12 Instagrammable places in Belgrade

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12 Instagrammable places in Belgrade
Serbia, and modern technologies do not bypass it. The contrast between a modern big city's life and the ancient history of Celtic times overlap, creating the necessary entourage for modern social networks. Are you wondering where is Belgrade? Well, Belgrade on the map stands between the Sava and Danube rivers since the III century BC. However, then this city was a small Celtic population, which was called Singidunum. History is very difficult to find more than a century of this city, when it flourished in peace and prosperity. The capital of Serbia, Belgrade sights that must be in the Instagram account of any modern person who is no stranger to modern social networks will be described below. Namely, 12 Instagrammable places in Belgrade.

1. Aval TV Tower

tv tower on avala mountain Hashtag Aval TV Tower is one of the best places to visit in Belgrade. Before you go around the city and arrange a photo hunt for interesting places or score something like "what to see in Belgrade" in the search, the best start is to climb higher. The 119-meter-high tower was destroyed in a bombing in 1999, but 10 years have passed – and now this tower is rightfully considered the tallest object in Serbia and the Balkans. Already at the base of the tower, you can look at the city. After all, it is located on a hill – on Mount Avala. After the bus stop, which is visited by visitors to the TV tower, you will have to walk the next 2 kilometers uphill. For many tourist feet, this will seem like a serious challenge, but it's worth it. After all, after that, you will take the elevator to the top of the TV tower, which will open the Instagrammable view of the city.

2. Hill Gardosh

panoramic aerial of zemun houses Another Instagrammable place for those who are completely sure that the view from above is better. In the middle of the old streets of Belgrade is this interesting hill for photos and not only. It is worth climbing it, as the eye catches the building of the XIX century-the 36-meter Gardash tower or Millennium. The place is remarkable not only because of this high building right in the middle of Belgrade, overlooking the entire city but also the fact that it is located in Zemun, which is what you can feel the spirit of old Belgrade.

3. Zemun

architecture belgrade gardos kula In the distant past, Zemun was a separate city, but, according to the tendency of the capitals of all countries of the world to expand, Belgrade absorbed it, leaving the old houses to delight the eyes of passing people. When Zemun was not yet a district of Belgrade, it belonged to Austria-Hungary. Accordingly, this city has preserved its European features. The narrow streets and leisurely residents give an unprecedented contrast to this city compared to the rest of Belgrade, capital of Serbia. If you do not take into account the whole of Belgrade, Zemun can be considered a full-fledged European year with a focus on the architecture of the last century. It has its own embankment, its own main square, its own sights and its own inhabitants. Zemun's own pedestrian street is the best Instagrammable places. Like its counterpart in Belgrade's center, there are cozy shops, cafes, and facades of old houses. It is worth walking a little further – and you will find a quaint cafe next to the Church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker.

4. Knez Mihailova

knez mihailova street And now-about the main pedestrian street of Belgrade. It is also Prince Michael Street. Everyone who asks the search engines "what to see in Belgrade" and the like, first of all get here. The center of Belgrade, protected by law as a single object of historical importance. This street completely repeats the structure of the city of Singidunum, which was located in these places in ancient times. Now this street is the main pedestrian object of the city, the length of which occupies one kilometer. It is worth a walk along it to see the contrast of modern buildings' neighbourhood with mansions of the past. Here, everyone walks slowly and often armed with their phones. By analogy with the pedestrian streets of other former Soviet Union cities, there are many shops, souvenir shops, and benches. And after the walk, you can go to one of the largest shopping centers in the city – Rajiceva. Once in this place it was planned to lay the subway. The project never saw the light of day, but this street is now the most popular in the field of Belgrade Instagrammable places. And if you go through the photo-social network with the hashtag #Belgrade, you will definitely come across many mentions of this central street.

5. Skadarlija

skadarlija On every street of Knez Mihailova, Skadarlija has its own. This is an Instagrammable area in the center of Belgrade, which attracts artists, actors, musicians and representatives of creative professions in general. Once this area belonged to the Gypsies and was even called so. Gypsies and beggars still hang around there, but it was decided to name it after Serbia's medieval capital. And this decision was not made in vain. Facing it, the ubiquitous paving stones and the atmosphere itself creates the impression of a corner of the Middle Ages in the XXI century. And all that surrounds this street – antique shops and small cafes.

6. Tasmajdan Park Belgrade

tasmajdan park belgrade This place, unlike the previous points, is not very popular place among tourists. However this is a favorite place of the Belgradians themselves, who like to walk here on sunny days. Tasmajdan Park, also known as Tash, was founded not very long ago, but quickly gained its popularity among the locals. First of all, because tourists do not come here very often. And this is an occasion for great most liked Instagram photos in a fairly simple and sparsely populated park, which is not particularly noticed by other tourists taking most liked Instagram photos of Belgrade. The huge church, where General Wrangel is buried, will be an excellent backdrop for a natural park, where you can walk for quite a long time and enjoy the Instagrammable views.

