of St. George.

4. Roman Catholic Church of the Name of Mary

novi sad While walking around Freedom Square and the surrounding streets of Novi Sad, instagrammable places will come across very often, but the airy building of the Cathedral of the Virgin Mary has no competitors. Filled with greatness, the temple raises the spire to a 72-meter height. The cathedral rightfully bears the title of the highest religious building in Vojvodina. The masterpiece of the architect D. Molnar, the Roman Catholic cathedral, is built in the neo-Gothic style and attracts the attention of tourists with a spire piercing the sky, shimmering in the sun with colored tiles. The stained glass windows, mosaics and Gothic bas-reliefs of the temple are striking in their beauty. And the light brick from which the cathedral is built makes it bright and elegant even on the most cloudy day. At present, the cathedral hosts not only masses, but often organ concerts of classical music. In the crypts of the church lie the ashes of members of the famous families of Novi Sad.

5. Danube Street

danube street It is not for nothing that the street bears this name, because it begins on the bank of the great European river - the blue Danube. If you want to get acquainted with the life of novosadchan, feel the flavor of Vojvodina, go directly there. Dunayskaya will meet you with the same gingerbread two-and three-story houses in the Austro-Hungarian style and will envelop you with some kind of home warmth and comfort. The pedestrian part of the street is occupied by coffee shops, restaurants, passages and shops standing close to each other. Here you can also meet street musicians who, for a reward from grateful listeners, will perform folk, classical or modern music. Where to make beautiful photos for Instagram, you will be prompted by a fountain depicting a naked nymph with a cornucopia in her hands. Danube Street will charm you with an unusual color for the Balkans and lead you to another landmark for tourists-the Danube Park.

6. Danube Park

dunavski park You can easily find beautiful Instagrammable places right here. The park, built on the site of a previously drained swamp, and later became a fairground, is now an island of peace and serenity, greenery and fresh air in the hot summer heat of Novi Sad. The atmosphere of the park is completely in harmony with the aura of Novi Sad - it is also a little old-fashioned and provincial, but cozy and beautiful at any time of the year. In summer, you can take a leisurely stroll through its shady, well-groomed alleys, relax on the benches that are placed in large numbers throughout the park, feed the swans and ducks in the pond. In winter, the park is filled with ice rinks, and you can also visit the Museum of Vojvodina. In addition to the natural beauty-alleys with rare plants, clean ponds with ducks and turtles, charming gazebos where you can take most liked Instagram photos, in the park you can see the monument to Sergius of Radonezh and busts of Serbian poets Miroslav Antic, Djure Jakic, Branko Radicevic.

7. Strand Beach

strand beach If you are lucky enough to be in the city of Novi Sad in the middle of summer, then by all means visit the largest beach, which is located on the left bank of the Danube near the Freedom Bridge. For locals, this beach has become a fashionable holiday destination since its foundation in 1911. And now it is popular not only with locals, but also with tourists who flood the capital of Vojvodina every summer. A lot of coffee shops, restaurants, fast food counters, a boat station, changing booths, sun beds, sun beds and canopies - that is, everything that makes up the convenient infrastructure of a modern beach will be available to you for ridiculous money-only 40-60 dinars per person (20-30 rubles). In addition, here you can watch and participate in sports competitions in beach volleyball, football, tennis and become a participant of the Strand Summer Fest or the Danube Regatta.

8. Fruska Gora National Park

fruska gora If urban Novi Sad has tired you with its crowded streets and noise, diversify your trip and go to one of the five national parks of Serbia - Fruska Gora. This mountain range is the only upland of Vojvodina in the middle of the vast plains and fields. It is located at a distance of 20 kilometers from Novi Sad. A short drive will take you to a land of Instagrammable pastures, vineyards and lime groves. Fruska Gora is not only a nature reserve for birds and animals. It is a place of concentration of the historical and spiritual heritage of the Serbian people. On the territory of the park there are 17 preserved monasteries, the construction of which dates back to the 15th-18th centuries. On the slopes of the mountain, there are numerous vineyards where the famous Traminer and Riesling varieties are grown. Be sure to try the Frushkokor wine soaked in the hot sun and clean mountain air! Thermal springs, scattered in abundance at the foot of the mountain, successfully treat joint diseases. For outdoor enthusiasts, Fruska Gora offers hiking and cycling trails of varying degrees of difficulty.

9. Sremski Karlovci 

sremski karlovci The Instagrammable town of Sremski Karlovci, located on the outskirts of Novi Sad, is very popular with travelers. So small in population and territory, this city is a real center of the architectural heritage of Serbia and the cultural code of the nation. A place surrounded by beautiful orchards and lush vineyards. A city where instagrammable places will be waiting for you on every corner. Sremski Karlovci was once the center of religious life in Serbia. Historical buildings, churches, and museums make up the bulk of the city's buildings. The Lower and Upper Churches, the Cathedral Church and the Patriarchal Palace are only a small part of the architectural treasures of the city. The Patriarch's Palace, built in 1894, is now the residence of the Bishop of Srem. There is also a church court and a museum of the Serbian Orthodox Church. The history of the city is inextricably linked with the history of Russia in the 20th century. It was Sremski Karlovci who was elected the "black baron". Wrangel as the place of his forced emigration. The first Serbian gymnasium also appeared here. Now it is one of the best philological educational institutions in Serbia. Another most famous attraction of the city is the fountain “Four Lions", located on the central square. From all four holes of the fountain flows the purest spring water. Sremski-Karlovci is a land of master winemakers. According to legend, the first vine appeared here thanks to the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius Probus. It was brought from Sicily in the 3rd century AD. Today, there are about 60 wine cellars and wineries in the city: “Podrum Bajilo”, “Dulka”, “Bermet Aleks”, "Zivanovic". The craftsmen of the city are proud of their Karlovac kuglofs. Traditional cupcakes with nuts, chocolate, dried fruits and marzipan are always popular with visitors to the city. At the end of June, fairs of wine, flowers and honey, and pastries are held in Karlovci.

10. Museums in Novi Sad

museum (Muzej Vojvodine, Dunavska; Galerija Matice Srpske, Trg Galerija; Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina, Dunavska) If you love art, and Serbia interests you as a country with a rich history-go to the museums of Novi Sad. The Museum of the History of Vojvodina will take you through the halls of the 19th-century palace on the eight-thousand-year history of the principality. The priceless masterpiece of the museum is the exposition of three helmets of the 4th century of the new era. Decorated with stones and made of gilded silver, the artifacts of the Roman era have survived to this day in a unique condition. A collection of traditional Serbian and Vojvodina clothing for everyday life and holidays can be seen in one of the museum's halls. The Matica Srpska Gallery will introduce you to the art of Serbia. The collection of the museum covers seven areas from art to theater and music. The exhibitions showcase masterpieces ranging from Byzantine icons to avant-garde modern installations. The Museum of Modern Art of Vojvodina is located in a separate building of the Museum of History, located in the Danube Park. Here you will find a large collection of international and Serbian contemporary art. The museum's expositions cover a period of time from the second half of the 20s of the last century to the present day. So about the most important thing. How to get from Belgrade to Novi Sad to see all of the above. international airport Novi Sad is the largest transport hub in Europe, so getting here will not be difficult and will not take much time. 1. From Nikola Tesla International Airport in Belgrade, you can reach Novi Sad by rented car or taxi on the E-75 motorway. 2. You can also get from Belgrade to Novi Sad by bus. From the Belgrade Bus Station, where you will be taken by JAT (Jugoslav Airlines) buses, there are flights to Novi Sad every half hour. 3. You can also travel to the capital of Vojvodina by train from Belgrade Train Station.

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