7. Kalemegdan Belgrade

statue Kalemegdan Fortress is one of the most popular places to visit in Belgrade and one of the oldest buildings on Serbia's territory. Located at an altitude of 125 meters above the Danube and Sava, the fortress offers a beautiful view of these two rivers. The three streets surrounding the fortress only complement the Instagrammable view of the fortress. Here you can always see walking couples in love, admiring the views of the fortress. And against their background, older people constantly play chess. You can join them for a few parties, or you can find the most Instagrammable view of the park with views of the plains of Srem and Banat and hilly Shumadia and make some interesting selfies for Instagram under the hashtag Kalemegdan Belgrade.

8. House of Flowers Belgrade

house of flowers There is a mausoleum in the center of Belgrade with such a romantic name. The Yugoslav revolutionary and later President Josip Broz Tito is buried here, along with the last of his five wives, Jovanka. As already clear from the name, the burial place is full of vegetation and a little it can even be called a greenhouse. Well, Josip Frantsovich Brozovich himself, as he is listed in Soviet documents, lies in a marble coffin, which is very different from most such places. There is still something to see in addition to the many flowers, the fountain, and the most unusual type of mausoleum. A recreated office of a political figure with his personal belongings and a formal suit. Also in the exhibits of this small Museum, you can trace the history of this interesting person's life. Rarely whose burial place can be called Instagrammable places. However here everything looks peaceful enough – and you can't even say that the spirit of death is present somewhere nearby. The House of Flowers Belgrade is not only a historical place, but also a peaceful one.

9. Church of St. Sava Belgrade

belgrade This Orthodox building is currently one of the largest in Europe, and even the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Moscow looks like an unremarkable little church against its background. Another remarkable detail of the temple against the background of similar structures in Russia - the temple operates exclusively at the expense of parishioners, that is, on donations. And the temple is periodically reconstructed with the same funds. Of course, the main interest of this temple is not only its size alone. Its main feature against the background of other Orthodox churches is the style of construction. The architecture of the temple originates from the classical Byzantine style, and as a model-St. Sophia Cathedral in Constantinople, the main church of the Byzantine Empire. And some turrets around the dome only emphasize the medieval performance of the temple. The Church of St. Sava Belgrade is one of the most iconic buildings of modern Orthodoxy, outstanding for its size, purpose, and architecture. Even if you are far from Orthodoxy and such sights of Belgrade are not for you, it is still worth visiting this place.

10. Danube and Sava

danube river As we already know, Belgrade is located on the map between two rivers - the Danube and the Sava. At one time, this was an advantageous strategic position, and it is understandable – many of the old cities of the world are laid out in a similar structure. A hill and a river as a moat that will protect the townspeople from the enemy. But Belgrade was also a magnificent shipyard. All the medieval people of honest glorified the ships that went down on the water in these places. Already closer to our time, barges began their sea journey here. As a result, many ships are now resting on the bottom of the sea. So, the river Danube and the Sava keeps a lot of secrets. In addition, they love diving here. Diving is a great addition to most liked Instagram photos from these places. At first, it will still be the best solution to take a boat ride along the rivers, exploring Belgrade from the water surface. See the city, its quays and lush vegetation. And, of course, capture it all.

11. Republic Square Belgrade

belgrade republic square The most important sights of Belgrade in some of its number are represented here – on the Republic Square. The monument to Prince Michael, the Serbian National Museum, the Serbian National Theater-all this is located here. And here the transport routes converge and all the roads of Belgrade lead here. Many residents of Belgrade prefer to schedule their meetings here. This is a business district where the dynamics of Belgrade are very well felt. Picturesque vegetation, cozy old houses and modern business. These things converge here.

12. Ada Ciganlija

ada ciganlija Maybe this name can cause not the best associations on the theme of the underworld and the ancient Greek Cerberus, but in fact behind this name lies a rather picturesque peninsula of the Savva River, which Belgradians like to go to. To relax and have a good lie on the beach. Belgrade's favorite beach is located in the center of the city, but this does not prevent it from being part of nature. The peninsula is covered with oak forests, next to which there is an artificial Sava Lake. A separate part of the Ada Ciganlia – "Belgrade seaside". This is a restaurant-decorated beach where people often come to sit at local picnic tables, even at night. After a walk around Belgrade, this place will be the best option, which is especially true for the warm season. After you have fully explored Belgrade's sights, you should relax here on the most picturesque bank of the Savva River. Besides, this is another reason for most liked Instagram photo.

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